#SundaySpecial: Life Is Per Head.

Recently, I was in a class with some teens and whilst teaching, some of them snuck out of the class, went downstairs and began playing table tennis. Furious, I asked some of their mates to go call them and instead of making the move, they all chorused, “Sir, leave them. Life is per head.” I stopped for a moment to consider the statement and marveled at the depth of that one statement. I’m sure the bulk of them didn’t understand the real meaning of what they had said. Perhaps, to them, it was just a slang.

Well, to me it was not; and to you, it should not be, too. Look, life is not a race. It is a journey with a destination. Ultimately, everyone arrives at their various destinations albeit at different times. Whether you are on the fast or slow lane, just continue without looking sideways; stop comparing and competing. Many persons have lost themselves because they keep traveling down someone else’s lane.Someone once said that while Usain Bolt runs to win, other sprinters run to beat him so they end up losing anyway. 2017 is here already, friend. Stop playing the comparison game. Your life is your life. Even the Bible says that those who compare themselves with others are unwise. The Yorubas say you do not run with another man’s clock/time. I have a lot of things to write about unhealthy comparisons but I’m pressed for time as I type.

Many of us just become unnecessarily intimidated and inevitably struggle to best the efforts/achievement of our friends, relatives, co-workers, including enemies; and then we end up frustrated and angry at the world. Excuse me, ma/sir, the man you are seriously competing with, and comparing yourself to, doesn’t even know you exist. So in the end, it’s a total waste of time. There can never be two number 1s. I’m not asking you to be mediocre. I’m not asking you to live an average life. I am not asking you not to strive for success. I am only asking that you do it on your own terms. Pursue your purpose at your pace.

Your neighbor drives a nice car and God is yet to provide. So? You want to take a loan, starve your family and get a car? Receive sense to function in 2017. What of you? You keep seeing the things your contemporaries have done that you haven’t, forgetting the ones you have done and still need to do. Receive massive sense, dear brother/sister.

Ladies and gentlemen, life is per head oh. Drop that unnecessary competitive spirit. Forget another man’s life, live yours. Nobody sends you. Don’t send anybody.

“We are not in the race of purpose to compete with others or set our watches by the seemingly expensive clocks of others.

Just as your purpose is unique to you, your pursuit of purpose is unique to you. Instead of competing, we must cooperate. Instead of comparing, we must collaborate!”

Writer: Emmanuel Ujiadughele



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