Twist of Fate: Friday Updates (Episodes 227- 228)


Neel on the other hand is standing under Alia’s house and calls her out on phone to meet him. The moment Alia meets Neel, he fuming in rage tells her not to threaten him about going to the police and that if he is caught, even she will also be caught. Their fight continues. Neel then decides to leave Pragya and the moment she reaches near her house, he will kill her and show it like an accident, then no one will find out about him. Aaliya too likes this idea.

Purabh and Bulbul come down and Daadi asks them where is Abhi. Purabh lies to Daadi that Abhi has gone to meet the commissioner since he has got some clues about the kidnapper. Bulbul who is sitting with Purabh and Daadi sees Aaliya walking out and tries to think how someone could have kidnapped Pragya when the house was full of guests. Just then she realizes that Tanu had challenged to change Abhi in less than 3 days and kick Pragya out of Abhi’s life forever and even will stop her and Purabh’s marriage. Bulbul, rushes out to speak to Aaliya about Tanu’s challenge. Aaliya is shocked as she was speaking to Neel but Neel manages to escape without being seen by Bulbul.

On the other hand, Abhi lights fire some gunny bags to distract the kidnappers, which causes a lot of smoke and as the kidnappers try to extinguish the fire, Abhi sneaks into the room where Pragya is tied. Abhi, wearing a blanket enters the room and starts untying Pragya from the chair. Pragya gets tensed upon seeing the man in the blanket untying her. Just then, Abhi removes the blanket and Pragya is shocked to see Abhi there. She cannot believe Abhi is standing before her and touches his cheek. The moment she realizes Abhi is really there Pragya in tears hugs him tightly. Abhi too relieved, hugs her back.

Abhi asks Pragya if she is okay. Pragya tells Abhi that she is feeling fine. Abhi cannot believe this and teases Pragya that if she likes being tied here then he will take her home and torture her every day. Abhi is shocked to see a cake kept there and taunts Pragya of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Pragya tells Abhi that the kidnappers got the cake for her. Abhi teases Pragya and tells her that he knows she does not believe in Valentine’s Day. After all she is a teacher and so she only celebrates national holidays and teacher’s day. Pragya smiles and tells Abhi that she now believes in Valentine’s Day.

At home, Bulbul is second guessing herself about doubting Aaliya and decides to confront Tanu.

Abhi at the den tells Pragya not to argue with him and think about how they should escape. He asks if she knows the short cut. She says she does not know. Abhi says he will message the driver, he fishes his pocket to remove the phone and instead finds Pragya’s letter. Pragya is shocked and tells Abhi that he can read the letter later, right now they need to get out of this den safely. Abhi then again searches his pockets and removes Pragya’s bangle that he had found the last time he was searching for her. She asks why is he having her bangle and he jokes that it is GP gadget and tells her how he finds it. Pragya is surprised to see that Abhi has still kept it and asks him to put it on her wrist. Abhi struggles to put it in Pragya’s wrist. Abhi asks Pragya if she has eaten anything. Pragya doesn’t speak and Abhi cuts a piece of cake and feeds her. For a moment it seems like the cupid has struck the two while Tere haath me mera haath ho song plays in the background Pragya thanks god for giving her such a beautiful Valentine’s Day in her life and feeds Abhi the cake too. Abhi eats the cake from Pragya’s hands. She gives Abhi water but Abhi says she needs water more to run and feeds her the water. Pragya sees this and cannot hold back her tears and Abhi wipes her tears.

Bulbul sees Tanu and asks her to stop playing her game. Tanu thinks she must have come to know that she is also involved in Pragya’s kidnap. Bulbul confronts Tanu and tells her that she knows that she is involved in kidnapping Pragya and to tell her where she has kept her. Tanu denies her involvement as she does not have time for schemes and kidnapping her worthless sister. She says she is very tensed and informs Bulbul how Abhi left her because of Pragya and rejected her Valentine’s day celebrations to rescue Pragya. Bulbul is surprised and pleased to know Abhi left Tanu saying he needs to save his wife and tells Tanu that the moment Abhi brings Pragya home; it will be her last minute in the house. Tanu walks out but yelling.

The kidnappers come to check on Pragya and are shocked to see that Abhi and Pragya have escaped. They chase Abhi and Pragya.

