King of Hearts: Friday Updates (Episodes 292-293)

Just before Siddharth, Roshni and Aisha are about to leave, Durgardevi shows up and asks them not to leave and says only Roshni can take care of Aisha. She complies with Roshni and Siddharth’s decision of adopting Aisha. Everybody is happy and surprised on hearing Durgardevi’s words. Roshni gets happy and hugs her. Durgardevi says that would take some time for her to know and accept Aisha and vice versa, to make relation with her and hence, gives a condition that they stay back in the house. Siddharth and Roshni agrees happily. Aisha calls her grandmom and hugs her. Durgardevi hesitantly says good and asks her to go to Roshni. She then apologizes to Simran and Raj, and asks them to eat dinner and go in the morning after breakfast. Raj asks her to order them in Durgardevi’s style. Durgardevi asks them to have dinner. Raj says this is your style. Durgardevi asks Roshni to keep her stuff and come. Roshni takes Aisha inside. Durgardevi looks on. The next day, Beeji says we had a good time here. Durgardevi apologizes to them. Simran says we are one family and it happens. She gives gift to Aisha. Aisha thanks Simran and Raj, and calls them grandfather and grandmother.

An agency that takes note of adoption visits Durgardevi’s house and they ask for Siddharth and says they have complaint against him. Durgardevi says what? The woman says they have to check the paper work. Aisha asks them to go, and says they are my mamma and papa. Siddharth asks Aisha not to behave badly with them and asks Roshni to take care of her. He tells them he wants to adopt Aisha legally and will also do the paper work. The woman asks Siddharth to legally adopt Aisha through legal paperwork and asks him to sign on the bonds. Siddharth says he has no objection and will do the formality. Roshni asks Naani to take care of Aisha.

Sam brings Mona and her friends to Yash’s office. Mona says you should have informed Yash. Sam says he is her husband and goes to his cabin. Meanwhile, Aisha finds chocolates in the kitchen cabinet and eats it sitting inside it. Durgardevi comes and closes the door. Aisha gets scared and asks to open the door. Durgardevi says no one will take you out. She says she sent Roshni from here and the domestic help is busy cleaning the house. She thinks she acted to stop Roshni and thinks it is a matter of some days, then this girl will be out of her sight. Aisha knocks on the door asking to open the door.

Sam, Mona and her friends come to Yash’s cabin and sees him intimate with a woman. Sam shouts. She asks what Kritika is doing here? Yash says Kritika works here. Kritika says she got hurt, so he was just helping her out. Sam accuses Kritika for repeating history and is about to slap Kritika but Yash holds her hand asking if she have gone mad. He says I told you already that she works here and we share just professional relations and not more than that. He reminds her that this is his work place. Sam rues to ruin Kritika and warns her. Mona takes her away. Kritika leaves crying.

Siddharth and Roshni back home and doesn’t find Aisha at home. They get tensed and look for her. Everyone get worried. Siddharth asks Durgardevi, if Aisha is in her room. Durgardevi says no. She acts to call for Aisha, when everyone is calling her name. Finally they hear her voice and opens the door. Aisha gets unconscious. Roshni asks how did this happen? Naani asks to call the doctor. Durgardevi gets tensed. The doctor comes and checks Aisha, saying you had opened the door at the right time else she might have suffocated. He asks them to take care and leaves. Roshni asks Naani, why she didn’t take care of Aisha. Naani apologizes. Naani Maasi says she didn’t do any mistake and blames Aisha for hungry since births. Roshni says it is enough and asks them to go.

Naani is upset with herself as it was her responsibility to take care of Aisha in Roshni’s absence and she failed to do it. She recalled Roshni questioning her, why she didn’t take care of Aisha, and cries. Siddharth comes and says Pushpa I hate tears. Naani asks him if he need anything. Siddharth says I was searching for something but couldn’t find. He holds her face and says your smile is lost somewhere. Naani smiles. She says I don’t know how I did a mistake. Siddharth says you know your grand daughter well, and I am bearing her. Naani says my grand daughter is not like this. Siddharth says you know her well then why are you getting upset. Naani says she went out for Durgardevi’s work. Siddharth stops her from feeling guilty and says it is okay, everyone of us do mistakes. Aisha is fine and what else do we need.

