Young Dreams: Friday Updates (Episodes 199-201)


Shail asks Rachna what is happening between her and Gunjan. Shail tries to convince Rachna to solve her differences with Gunjan that stuff happens between sisters but the love is more important. Meanwhile, Charu tells Sangeeta that nothing happened and that Mayank hugged and kissed her. Sangeeta asks her if it was for Gunjan, Charu says no as he would not kiss her. Seema comes down holding the rose singing Rajnigandha song. The bell rings, Charu opens it and it’s a courier for Mayank. The girls are leaving for college when Shail stops them but Rachna leaves while Dholu gives Gunjan a Valentine’s Day card. Mayank gets a letter from a placement agency that he has gets a job offer from Mumbai that delights the family. Shail and Seema are happy too while Gunjan looks at Mayank while he says he is not sure.

Charu wants him to take up the job while Seema gives the credit to Charu. Mayank says he will have to tell them soon if he will accept it or not. Gunjan leaves for college. Chaya and Rachna reach college some guy gives her flowers and she trips. Rachna tells her to control her excitement. Rajeev is standing with a few girls while Rachna looks at him. Rachna is walking man ye sahebji in background she imagines Vihaan giving her the rose, Gunjan comes and imagines Mayank giving her flowers and balloons. They dance to the song. Vihaan comes and gives Rachna flowers while he taunts her that he still resides in a corner of her heart. Chaya tells him that Rachna’s heart is not a social service centre. Vihaan invites and for the valentine’s celebration at his house to prove it and the girls leave.

Some activists burst upon Rachna and Chaya for celebrating Valentine’s Day in the college. A bunch of Gundas come and snatch the flowers from Rachna’s hand and harass her as they believe Valentine’s is western influence. Gunjan steps in to defend her. She says that indian culture tells to respect woman, save woman who are not allowed to go out from houses etc. The man is about to hit Gunjan with a hockey stick Its Rajeev comes to her rescue he tells them that they were not allowed to enter the college. He scolds the Gundas and the police come till then. The Gunda’s says they are activists, the police come and arrest them according to the law. Gunjan gives one gunda a rose so that he remembers to live and let live. Rajeev is happy while everyone inauding Rachna clap. Gunjan thanks Rajeev while he says no need. Rachna tells Gunjan that she became great again by saving her while Gunjan is shocked. Chaya asks Rachna if she will come to Vihaan’s party Rachna says she will definately go. The party starts lot of people jumping in the pool. Vihaan on the other hand, expect Gunjan and Rachna to attend the party at his house and is bragging in front of his friends that both sisters mouth was open like a letter box and even if the girls come, they won’t dance as they are depressed. He tells everyone to stay away from both girls. He thinks the girls should come so that he can take a little more revenge which is left.

Dayal asks Shail what is the need of going to the Valentine Day party and on top of it Vihaan is there. Rachna comes down and says she should go. Charu tells her that Dayal has not given her permission. Dayal tells her to stay at home, Rachna says it’s about self respect. Dayal says he is completely shaken after last week, Shail says till when can we keep her locked and this country has lakhs of Vihaan and till when will they protect her and she has to learn on her own. Dayal says what if something happens and he finally says he does not want to send her alone. Rachna tells her dad she wants to prove to Vihaan that she has moved on so that he won’t taunt her life long. Gunjan comes down saying even she will be going and Dayal finally permits Rachna and Gunjan to attend Vihaan’s valentine’s party and says he does not want Rachna to get hurt any further. Rachna tells him to trust her. Seema tries to discourage Dayal but Shail does not let it happen. Mayank witnesses the scene.

The girls reach Vihaan’s party and Gunjan asks Rachna if she is uncomfortable and she denies. A guy comes up to Rachna and tells her why is she dressed like this, has she come for a Puja and tells her to wear sarees. Gunjan makes fun of his hairstyle. Vihaan spots them and comes up to them while Chaya comes with her date. Vihaan takes the mike and asks the crowd if anyone wants to date them everyone boos. He says he will date both of them, he is smirking and tells everyone to carry on. He says he is not a social worker and tries to hug both the girls when they try to go and he catches Rachna’s hand and says Gunjan will get someone but she won’t so he will be her valentine. After all that is what she wanted them be together. She jerks his hand off and says what did he think, she would cry life long for him and she has come here to dance. She also insult him after teases her and Gunjan at the party. She tells him she has moved on and to stop playing games and not to repeat it with girls. Gunjan claps and says wow Rachna slapped him without lifting her hand, she makes fun of Vihaan with Chaya and says Vihaan is getting angry now. Rachna says she will cool him down and pours a glass of juice over his head. Everyone is laughing while Vihaan is furious and wants the girls to leave. Rajeev comes and stops him saying he invited them and asks the girls to enjoy. Gunjan missed Mayank and cried sitting in a corner. She gets up and see him standing there. She tells him to go and even accept the Mumbai offer. She finally tells him to leave her alone for some time.

Mayank says he will leave her for now and some people take him to drink. Someone comes and says hi and she tells him to go. It’s Rajeev and he offers her a apple juice to drink. He asks her what she is doing and she says lookig at the stagnant water, he tells her no one should be alone today, Gunjan says but that is not the truth. He asks her for a dance. They dance on Ishq wala love. Rachna keep staring at them while Mayank gets jealous after watching Gunjan and Vihaan’s brother when they dance together and gulps a drink.

Rajeev and Gunjan dancing while Mayank is drinking. A girl on the mike announces that fresher of the year contest will start. Everyone is hooting for Gunjan while Rachna feels weird and gets jealous of her college mate’s support for Gunjan to win the best fresher of the year title. Rachna keeps staring at Gunjan and decides she will prove that she is as good as her and will win the fresher of the year. Rajeev asks Gunjan if she will be participating in the dance. He compliments her that she is very mature for her age and says he is a sportsman and believes in participating. Rachna leaves and meet Mayank. Gunjan and Rajeev keep dancing while Mayank comes to them and asks Gunjan for a dance.

Mayank offers her his hand and they start dancing, Vihaan staring at them while Mayank asks her why was she dancing with Rajeev as he is Vihaan’s brother. Gunjan praises Rajeev and Mayank is upset and she asks him if he is drunk. Rajeev comes to Rachna and asks her why she is alone and what is she doing in a corner, he says no excuses and takes her to the dance floor. Vihaan staring at Gunjan. Mayank tries to get cosy with Gunjan at the party while she looks uncomfortable on Bin Tere but Rajeev stops him and Mayank pushes him away. Vihaan is ready to jump in but Rajeev stops him. Rachna asks Mayank to come home with her. Gunjan wants Rachna to go with her but she leaves with Mayank while Gunjan leaves with Rajeev. Shail is worried but Bua tells her not to give so much freedom to the girls. Mayank and Rachna come by auto while Rajeev and Gunjan by car. He wishes Gunjan good night and both girls enter together. Shail thanks God they came home safe. Mayank pays the auto fellow and stops Rajeev from leaving. He asks him what is going on and asks why the sudden friendship with Gunjan. Rajeev questions Mayank about his intentions while Mayank talks about Vihaan. Shail asks Mayank what he is doing with the girls Rachna covers up for him.

SOURCE: Zee World International 



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