Egos and Life Lessons

Last Friday, I stepped into the house and picked up my laptop to finish an overdue task. As I turned it on, the screen began to misbehave as usual. I sat there for minutes, angrily fiddling with several buttons, trying to get it to work. I was well aware of my mum and siblings sitting around, watching me battle with the laptop. Suddenly, my younger brother, apparently tired of seeing me fight with an inanimate object quietly and said, “Why don’t you just close the lid and reopen it?” I grudgingly did what he said and behold, the screen returned to normal. As I punched away on my keyboard, I couldn’t help ruing the precious minutes I had wasted simply because I felt nobody in the house could tell me what I needed to do.Some of us are like that! We just believe that we have it all under control until we become frustrated. Sometimes, you need to drop your own knowledge. Do not belittle the people around you. A little child can give you the insight you need to excel. That old woman who isn’t fluent in English actually has something to tell you. Don’t be blinded by pride and overconfidence. Jesus was/is the Son of God yet He sat down in the temple, listening and asking. So start asking the right people the right questions.

Don’t overlook anyone. We’re two months in to 2017 already. They say the one who asks for directions does not miss his way. Look around you, there are people who know more than you do. Excuse you, there is someone out there who is 110 times better than you in what you think you are good at. So, take off your shoulder pad, sit down under somebody and learn!

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