King of Hearts: Monday Updates (Episodes 294- 296)

Aisha tells Siddharth that Mumma is angry with her, but she didn’t do anything. Siddharth gives her ice cream and asks her to tell him the truth that he will not do anything. Aisha says she have not done anything and it is done by Alabonda…..Siddharth laughs and says I will save you from him. Aisha says Mumma is angry with me and will throw me out of the house, then what will i do. Siddharth assures her that her Mum loves her a lot, and can’t stay without her.

On the other hand, Durgardevi asks Roshni to think again about her adoption decision. She says I can understand your emotions being your mum, we don’t know anything about Aisha’s background, upbringing and past etc. Roshni looks on. Durgardevi says you might be doubting your decision and asks if she really want to adopt this girl. She says you don’t want to adopt. Roshni says she is trying to teach Aisha discipline, but don’t know if she will be able to become a good mum. Durgardevi says the decision is yours. Aisha hears them and thinks Papa was lying to her. Durgardevi hopes Aisha goes away from their life. Aisha thinks Mumma don’t love her and throws the doll in anger. Later, Durgardevi eyes her and asks if she is taking anger on the doll? She brainwashes Aisha that nobody loves or likes her here and to leave the house as she says that neither Siddharth nor Roshni loves her and that her real Mummy went away from her. She says Roshni doesn’t love her and Siddharth just lied to her. She says Alabonda came and told me that bad things will happen with Aisha if she stays here. Aisha believes her. Durgardevi says Alabonda said that he will drop her in the jungle. She scares her and asks her to go to the room. She thinks she can’t bear this girl.

Aisha comes to her room and sleeps on bed being upset. Roshni covers her with blanket. Siddharth comes. The servant brings milk shake for them. Siddharth says Aisha would have drink it, if she was awake. He gets a call and he leaves for office. He asks her to drink the milk shake.

Sam comes to Khurana’s house in the night and holds Kritika’s hand, blaming her for trying to steal her husband. She warns her not to come near her husband else, Beeji asks have you gone mad? Sam puts champagne on the ground and lights the fire. Beeji asks what have you done. Sam says if you try to trap my husband then I will see you. Kritika looks on scared.

Beeji helps Kritika get up and tells Sam she knows how to blow the fire and warns her not to blame Kritika. Sam says your daughter knows how to snatch others husband. Beeji slaps her hard and asks her to get out. Sam warns Kritika and leaves. Beeji asks Kritika, if she is fine. Kritika hugs her and cries. Bua Daadi thinks she can’t let the Khurana family name ruined because of this girl.

Aisha leaves the house thinking about Durgardevi and Roshni’s conversation. A car comes. Siddharth gets down the car and find her wandering in the streets late at night. He asks where she is going so late in the night. Aisha hugs him and cries. On the other hand, the thugs, who seem to have an eye on Aisha, discuss that their plans would only succeed if Aisha stays at Siddharth and Roshni’s home.

Bua Daadi badmouthing about Kritika’s blood and tells her that she didn’t think before trapping someone’s husband. She says Siddharth is a good man as clean blood is running in his blood. She says you are just simran’s mistake. Kritika asks her to stop it. Durgardevi scares Aisha for rerurning back home and threatens to drown her in swimming pool. She says if you tell this to anyone then I will tell to Allabonda and bad thing will happen. Aisha gets tensed.

Yash reads Kritika’s resignation letter and thinks she left without informing him. Bua Daadi comes to him and slaps him hard saying Sam came to their house and blamed Kritika for trapping him. She blames him and takes Kritika’s side, asks him to control his wife. Bua Daadi thinks she wants Kritika to leave her house and for that she have to continue working at your place.

Durgardevi thinks Aisha should leave and sees Siddharth sitting in her room. She asks what he is doing here? She asks him to take his shoes off from her bed and tells it will be strained. Siddharth says you have strained a girl’s mind and wanted her to leave the house. What a game plan? I thought this work is done by Naani Maasi, but I forgot that the clever player is you. I am surprised and don’t know that you can stoop so low. Durgardevi says you are blaming me and asks him to get out. Siddharth says I thought you loves your daughter very much, but I was wrong. Durgardevi asks him not to take her name.