Bulbul tensed comes to Purabh’s room and asks Purabh if he knows where Abhi is? If he has found Pragya yet? Bulbul tells Purabh that they should help Abhi and Pragya. Purabh decides to go to the commissioner to seek help.

Pragya and Abhi start searching for a way out and hide under the boxes in the den seeing the kidnappers coming in and until the kidnappers start searching for them. Purabh goes to the commissioner and asks help from him. The asks why did he delay so much in taking his help and asks if Abhi called him. He says not yet. The commissioner then calls for an urgent meeting to decide how to rescue Abhi and Pragya.

The kidnappers challenge Abhi to come out and fight them. Abhi think of rescuing Pragya at any cost. He looks around and comes up with a plan.

The kidnappers urge Abhi to come out and fight them and not hide behind his wife Pragya. Abhi is about to come out but Pragya stops him. He tells her to trust him and tells her to run away. Abhi comes out and tells the kidnappers that only his fans chase him so much. The kidnappers tell Abhi to come down and fight him. The moment the kidnappers try to climb up the slope and fight Abhi, Abhi pours the oil on the slope. As a result, the kidnappers keep slipping and Abhi and Pragya run away.

Tanu is very angry as she enters Aaliya’s room. Aaliya asks Tanu what happened. She tells Aaliya that she is upset that everyone in this house removes her frustration on her. Just then Aaliya tells Tanu the news of meeting Neel and his plan of killing Pragya.

Meanwhile Bulbul decides to speak to Aaliya and take her help in confronting Tanu and finding the truth from her.

Tanu is not sure that Neel and Aaliya’s plan would work. What if Pragya comes home and informs everyone that Neel’s the corporator kidnapped her and if Neel gets caught then he will inform everyone that they too are involved in the kidnapping. Aaliya tells Tanu that in that case she has a back-up plan and tells her that she will then fight with Neel before Abhi so Abhi will never trust him and it will seem like the corporator is trying to frame them. Aaliya is upset that the entire kidnapping didn’t work in her favour and that they had set out to kidnap Bulbul instead, Pragya got kidnapped and it resulted in this entire mess. Just then, Bulbul enters Aaliya’s room and Aaliya is shocked to see her. Bulbul asks Aaliya how she knows that the kidnappers had originally planned to kidnap her. Aaliya tells Bulbul that she spoke to Abhi and he informed her. Bulbul knows that Abhi’s phone is not reachable and decides to keep an eye on Alia too.

Abhi and Pragya are figuring out a way to get out of the den. Abhi tells Pragya to hide in the den while he goes out and checks if everything is fine for them to escape. Pragya tells Abhi to be careful and for a moment, it seems like love has sparked between them. Abhi smiles and tells her to hide here until he comes to get her. Pragya hides and gets the flashes of how Abhi had come to save her. She is pleased that he has come to save her and thanks god for keeping her faith on her love. Just then Neel comes there and Pragya thinks that it is Abhi and asks him if she can come out. Just then, Neel sees her and is shocked to see her trying to run away. He grabs Pragya’s hand and threatens to teach her a lesson when Abhi comes there. Neel is shocked to see Abhi there. Neel desperately calls out to his men but they are nowhere to be seen. Abhi tells Neel that his men are just as useless as he is and asks Neel why is he doing all this. Abhi tells Neel he should have figured out when the corporator had come to sympathize with him. He beats up Neel and Neel apologizes to him and offers Abhi to take his wife Pragya and forget everything that happened. Abhi instead offers Neel to leave this city and never return. Neel tells Abhi that his family, his work everything is here, he cannot leave. Abhi grabs Neel’s collar and is about to hit him.

On the other hand, Bulbul gets flashes of how Aaliya had attacked her when she had found out about Purabh and her. She then remembers how Aaliya had saved her life and had changed. Bulbul is in dilemma of what should she do as she is still unsure if Aaliya too is involved in the kidnapping?

Abhi beats Neel up but Neel warns Abhi not to touch him or it will cost him. Abhi tells Neel that this is last warning to forget Bulbul and move on but he tells Abhi that he cannot forget Bulbul and that he loves her. Abhi tells him that he had defamed Bulbul and her family and there is no way a man like Neel can love anyone. Neel begs Abhi that he really loves Bulbul and tells Abhi that he made a mistake by kidnapping Pragya but Abhi doesn’t listen to him. He looks around and finds an iron rod in the den and is about to beat Neel when Neel’s henchman comes there and points a gun at Pragya. Neel is relieved and rushes to stand behind his henchman.

