Reach for the Stars: Monday Updates (Episodes 16- 18)

Kamala Tai gets shocked after she watches Mrs Kapoor daughter instead of hers at her house. She informs the same to Vitthal. Vitthal gets furious on her and asks her to rush to get back their daughter Kalpana. Mrs Kapoor and her family wake early morning to serve Guruji. Neetu Kapoor however gets shocked after watching Kalpana’s daughter instead of hers. She also gets nervous thinking about the consequences that she was about to face.

Neetu Kapoor hands Kamala’s daughter to Guruji with the fear of getting caught. Guruji predicts the future of Kalpana and informs the family about the baby having a bright future. Meantime, Kamala Tai arrives with Neetu’s daughter and they exchange the babies upstairs. Neetu gets furious on Kamala Tai for exchanging the babies. Kamala Tai explains the entire scenario to Mr Sahil Kapoor in her defence. Restless and bothered Vitthal, arrives in the Kapoor house to catch a glimpse of his daughter Kalpana.
After Neetu and Kamala Tai explains the entire scene to Guruji, Guruji feels glad for blessing both the babies. Later, Gurujji gives a nod to Kamala’s suggestion of the name Paaki for Mrs Kapoor’s daughter. Guruji call upon Mr Singhania and his son to the Kapoor house to make a fair deal between both Mr Kapoor and Mr Singhania. Mr Kapoor hence, demands Mr Singhania’s chawl property to clear the wages of Mr Singhania’s workers. However, on Guruji’s suggestion Mr Kapoor assures of giving one percent partnership to Mr Singhania’s son Raghvendra in his company.

 SOURCE: Zee World International 


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