Reach for the Stars: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 21- 23)


Mr Sahil Kapoor plans to celebrate Ganeshotsav at Kamala Tai’s chawl to win the workers’ support. Pakya registers his parents’ name for the dance competition to be held during the festival. Neetu makes Prem feign interest in attending the festival. Unaware of the Kapoors’ plan Kamala Tai, welcomes Sahil and his family. However, her act leaves the other chawl members shocked

Manda Tai instigates Vitthal against Kamala Tai for celebrating the Ganeshotsav with the Kapoor family. Pakya tries to catch a glimpse of Paaki but is caught by Prem who is furious. Later when Prem tries to steal the offerings made to Lord Ganesh, Pakya pushes him away. Kamala Tai asks Pakya to apologise but, Pakya refuses. Kamala Tai gets further annoyed after Vitthal supports Pakya. Kamala Tai decides to apologise for her son’s at.

Kamala Tai apologises Mr Sahil Kapoor and his wife Neetu Kapoor for her son’s act. Vitthal is called by Mr Singhania in his office after Vitthal and his co workers carry a bold front outside his office gate, to collect their wages that were pending with Mr Singhania. Mr Sahil Kapoor gets shocked after the police inform him about Mr Singhania’s death. Kamala Tai pleads the police to release her husband Vitthal after he is accused of killing Mr Singhania.


SOURCE: Zee World International 


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