Bulbul is speaking to her mother Sarla on the phone and accidently ends up saying nothing will happen to Abhi and Pragya. Sarla asks Bulbul what did she mean by nothing will happen to Abhi. Bulbul tries to lie but starts stammering. Just then Purabh comes there and handles the situation.

At Neel’s den, the tables have turned and Neel now challenges Abhi to beat him now. Abhi tells Neel that he is only acting brave now that his henchmen are here. Neel starts slapping Abhi for all the times he has insulted him. Pragya struggles to free herself and begs Neel not to hurt Abhi. Neel tells Abhi that he is obsessed with Bulbul and will get her at any cost. Pragya tells Abhi not to worry about her and teach Neel a lesson. Neel laughs and tells Pragya that Abhi cannot do anything now. The ball is in his court.

At home, Bulbul is still tensed and is trying to find out whether Aalia and Tanu are involved in the kidnapping. She sees Mitali Bhabhi ( sister in-law ) and decides to speak to her. The moment Bulbul calls Mitali Bhabhi, Mitali is shocked and worries why has Bulbul called her. Bulbul asks Mitali if she knows who has kidnapped Pragya. Mitali tells Bulbul how can she know about it? Bulbul tells Mitali that ususally kidnappings happen outside the house but Pragya was kidnapped in the house and so she suspects that someone from the family was involved in it. Mitali agrees and asks Bulbul if she doubts anyone. Bulbul tells her that very soon she will find out the names of the people involved in Pragya’s kidnapping and will expose them. Mitali is tensed.

Neel at his den surrounded by his goons, who have caught Abhi, picks up the iron rod and hits Abhi with it. Pragya sees this and restlessly struggles to stop Neel from hitting Abhi but the henchman has caught hold of her and she is unable to help Abhi. Abhi tells Neel if he is really brave he should fight with him one on one. Neel tells Abhi to give up his attitude and beg him for forgiveness and he might leave him. Abhi tells Neel that even if he kills him, he will not ask for forgiveness. Neel angrily takes the gun from his henchman and is about to shoot Abhi.

Neel points a gun at Abhi and threatens him to apologize to him or he will shoot Abhi.

At Abhi’s house, Daadi wakes up from her sleep screaming Abhi’s name. Daasi assures Daadi that Abhi is fine but she is inconsolable due to her nightmare and is sure that Abhi is in trouble. Daadi prays to god to keep Abhi safe.

Neel tells Abhi to apologize to him or he will shoot him. Pragya begs the corporator to let Abhi go. Abhi points Neel’s gun to his forehead and tells Neel to shoot him looking at him in the eye. Neel is shocked to see Abhi does not have the fear of death.

At Abhi’s house, Mitali excited comes in to Aaliya’s room to tell her something important but Aaliya is already discussing something with Tanu and refuses to listen to Mitali and they also refuses to tell her what they are discussing and Mitali tells them that soon they will be arrested and sent to jail and since they insulted her she will not tell the name of the person in the house who knows that someone from the family is involved in Pragya’s kidnapping. The moment Aaliya and Tanu hear this, the colour fades off their faces. Mitali turns to leave and they request her to stay but she leaves angrily.

Neel in his den is scared and tells Abhi that he will really shoot him. Abhi with the gun pointed to his head is standing fearless and manages to take the gun out of Neel’s hands and points the gun at Neel. Neel is shocked and looks at his goons for help. Abhi tells all the goons to sit wherever they are. Neel too, afraid sits and is quivering with fear as Abhi has the gun pointed at him and requests Abhi that they can sit and talk. He tells Abhi that he will not get anything by shooting him and that it will ruin his family and his career. Neel asks Abhi to join him and he will help Abhi get rid pf Pragya. As it is, Abhi doesn’t love her then why is he trying to save her. Abhi tells Neel’s the corporator that he has come to save Pragya because she is his wife and some relations can thrive on mere trust and understanding and does not need love but a pervert like Neel will never understand this. Neel begs Abhi not to kill him; he will do whatever Abhi says. Neel tells Abhi that he will forget Bulbul and will leave this city forever. Abhi tells Neel that he will leave him only if Neel reveals the name of the person from his family who was involved in Pragya’s kidnapping. Neel is shocked to hear this.

SOURCE: Zee World International 



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