Young Dreams: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 194- 195)


Vihaan says he is not interested in marrying Rachna and he does not like either sister. Gunjan tactfully makes Vihaan confront his ploy to the Gargs and tells him Rachna loves him. He asks her if everyone loves him so should he marry them. Vihaan is about to leave when he sees Mayank and Rachna, Savitri Devi, Shailesh, Rajeev, Chaya and the rest of the Garg family come out from behind the pillars. Gunjan tells him his game is over. Vihaan tells her she will pay for this. Gunjan slaps him, Savitri wants to say something but Shailesh stops her. Gunjan says this is from Rachna. Shail and Dayal gets furious on Vihaan and scolds him nicely. Dayal apologizes to Gunjan.

She says Vihaan had designed the trap so nicely that no one would believe her. She tells Rachna that she did it all for her as she knew how much Rachna loved him. Gunjan is crying when Mayank consoles her but Shail tells him to let her cry as she will feel better after suffering all alone. Vihaan is about to leave when Rajeev asks him to apologize. Vihaan stays stubborn and refuses to ask for an apology from Rachna and Gunjan. Vihaan brother further gets furious on Vihaan while their mother supports Vihaan at every step and does not want him to apologize as it’s the girls fault and Shailesh tells him to say sorry. He says if Rachna had come he would have rejected her outright.

Shail and Savitri Devi get into an argument as Shail feels that she has not taught Vihaan to value relations and respect woman. Dayal says if Vihaan was the last guy on earth he would prefer his daughter to stay unmarried. Savitri Devi takes Vihaan and leaves. Rajeev apologizes to the family. Seema, Charu and Sangeeta want to leave as everyone will praise Gunjan and make her a goddess while Mayank will become her devotee so she wants to leave. Gunjan hugs Rachna and thanks Mayank. Rachna is hurt and has nothing to say.

Savitri Devi keeps cribbing that Vihaan was not treated properly while her husband tells her she should have slapped her son long back. He is about to slap Vihaan when Rajeev comes in between. He tells Vihaan that he is hurt and if he continues like this he will lose his brother. Savitri gets upset and Shailesh says it’s no use to tell him anything and asks Rajeev to leave.

Gunjan enters Shail’s room who is upset that Gunjan didn’t say anything to her and asks what would she tell her father. Gunjan apologizes and they hug. Shail tells her that she should be the one saying sorry and apologises to Gunjan for her rude behaviour during Rachna’s engagement as she didn’t trust her and had slapped her. Shail tells her she should not do such risky things as she is like her mother and that she should have shared everything with her as she did with Mayank. Shail says she would never get Rachna married to Vihaan who does not love her. She makes Gunjan promise that she will never repeat anything like this in future and they hug. The entire family is sitting together and Mayank, Dayal and the Gargs are all praises about Gunjan who loves Rachna a lot for her deed towards her sister. Rachna comes in the hall and Gunjan tells her it’s good that Vihaan got exposed and she got saved.

Shail thanks god but Dayal says it’s because of Gunjan and he says sorry and Gunjan says it does not make a difference as everything ended well. Gunjan raises her hand to high five and Dayal taps it. Charu is upset that Gunjan won’t be leaving the house. Seema and Sangeeta tell her they will have to work together. Charu decides she will have to do it herself. Gunjan meets Mayank on the terrace. He tell her someone has come to say thank you but he says not welcome as it was his duty. Mayank is angry with Vihaan because he troubled Gunjan and wants to punch him. Gunjan says they should not care as he will be away from their life.

Gunjan says what he did was enough for her, thanks him and they shake hands. Mayank’s phone rings and he says he applied for a job probably they are calling him for that and Gunjan goes down. Everyone is on the dining table while Shail fill Gunjan’s plate with food and Rachna looks unhappy. Dayal tells her to eat what she wants. Bua and Gopal praise Gunjan and tell Rachna to learn something from her. Mayank is admiring Gunjan and Charu puts hot dal on him. Seema cleans the dal from his shirt. On the other hand, Rachna feels jealous of Gunjan for the praises she receives from the family over her. She is lost in her thought and is not eating.

Rachna is in the room thinking how everyone praised Gunjan. Gunjan comes in and tells her to eat kheer and that it feels so nice to be together. She tells her next time she will give Vihaan another slap and that even Rachna can slap him next time. Rachna tells Gunjan that she is obviously happy as everyone is praising her that even the walls call her name and asks her why she hid the truth from her. Rachna feels Gunjan put her down and she does not like being compared to her. She says she became mahan the good courageous and sister while she was tagged as behenji coward dabbu duffes etc Gunjan has tears in her eyes but Rachna walks away. Gunjan stops her and says she did this for her sister. Rachna says every time Gunjan shows all what she did for her and leaves. Gunjan is amazed at Rachna’s irritation.

Next morning Shail is praying and thanks God that Gunjan came back home safe and happy that the sisters are together again and she prays that the two girls bond should be intact. Gunjan gets Rachna bed tea but she does not get up. Gunjan tickles her feet and Rachna gets up laughing. Rachna suddenly realizes she is upset and refuses and then she goes back to sleep. Gunjan is hurt.

Shail wait for Gunjan and Rachna on breakfast. Both of them come and starts breakfast but both are silent. Shail asks them about their silence. But Gunjan avoids it. Shail pampers Rachna that she should go to college and not to fear because Gunjan would be there to help her to face reality. Rachana gets jealous of Shail’s care and love for Gunjan and gets angry and opposes that she is able to take care of herself and does not need bodyguard. Shail asks her for her behavior but Rachna runs to college and Gunjan avoids question excusing the effect of past few days.

Rachna is with Chaya in college and comes to know about valentine day. Chaya again imagines about her valentine but Rachna tells that she likes what she is and she is better to be alone. They see Vihan flirting with another girl in canteen. Rachna goes near him and outbursts on Vihaan after watching him while getting cosy with a girl from their college and making it aware to that girl about Vihaan. Vihaan is about to leave Rachna but Rachna stops him telling that she would never marry a gunda like him. Vihan gets happy saying that he would be free from “behenji” like her.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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