Twist of Fate: Monday Updates (Episodes 229- 230)

Neel points a gun at Abhi and threatens him to apologize to him or he will shoot Abhi.

At Abhi’s house, Daadi wakes up from her sleep screaming Abhi’s name. Daasi assures Daadi that Abhi is fine but she is inconsolable due to her nightmare and is sure that her grandson is in trouble. Daadi prays to god to keep Abhi safe.

Neel’s the corporator tells Abhi to apologize to him or he will shoot him. Pragya begs him to let Abhi go. Abhi points Neel’s gun to his forehead and tells Neel to shoot him looking at him in the eye. Neel is shocked to see Abhi does not have the fear of death.

At Abhi’s house, Mitali excited comes in to Aalia’s room to tell her something important but Alia is already discussing something with Tanu and refuses to listen to Mitali. They refuse to tell Mitali what they are discussing and Mitali tells them that soon they will be arrested and sent to jail and that since they insulted her she will not tell the name of the person in the house who knows that someone from the family is involved in Pragya’s kidnapping. The moment Aaliya and Tsnu hear this, the colour fades off their faces. Mitali turns to leave and they request her to stay but she leaves angrily.

Neel in his den is scared and tells Abhi that he will really shoot him. Abhi with the gun pointed to his head is standing fearless and manages to take the gun out of Neel’s hands and points the gun at Neel. The corporator is shocked and looks at his goons for help. Abhi tells all the goons to sit wherever they are. Neel too, afraid sits and is quivering with fear as Abhi has the gun pointed at him. He requests Abhi that they can sit and talk and that he will not get anything by shooting him. It will ruin his family and his career. Neel asks Abhi to join him and he will help Abhi get rid pf Pragya. As it is, Abhi doesn’t love her then why is he trying to save her. Abhi then tells Neel that he has come to save Pragya because she is his wife. Some relations can thrive on mere trust and understanding and does not need love but a pervert like Neel will never understand this. Neel begs Abhi not to kill him; he will do whatever Abhi says. He further tells Abhi that he will forget Bulbul and will leave this city forever. Abhi tells Neel that he will leave him only if he reveals the name of the person from his family who was involved in Pragya’s kidnapping. Neel is shocked.

Meanwhile, Purabh searches Abhi’s room and tries to find the number of the commissioner in Abhi’s room. He finally finds the number and is about to dial the number when Aaliya and Tanu come there and are worried that Abhi might find out that they too are involved in the kidnapping. Aaliya tensed tells Purabh that he should not have let Abhi go alone to the kidnappers den.

Neel tells Abhi that he knows his family better and he can figure out on his own. Abhi tells the corporator that he is testing his patience and gives him a count of ten to reveal the name.

On the other hand, Aaliya and Tanu are worried about the person in the family who knows that someone from the family is involved in the kidnapping. Aaliya calls up Neel to find out about the situation but Abhi answers his call and Aaliya is shocked. She tells Tanu that Abhi is with the corporator and he might have found out about them. Both Tanu and Aaliya are tensed and leave telling Purabh to let them know if he gets any information about Abhi.

Bulbul is with Purabh and tells him that she doubts Aaliya’s involvement in the kidnapping. Purabh tells Bulbul that Aaliya cannot do something like this and tells her to forget the past and is sure that Aaliya has changed. He further tells Bulbul that this is not the right time to think all this and they should be concerned about Abhi and Pragya but Bulbul is sure that Aaliya is involved and is determined to find out the truth.

Abhi finishes the countdown and fires a bullet. Neel falls on the floor and realizes that Abhi has not shot him. Abhi tells Neel that he will not kill him until he reveals the truth and will hand them all over to the Police who will now extract the truth out of them. Just then one of the kidnappers gets up and points a knife at Pragya’s throat saying his gun had only two bullets and now Abhi’s gun has no bullets in it. Abhi doesn’t buy it and points the gun at the henchman to shoot him and presses the trigger but there is no bullet in it. Meanwhile, Purabh meets the Police Commissioner who is waiting outside the factory but cannot enter the factory premises afraid that the kidnappers might hurt Abhi or Pragya and are figuring out a strategy.

Later, Suresh comes to Sarla’s house to ask if Abhi has found Pragya but Sarla insults him and asks him to leave. Suresh leaves.

Neel ties Abhi and Pragya and plans to kill them both as he is afraid that the police might come there soon. Neel then asks his goon to give him the gun that is now loaded with bullets to kill Abhi and Pragya. He gives Abhi and Pragya two minutes to decide who would prefer to die first. When Abhi and Pragya do not say anything, the corporator decides to shoot Abhi first. Just then a goon comes running and informs Neel that an entire police force is coming towards their denan and they will enter the factor in less than 2 minutes and Neel is shocked.

SOURCE: Zee World International



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