Twist of Fate: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 233-234)

Neel’s goons try to catch Abhi but Abhi instead rides away rooming on his bike. On the other hand, Tanu is excited seeing the picture of the shack burning and Pragya dead in it. Tanu wants to celebrate but Aaliya tells her that they should not be celebrating as in a little while the whole family would come to know about Pragya’s death and if they would be celebrating, they would catch everyone’s eye. Tanu tells Aaliya that she cannot contain her happiness. Aaliya tells Tanu to pretend for a few days more as now with Pragya out of her way, she will have Abhi all to herself. Tanu agrees. Aaliya is disheartened as Pragya is dead but Bulbul is still with Purabh but Tanu assures Aaliya that Pragya was Bulbul’s strength and now with Pragya dead getting rid of Bulbul will be a piece of cake. Aaliya agrees and tells Tanu that they will celebrate once Bulbul too is out of their lives.




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