He asks her to make sweets. Naani goes to make gajar ka halwa. Roshni gets ready and tells Siddharth that she didn’t know if she should really go with him. Siddharth says mom and dad is not here, so we should go. Aisha comes and hugs Roshni asking her to make her ready. Roshni does her make up and make her wear bangles. Siddharth says my Aisha has become a lovely girl. Roshni tells Aisha that they are going out and asks her to stay at home. Aisha says she will stay like a good girl. Naani comes and says Aisha will have food and sleep like a good girl. Aisha says yes. Roshni apologizes to Naani. Naani asks why is she apologizing? She asks them to go. Naani is glad that she and Roshni confront each other as both of them seem to have sorted out their differences and are happy now.

Naani Maasi looks at Aisha and thinks she is painting after troubling us. She thinks to troubles her and ruins her painting with her leg. Aisha asks why have you ruined my painting? Naani Maasi says I will slap you and raise her hand but Naani comes just in time and holds her hand. Naani Maasi asks how dare you to hold my hand for a street child. Naani asks you are raising hand on a small girl. Durgardevi asks Naani, why she is not teaching her manners. She says you are arguing with us and taking her side. She asks Aisha to go and sleep. Aisha goes. Durgardevi says something will happen to make Aisha leave the house. Aisha keeps her toy box in Naani Maasi’s room and says it will be fun now. Durgardevi, on the other hand, looks as she leaves and opens the toy box. She gets an idea and tries to play a cheap trick in order to throw Aisha out of the house and looks on.

The next morning, everyone sit for breakfast. Naani Maasi shouts and cries. Aisha says yes and gets elated. Siddharth asks why are you happy. Naani Maasi comes out and says her hand is bleeding. Durgardevi asks how did this happen? Naani Maasi says that she opened a box and get her hand injured with the knife kept inside the box. Aisha says she didn’t keep knife in the box. Durgardevi tells Roshni and Siddharth to take care of their upbringing after a lot of thinking. Aisha says she just kept joker in it and have not done this. Siddharth says she might be right. Durgardevi asks them to give her punishment, else they can’t be good parents. She says this girl came from the street but you have to groom her so that she can stay in our society. Aisha says Naani Ma ( grandmother) is a liar. Durgardevi says how dare you? Roshni says Naani Maasi is elder than you. I will slap you and asks her to shut up. Just then adoption centre women come there. The woman stops Roshni and says it is not seen that you are going to adopt the baby and we have done all the formalities but now have to think again.

Siddharth tells the women that they love Aisha but want to teach discipline to the girl. She says we have to make the child learn right and wrong. The woman says unfortunately this girl is not yours. Look at the girl, she is so scared. Naani says there is nothing as such and takes Aisha inside. The woman says you didn’t fit you our adoption parameters. They leave. Roshni hugs Siddharth and cries but Siddharth assures her that everything will be fine.

Aisha comes to Roshni and tells her that she kept joker in the box. Roshni asks her to tell the truth and swears not to scold her. Siddharth calls Aisha and shows her the kitchen set which he brought for her. Aisha gets elated. Siddharth asks her to make tea for him and bring water. Aisha goes. Siddharth asks Roshni, why she is getting upset? Roshni says you should not pamper Aisha so much, and that her mother’s Durgardevi scolded her very much. She says she got hurt and was teaching her right and wrong. Siddharth asks her to have patience and says she is a kid.

Durgardevi and Naani Maasi craft a plan to throw Aisha out of the house. Meanwhile, Roshni tells him that she has to do Aisha’s work and she is very busy. Siddharth says you forget your husband after getting a daughter and I won’t let you forget me. He runs after her and they both fall on the bed. Mere Rubaru song plays in the background. They get romantic. Just then they hear Durgardevi’s voice. Siddharth says he don’t know why she comes whenever I get intimate with you and asks why she is shouting. Durgardevi creates a scene where she tells her family that she couldn’t find a pair of her antique earrings as it have gone missing. Soon, Naani Maasi reaches the scene with a doll wearing Durgardevi’s expensive earrings and says she got it at the pool side. Durgardevi blames Aisha to be the reason for it but the latter claims that the doll is hers but she has no hands in this act and she did not decorate the doll with those earrings. Siddharth says it is okay. Roshni gets furious with Aisha and asks her to accept her mistakes. Durgardevi says it is not her mistake, you both will take time to teach her discipline. She might say anything wrong in front of the adoption centre people and goes to keep the earrings. Roshni says I don’t know how to handle her, she is lying again and again.

Kritika apologizes to the model and says she don’t know how it got stained. The model refuses to wear the dress. Yash comes there. Kritika says when I gave this dress to her, there was no stain, and I didn’t call the make up artiste. Yash says he will manage. The model calls Sam and says I did your work. Kritika will not roam around with your husband now and he will fire her from her job. Sam thanks her.

SOURCE: Zee World International



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