Twist of Fate: Thursday Updates (Episodes 225- 226)


The corporator’s goons get Pragya cake and say she is lucky to have valentine cake even after being kidnapped. They free her hands and leave to let her eat that cake.

Abhi while driving his car sees a couple enjoying ice cream and reminisces how once he did not wear shirt properly and even spilled nail polish on the floor and how Pragya helped him wear his shirt properly, etc. A shopkeeper asks him to get his car from there. Abhi comes back to his senses and starts driving the car again.

Pragya looks at the cake and imagines Abhi coming there and feeding her cake. Mere haath me tera hath ho song plays in the background. She then also realizes it is her dream and gets sad.

Abhi gets Tanu’s call who asks him to meet her immediately. He takes the U turn and reaches the venue worrying for Tanu. Tanu wishes him happy Valentine’s day and says today she will celebrate it with him. He asks her to come out. She comes from behind, hugs and wishes him happy valentine’s day again. She says she was waiting for this day since many days, lights candle, gives him rose and asks if he will be her valentine.

Meanwhile, the corporator jokes at Pragya that she has valentine’s cake in front of her but her valentine without her husband. He says he spent many valentine days without Bulbul because of her now it is her turn. He laughs and wishes her happy valentine’s day.

Abhi says he does not want to celebrate valentine day. She asks why is he ruining their happiness for Pragya and should let her die. Abhi says he cares about Pragya as she helped him even after knowing he does not love her so he cannot leave her in the kidnapper’s clutch. Tanu asks if he loves Pragya. He says he does not but will fullfill the promises made to her during marriage. Pragya on the other side thinks about Abhi.

Abhi tells Tanu that Pragya is his responsibility and he will rescue her at any cost. She says if he goes, he will lose her and she will go far away from him. He says it is her life and she has right to take her own decisions and he walks away and this irks Tanu. She fails to accept the fact that Abhi ignored her due to his wife Pragya.

While driving the car, he thinks of sending SMS to the kidnapper that he will be at the venue in 15 minutes. On the other hand, the corporator gets the SMS from Bulbul and his goon gives the phone to him. He gets elated seeing Bulbul’s message and asks his men to escort Pragya respectfully to the venue and once Bulbul comes to inform him.

Meanwhile, Aaliya sees the servant taking coffee to Abhi’s room and follows him. She is surprised to sees Purabh there and asks why did he not go with Abhi. She also sees Bulbul lying unconscious and asks Purabh about her. Unknown of Aaliya’s plan, Purabh tells her about Bulbul getting the kidnapper’s call and the incident thereafter how Abhi tricked the kidnappers and Abhi is going to rescue Pragya instead. Aaliya thinks of informing the corporator.

Abhi makes a lady call the corporator’s goons and tells them the address, shows a girl with blue jacket and jeans and to tell him he is wearing blue. The goons come to the spot and follow the girl. Abhi identifies them. Later, Aaliya calls Neel, the corporator and informs him that Abhi is coming to rescue Pragya instead of Bulbul and asks him to bring back his goons. The corporator calls his men and asks them to bring Abhi to their den. The goons surround Abhi.

Abhi starts running and the goons follow him. Abhi beats up the goons with his brains. The goons then surround Abhi again. He says he wants to pee. Once the goons relax, he runs and hides. The goons think he escaped and reach back their den to inform their boss the corporator. Abhi follows them and thinks of informing the goons. The goon informs the corporator about Abhi’s escape. The corporator thinks Abhi loves his wife and he will try to rescue her but he will make sure he does not get his wife.

Bulbul wakes up and asks Purabh about Abhi. Purabh tells her how Abhi tricked her, gave her sleeping pills and he went to rescue Pragya alone. Bulbul asks why did he let Abhi go alone. Purabh says this day is the best day of their life as Abhi has started developing feelings for Pragya.

Aaliya gets tensed thinking Abhi must have rescued Pragya and what if the corporator would have revealed her name to Abhi. She calls the corporator. He gets irked but picks the call thinking she may want to inform him about Abhi. She yells at him. He asks her to stop her rubbish and asks if she has any information about Abhi. She asks him to come and meet her right now, else she will inform the police that he is the kidnapper. The corporator thinks he should close Aaliya’s chapter before Pragya and informs his goons to keep an eye on Pragya until he comes back. Pragya does not hear the goon’s sounds and thinks Bulbul must have come.

Abhi reaches Neel’s den, he sees the goons busy playing cards around Pragya and tries to figure out a way to break in. Just then Neel comes out and Abhi sees him leaving out of the den. The henchmen decide to go inside and Abhi takes the opportunity and sneaks into the den.

Tanu, meanwhile comes to Aaliya and in tears tells her that Abhi has broken up with her. She is worried that her parents are preparing for the wedding and now what will she do. Tanu blames Alia for her break up with Abhi. She complains that because Aaliya wanted Bulbul to be out of Purabh’s life, she planned Bulbul’s kidnapping with Neel and now it has all backfired and she has lost Abhi. Alia rebukes Tanu and tells her that the break up is her own fault. Tanu knows how much Abhi loves his family and is tensed for Pragya because of Daadi and she stupidly planned the Valentine’s Day at this time. She further tells Tanu that she should have understood Abhi’s problems and should have sympathized with him. Tanu decides not to take Aaliya advice and instead call the kidnapper and tell him to kill Pragya. Aaliya tells Tanu to act rationally or she will lose Abhi forever.

Meanwhile Abhi enters the den and finds out where the kidnappers have hidden Pragya.

SOURCE: Zee World International

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