Siddharth says you have to answer me? He asks didn’t you scare her and tries to make her leave the house. Durgardevi refuses. Siddharth says I knew it that you won’t accept it, this is really sad. He says you needs proof now. He shows the recording video where in Durgardevi threatens to drown Aisha in the pool. Roshni comes and hears that. She is shocked too and claps. Roshni says you are such a brilliant actress. I have nothing to say…..Seriously you always amazed me with your new drama, hats off to you. I am not surprised, as you feigned heart attack. She says Aisha is a 6 year old kid, and you played game with her, don’t you have a heart or emotions. She says Aisha didn’t know how to talk properly. She says Aisha didn’t know why she is being scolded and blamed for the things which she didn’t do.

Roshni apologizes to Aisha and says I didn’t know that the culprit is someone else. She says you always let me down. She says Aisha is my daughter and I will tell you that 1000’s times. Naani Maasi asks what happened? Roshni says her mom is playing games with a six year old girl. She warns her mother not to harm Aisha anymore, and says she will leave the house where people play dirty games with a kid. Durgardevi is shocked. Roshni asks Siddharth to come with her and says they will leave now itself. Siddharth asks her to listen.

Siddharth stops Roshni and asks her to listen. She says Aisha is their daughter, but she needs elders’ love also. He says if Aisha don’t have the right to get her grandmother’s love. We will make mom in-law understand. Roshni asks are you serious, and asks not to stop her as she is a mum now. Siddharth asks her to listen. Durgardevi tries to stop her, but Roshni says enough mum. Just then Adoption centre woman comes and asks if she is going somewhere? Roshni says she was going to make Aisha meet her grand parents. The woman says this is not possible as the adoption process is happening at this house. She says you can’t go anywhere and have to stay here. Durgardevi takes a sigh of relief.

Durgardevi gets sick and is in bed rest. Siddharth meets her and asks her to get ready and come along for the picnic that has been planned. Durgardevi in a rough voice asks them to go and asks him not to act. As usual, a funny conversation breaks out between Siddharth and Durgardevi. She says she will take rest once they leave. Naani asks her to drink kada and tells Siddharth that she can’t come. Siddharth says okay and says he can understand her pain. He says it is irritating as you takes care of your daughter. Durgardevi asks her to go with Siddharth. Naani says she will stay. Durgardevi insists. Naani agrees. Durgardevi asks her to give a day off to the servants. Naani agrees. Siddharth asks her to sit in the car and says there is no loop poles in his plans. Naani prays for Siddharth’s success. Siddharth says God is with me. On the other hand, Mona’s friend tells Sam that Mona has praised Yash. Sam holds her head. She asks if there is any good news. Yash comes and says there is a breaking news. He tells Sam went to the Khurana’s house in a drunkard state and had a fight with Kritika. He screams at Sam and say you are disgusting. Mona follows him. He packs his bags. Sam says we can sit and talk.

Yash apologizes to Mona and says his patience limit is crossed today. He says he is leaving the house, with the hope that their relation would get better. He says he sent the kids to his chacha( uncle ) and chachi’s( aunt ) house and asks her not to worry. Sam says go if you want. Mona slaps her and exclaims that she could never get a husband like Yash. Yash then comes to Khurana house and apologizes to Kritika. He requests her to resume her work in office and says I will stay in guilt all my life. Kritika holds Yash’s hand and asks him not to apologize. Seeing the scene, Bua Daadi grins away. Beeji says we don’t have any problem with you or Sam. She asks him to promise that Sam will not do such a thing in future. Yash makes a promise. Kritika hugs him. Bua Daadi takes their snap.

Roshni and Siddharth collides with each other and then romances while the song Dheere Dheere Se song plays………..Siddharth says no one is at home, we shall celebrate a small picnic at home. She asks where is Aisha? Siddharth says Aisha went with Kesar uncle, and asks her to come on a long drive.

Mona warns Sam and says mistake is mine. Bua Daadi comes and say she came for humanity and asks if everything alright? Mona asks her to sit and goes to bring tea. Bua Daadi says I came for your betterment and says Kritika’s family will support her, but I will support the truth. She says Kritika snatches other’s husband and shows her the video. Sam gets angry and breaks the glass. Bua Daadi says Yash has kept her in his office. Sam asks what do you want to say? Bua Daadi says they are enjoying in hotels now a days, and says they are going to Delhi for a conference. She says it is just an excuse. She instigates her against Kritika. Sam asks what shall I do? Bua Daadi says I want your marriage to be saved and shares a plan.

Durgardevi didn’t find water in her room and gets up. She calls Naani, but her phone is disconnected. She comes to the kitchen and lights gas to boil water. The fire broke out shocking Durgardevi. Durgardevi shouts for help. Aisha hears her voice and says grandmother I am coming. Durgardevi sees her and faints.

SOURCE: Zee World International 



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