Dear Lara, I Want My Husband To Cheat On Me

The only time I get attention from my husband is only when he cheats on me, he will shower me with gifts and change my car. 

This has been going on for 6 years now and I’m so used to him cheating on me now because I get all I need.

 I even used to set him up with girls when he is too busy to cheat, I plant girls to go around him and make sure they get him to bed and leave evidence for me to catch him so he can buy me gifts.  

But my problem now is that recently he said God arrested him and he wants to become a pastor, but am not happy because he has become so stingy with giving so I just need him to cheat. 

I have tried using girls as usual but he will not fall again,am so miserable my car is already old and I need to travel out but all I keep hearing is bible bible bible. 

Please, how do I get this man to go back to his old ways, I love him as a cheat.

What should I do?


P.S: Your advice for this lady is needed. Write your comments below. 




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  1. PoojaG says:

    This just sounds like a really unhealthy relationship to me. If he only shows her affection out of guilt he clearly doesn’t have his priorities right. I think she should figure out if this is a relationship she wants to stay in.


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