21 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him And Her

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! The day of love is here again. And I’m sure that you definitely want something fantastic and simply delightful and romantic this Valentine.

Yep. We all don’t want to hear being told “I love you” the same way every single day. Asides that, there is a hidden romantic in all of us that needs to really EXPLODE this Valentine’s Day. We love knowing we’re appreciated, valued, cared for, and cherished by our partners. Some of us may not be so open with how we feel on the inside but the truth is we all need to hear those words that make us feel the joy the first dude on the moon most likely felt. And that joy should be felt by each and every one of us every single day.

The ways in which we like being told we are loved are infinite. Love is that crazy and expressive. This means we’re in luck. HOW? Because partners who firmly express their love and commitment to each other definitely will have a long lasting relationship. And nothing keeps love and affection alive in a relationship more than that.

Gary Chapman, in his book “The Five Love Languages”, sufficiently explains that we all need to understand our partners’ love languages- how they like to be cherished, romanced, and cared for. The truth is, even though marriage counselors, therapists, and relationships experts may not agree on a whole lot of things, they definitely do agree that your partner needs to know that you love him or her every single day in as many ways as you can tell them.

So, to help us make our partners feel and be assured that we love them, I’ve compiled 20 super romantic ways to say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or a babe, you can use these tips to make your relationship more romantic. I’ve grouped these 20 romantic tips into categories. So you can try them out in whichever format you want but please make romance an experience not to be forgotten for yourself and your partner.

You ready? To make this Valentine’s Day memorable for you and your lover …we’ve got you covered.

Romantic Interactions

Well, you have just to interact romantically this Day. You both could try;

  • Dancing cheek to cheek, body to body. Extremely romantic move. It could be in your sitting room or at dinner.
  • Slow sensual stimulation. You don’t have to expect anything back. Just give.
  • Eye gazing. Hmm. Serious eye contact. Tell them how perfect and beautiful their eyes are.
  • Flirting and teasing. Never grows old.
  • Unexpected words of affection. Spontaneity is good in every relationship. Show you love them when they least expect you to.

Romantic Gestures      

  • Chocolates, sweets, flowers, gifts, under a pillow. You’ve just got to love love.
  • A gentle slow stroke down a cheek, a kiss on the forehead, are also romantic. Make it spontaneous. It shows you care and that they’re always on your mind.
  • A slow kiss that seems to last forever, giving everything, demanding nothing
  • A single flower- their favorite flower is also a romantic way to say I love you.
  • A note in the fridge, a love letter pinned to the fridge, on the table, their favorite couch or chair…absolutely romantic!

Romantic Experiences

  • Walking in the moonlight. Seriously, this is way beyond cool. Take a moonlight walk with your loved one and whisper sweet nothings in their ear.
  • Walking in the rain. I prefer to dance in the rain. It may seem childish but it’s way beyond cool too. You both should try it sometime. Tell me if it doesn’t work.
  • A picnic under your favorite tree. You love nature and picnics? Then take your loved one somewhere private and meaningful to you. And after the picnic…
  • Dancing in the kitchen. A very spontaneous way to make your partner laugh and be happy. Dance in your kitchen and be free!
  • Reading to each other is perfect. Poetry, fiction, romance novels, that your partner loves is perfect. It shows that you take an interest in what matters to them.

A Romantic Environment

  • Dim the lighting: Dim lighting provides this aura of privacy…just 2 of you in the whole world.
  • Turn on music that stirs the feeling of love in you. Yes! This really helps too.
  • Create Privacy. I mean you all have other stuff that’s been taking your time. But turn off your phones and enjoy that privacy today!
  • Candles in lots of places you wouldn’t normally put candles. Candle light also sets a romantic environment. Perfect for a little or some serious romance.
  • The backyard at dusk. Yep. You both could definitely sit outside or lay on the grass and stare up at the stars and get romantic…
  • Place your hands on each other’s hearts to feel your heartbeats…there’s something about that that is simply beyond this world. It definitely would make you feel and be more connected.

We know love is good…makes you feel you could climb up Everest and down in nanoseconds. The power of love…so get romantic this Valentine’s Day…have a Valentine to remember.


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