7 Romantic Evening Tips (Not Just For Valentine)

Romantic evenings are when you want to sit down with your partner and connect verbally and emotionally. These special moments can revitalize your relationship and increase the intimacy between you. Planning a romantic evening for your loved one will express your affection for them and show them how much you care.

You can plan an evening by thinking about your partner and then developing a plan to either go out or stay in. By adding special touches and details to your evening, you will make it memorable and romantic.

1. Choose a meal to prepare

Most romantic evenings will involve some type of food. Make sure to think of something that you know your partner likes. Be sure to keep it simple because you don’t want to spend your whole evening trying to cook! Find a dish that you know how to make, that your partner loves, and that will require minimal preparation.

African American womans hand slicing a tomatoe

2. Decide which drinks you will enjoy

You could choose a nice bottle of wine for dinner, like a Tempranillo from La Rioja, or even a fun cocktail, like a Tom Collins. A bottle of Champagne can be very romantic. For something non-alcoholic, you could go with sparkling water, sparkling grape juice, or fresh squeezed juice. Having a fancy beverage will help the night feel special.

3. Pick a special dessert

Choose something that your partner will enjoy. You could have a fondue-style dessert and dip strawberries in melted chocolate. This requires very little preparation, is delicious, and is something special that you wouldn’t do every day. It’s these special touches that will make your romantic evening memorable.


4. Choose music to listen to

Take into account your partner’s preferences, but choose something that is light and have it playing quietly in the background. You could play some smooth jazz, like Billie Holiday, to set the tone.

5. Set the tone with candles or a fireplace

Lighting is a big part of a romantic evening. It also shows that you made special effort. You could dim the lights and have a candlelit dinner and then sit by the fireplace for desert or drinks.

6. Include another activity

Besides eating and conversing, have something else planned. Maybe you could watch a movie together, like The Princess Bride, or you could plan a romantic massage. Having a couple of other activities will help you to enjoy each other’s company for the whole evening.


7. Decorate the bedroom. 

Make the environment special and different from your normal sleeping arrangements. You could put rose petals on the bed, light candles, and set out a vase of flowers. This will help set the ambiance for the perfect romantic evening.

You ready to have that perfect romantic evening? Cool!


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