Reach For The Stars: Friday Updates (Episodes 13-14)


Prem is doing his homework and is asking Nettu so many things. Nettu nags there is no one mine in this house except my daughter. Nettu say she keeps crying all the time and boy he has grown up but can’t do anything on his own. Maa says we also managed kids without even Kamla and Mahraj. What do you want to say, i don’t love my children? She moans Sahil about that. Prem laughs Nettu scolds at him that why is he making fun of own mom. I am going to my daughter. She gets that feeder. Maa asks her is there milk in this bottle? Nettu tries to hide the bottle? Now you will feed her this milk? She says this is my own milk i have bottled it because i was sleeping so Sahil can feed her. Sahil says this is not good. Maa says i don’t understand mothers of the era they consider giving birth a favor on someone.

Vitthal goes and helps Kamla with the dishes. Vitthal and Kamla are about to kiss and Kamla turns back. You supported me i felt good. Vitthal says what a slap you gave her. Kamla says i didn’t like it myself but she deserved it. I love you so much, says Vitthal. They hug each other.

Everyone is on dining. discussing the baby. Kamla and Vitthal are walking on road holding each others hands. They are both having a really good time. Vitthal says he is satisfied with everything. They both sit down on a corner. Kamla covers up her head. Baby is crying Nettu says i have placed bottle here please feed her. Sahil says i have to go early tomorrow do it your self. Nettu wakes up in anger. Alarm clock rings Vitthal and Kamla wake up. Kamla and Vitthal together make the breakfast. Nettu is still in deep slumber she is pointing bottle towards the floor instead of baby’s mouth. Vitthal and Kamla are making breakfast. Kamla does the pooja she prays god to always take care of her family.

Alarm is ringing and baby is crying Nettu scolds at Sahil for alarm at 7 O’clock. Nettu takes the baby out of the cot.
Kamla is playing with Kalpi and is teaching Pakiya two’s table. Nettu is trying make baby sleep. Everyone is coming there and are talking loud this is annoying Nettu. Rajji asks Sahil that she wants go to a college trip. Sahil doesn’t allow her Rajji loudly says that she wants to go. This wakes the baby up and Nettu scold very loud at both of them.

Vitthal takes Kamla to a shop he has opened. Kamla is really happy, he name the shop after Kamla’s name. They do the pooja there. They all look so happy. There Nettu worries where is Kamla left. Kamla says to vitthal will he be able to manage it alone? He points towards a man and says he is my helper. She says wow you have become Vitthal boss now. She is going to work. Vitthal gives her some money and says hire an auto, you are Vitthal’s wife you don’t have to work for long time.

Phone rings Nettu says it must be Kamla. She receives the call and starts talking very happily. She says to mami that it was a call from my family My uncle is sending someone to see Rajji. Rajji is leaving when Mami jee stops her she says i don’t wanna marry yet i don’t want to see anyone. She says i will not sacrifice for bhabhi. Nettu says what must Kamla be thinking of you. says nettu. Now a servant will discuss my life in this house, says Rajji. Vitthal and his helper are trying to sell ‘Waar pao’. Vitthal says Kamla always says that God listens to the poor.

Kamla asks Mahraj to make a cup of tea for Rajji. He says should i make food or tea. Kamla pleads. He consents vitthal’s is doing a well sale on the stal Rajji is sitting in her room really angry over what has happened outside. Kamla brings her the tea. Tea has been made, Says kamla. She asks Kamla to shut the door before some else comes in. Kamla says can i asks you something? She agrees. Kamla says is God coming to see you or a boy? What is this says she. Kamla says it looks like God wants to write your fate but you don’t wan him to do so.

Kamla comes out in the living room and finds and Nettu talking on phone. She says tomorrow is good day to decide the name of baby. Rajji comes out and says mami tell me what to wear today. Nettu asks Kamla to wear her daughter some good clothes and cover with the sheet she has placed. Kamla is dealing with the baby while Nettu is getting ready. The boy is there with his family. Mami says she is so polite. Nettu asks the boy if his education is completed? His mom says that he has studied law and now wants to join politics. He keeps doing social work in the neighborhood. Rajji intrudes what have you written about your street dogs? The boy is confused. Nettu asks Kamla to take the baby away.

Police makes a raid at their place. Vitthal’s stall is being destroyed. Vitthal is trying to stop them. Pakiya comes in and get hit by a police man. Vitthal goes running to him. His forehead is bleeding. They take them to the hospital.
Kamla is playing with the baby. She finds both cot and bed wet and lies the baby along with Kamla. Nettu calls Kamla down. Kamla goes down, Nettu asks her that where is sweet? Kamla takes the sweets and take them to serve. Mami informs her that Guru ji is also coming today.
Dharminder informs that Pakiya has been hurt bad. Nettu gets up Kamla’s daughter instead of her own. When Kamla tells her that has to go. Nettu gives her the baby in her hand. The babies are actually swapped.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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