King of Hearts: Thursday Updates (Episodes 301- 303)


Music starts. Siddharth and Roshni dance on the song Dil Kare Chun Chaa………Durgardevi further says that she wants to share her sweet memories and when Durgardevi asks to play the DVD on the screen. Everyone is shocked while Shabnam smirks. Durgardevi gets flabbergasted witnessing the scene and asks where is my DVD. She asks Kesar to change the DVD when they see someone else photos. Just then Durgardevi and the present guests watch the photography of Shiv’s along with his second wife and children and are shocked. Aisha calls him Abbu (dad). Shabnam says Abbu…Naani says Shiv. Durgardevi stands shockingly. Roshni, Siddharth and Durgardevi are left in shock.

Aisha and Shabnam call Shiv as their Abbu. The media person asks Durgardevi if she knew about her husband’s second marriage. Roshni is shattered. The reporter says did you know about these girls. One reporter asks will you accept these two illegitimate girls. Shabnam says we are not illegitimate as our Abbu ( father ) did Nikah with our Ammi ( mother ). Aisha asks why is everyone sad? The reporter again asks did your Abbu told that you have another Ammi. Siddharth throws the media persons out and calls the security. Shabnam wipes her fake tears. Durgardevi is still in shock. Siddharth and Roshni help her get up. Bua Daadi says Durgardevi’s grand daughter is actually her step daughter. Naani Maasi apologizes to everyone and asks the guests to go. Bua Daadi says you will send everyone, but how will you shut other’s mouth. Naani Maasi asks the waiter to give milk to Bua Daadi and says Roshni’s parents in-laws people are bringing up a snake. Aisha asks Shabnam about the happenings. Roshni comes and says Shabnam will answer your questions. She brings Shabnam and throws her on the floor. Siddharth comes and Shabnam holds him. Roshni asks her to leave her husband and says she entered the house with full fledge plan and that she fought with her mother for Siddharth oblivious to the fact that he is a betrayal. She says this girl ruined my mum’s happiness.

Naani Maasi says I had already warned Durgardevi not to let her stay. Siddharth says it is enough and says she should be given chance to have a say. Roshni says she hates her face . Sid says she will speak and put forward her talk while Shabnam takes the pleasure of the scene she just created. Upon discussing about the topic, Shabnam says she didn’t enter home with a motive and says she didn’t know that it is her step mum’s home. She narrates a story build with the foundation of lies that she didn’t know Abbu was alive till now and tells a story that they were separated from their Abbu in the riots. She says she went to Dubai for a living and then came to know that Ammi is dead. Siddharth asks from where did the DVD come?

Shabnam says that she asked her husband to send that DVD as she want to show it to Aisha. Her story also ignites the hatred for late Shiv in Durgardevi. Roshni didn’t believe her and goes. Shabnam falls on Siddharth’s feet. Siddharth asks her to get up and goes to talk to Roshni. Once Siddharth goes, Shabnam throws the tears and calls someone informing about that how she has light the fire. Durgardevi throws the things around and says I am done with it. Roshni asks her to stop it. Durgardevi gets hysterical and throws the stuff related to Shiv. Naani asks her to stop it. Aisha asks her not to burn her Dad’s photo. Durgardevi brings kerosene oil and lights Shiv’s picture on fire. Naani asks her to calm down. Durgardevi recalls her remarriage with Shiv. Roshni cries hugging Siddharth. Durgardevi looks on hurt.

Kritika asks Beeji to drink water. Bua Daadi badmouths about the Patel family that it is shameful to have relation with them. She says we have to go there. Beeji says it don’t looks good if we go. Bua Daadi says I have to do something to throw them out. Durgardevi asks Shabnam to leave her house immediately and says it is her house and not Shiv’s house. Aisha asks Durgardevi not to throw her sister out. Durgardevi asks Roshni to take Aisha inside. Naani takes her inside. Shabnam gets up and holds Siddharth’s hand while emotionally blackmailing him to love Aisha. Roshni looks at her holding Siddharth’s hand.

Roshni asks her to stop her waste overacting. Siddharth asks his mom in-law to listen to him. Durgardevi says you can’t understand what I am going through and asks if I am doing anything wrong? She says it is easy to give lecture to people, but it is difficult to bear everything. She asks Shabnam to leave, however Siddharth stops her. Shabnam says really, the game begins now.

Siddharth stops Shabnam from leaving and allows her to stay. He tells Roshni that he will make arrangements for Shabnam stay until she goes back to Dubai and it won’t be good if we kick Shabnam out of the house in front of our Aisha and it is a matter of some days. Shabnam smirks. On the other hand, Bua Daadi is elated at the incidents that have taken place, have food and thinks it is tasty. He looks at Durgardevi’s photo and says look where you are standing? Under one roof, your own and step daughters are standing. She says your Maasi called me snake, yes I am snake and will bite you and your family. She acts like Naagin and dances on the song Main Teri Dushman………..Just then she hears the door ring and hear Siddharth’s voice. Beeji opens the door and asks what is the matter? Siddharth asks her to get the guest room cleaned as Shabnam will stay here for few days. Beeji says okay. Bua Daadi says I can’t let Roshni’s step sisters stay in this house. Sid asks the servant to keep the stuff in the guest room. Bua Daadi talks badly and get into an argument with Siddharth. Siddharth reminds her Roshni and Shabnam have the same father.

Bua Daadi says this house is of good people and that she doesn’t want Shabnam to stay in the house. Aisha says where will my sister stay now. Siddharth says this is my home, my dad’s home and he will decide who to stay here. He says he don’t want to insult Bua Daadi but she instigates him to insult her. He asks her to understand and says Shabnam and Aisha will stay here and if you have a problem then…..He asks Kritika to take care of their food. Kritika takes them inside. Bua Daadi thinks illegitimate Kritika was already here, and now these two. She says I have to kick the two illegitimate out now. Kritika asks Shabnam not to think much and goes to bring food for her. Shabnam asks Kritika to bring water. Bua Daadi throws water on her head. Shabnam shouts. Siddharth and Beeji come to her rescue and stop Bua Daadi. Meanwhile, Durgardevi splashes ash in the water and then throws it in the pool. She says I don’t want your anything again. Everyone looks on shockingly.

Durgardevi tells Roshni not to cry and apologizes to her for not been able to give her good father. She says Shiv had spent time with them which he shall spend with you and asks are you scared that I will throw Aisha out. She says you both have decided to adopt Aisha and needs both parents. She says Shabnam can’t stay here. She says Shiv didn’t return and went directly to Shabnam. Roshni cries looking at her mother’s mental state. Naani asks her not to cry.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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