Twist of Fate: Thursday Updates (Episodes 235- 236)

Sarla reach Abhi’s home and meets Daadi. Daadi says she wants to celebrate holi. Sarla asks how can they when their children are in kidnapper’s den. Daadi says she will celebrate holi with Abhi and Pragya as she got a call from Abhi who told them that they have escaped from the kidnapper’s clutch. Sarla gets elated and tells Abhi’s Daadi that they would celebrate Holi to the fullest now. Daadi asks Tauji and Aakash to take care of the arrangements well.

On the other hand, Abhi and Pragya wake up hearing drum sounds and pave their path out of the forest to check and the reach a Dhaba. The mob people at the Dhaba celebrating holi recognise him as a rockstar, Dhaba owner apologizes to him and lift him on their shoulders and start to celebrate holi with him. Pragya is tensed as soon this news will spread and might reach the corporator’s ears and they might again land into trouble. Just as Abhi and Pragya are trying to escape, the mob surrounds them and refuses to let them leave and say they cannot lose the chance of celebrating holi with a celebrity and sprinkle colours on him. Pragya says they should elope before the corporator comes here. Abhi engages the mob people in the dance and runs away with Pragya.Daadi is busy grounding bhang on the stone. Sarla says it is Pragya’s house and she cannot do this. Daadi says it is bhang and even she should take it as it she will fly. Sarla says she can fly even without bhang. Taiju sees Daadi grounding bhang and yells that she will spoil the costly tiles. Mitali joins her and says she is a villager and will not understand them. Daadi thinks she will teach them a lesson.

Purabh tries to get naughty with Bulbul and their romantic nok jhok continues. She runs and clashes with Aaliya. Aaliya asks Daadi what is happening. Daadi says they are celebrating holi. She asks how can they without Abhi and Pragya. Daadi says Abhi and Pragya are on the way and they have escaped from the kidnapper’s grip. Aaliya acts as getting happy. She then goes to her room with her puppet minded Tanu who tells she was happy that Pragya is dead, but she is alive and that the corporator fooled them. After Tanu gets to know that Pragya is still alive, she asks Aaliya that what more should they do to throw Pragya out of their lives.

The people stop Abhi and Pragya from leaving dhaba. Goons come there. they both hide behind the cart. He smears her face with color and says he wanted to see how a cartoon looks like. She also smears his face with color. They both then fall into water and fight. He gets up, smears his face with holi again and runs after smearing the goon’s face. The goon tells his friends that he heard Abhi’s voice and asks them to search around. The corporator and his goons are busy searching for Abhi and Pragya on the highway.

Purabh tries to get naught with Bulbul again, but Daadi comes there and asks him to attend to the guests. Aaliya sees their romance and gets jealous. She starts her filthy plans and thinks she will tarnish Bulbul on this holi and will get Purabh back for herself.

Daadi gives bhang glasses to Purvi and asks her to serve it to Mitali and taiji. Purvi tells them it is a milkshake with lots of dry fruits and will boost their memory. They like it and finish all the glasses.

Abhi runs again and hide behind dhaba’s grocery shop bench. The corporator reaches Abhi’s house and asks the watchman about the celebrations. The watchman says Abhi has escaped from the kidnapper’s grip and is coming back home. The corporator asks his men to hide and catch Abhi and Pragya when they come here. He then sees Bulbul and thinks of playing holi with her.

The Dhaba owner gives Abhi and Pragya bhang milk and laddu. Abhi likes the bhang milk and asks for more. The corporator smears his face with holi, comes near bulbul and is about to smear her face when Purabh holds his hand.

Neel approaches Bulbul and is about to apply colour on Bulbul’s face but Purabh comes there at the nick of time and stops Neel thinking of Neel as just another guest informs Neel that Bulbul is his fiance and that he is marrying her soon and does not like anyone applying holi on her. Neel smiles and watches Purabh as he applies colour to Bulbul’s face and plays holi with Bulbul and they both hugs each other. Neel gets furious seeing this and decides not to spare Purabh.

On the other hand, Abhi and Pragya have had a little too much bhaang and are in really high spirits. They can barely handle themselves and start to believe that they are invisible and the kidnappers will not be able to catch them. He take holi color and smears it on Pragya face like a beard and moustache and say she looks like a rock star now. A girl comes to take selfie with Abhi but Pragya stops her and asks the girl to take selfie with her. The girl agrees, takes selfie with Pragya and dance Abhi. Abhi and Fuggy aka Pragya are enjoying holi completely unaware of the danger hanging above their heads.

At Abhi’s house, Aaliya notices Purabh and Bulbul romancing with each other and Aaliya gets irritated seeing them and feels Bulbul is trying to tease them and decides to teach Bulbul a lesson but Tanu stops her and advises her to wait until a more favourable moment. Aaliya decides instead of waiting for the situation, they must create the situation.

At the same function, Mitali and her mother-in-law’s Tauji too are drunk on bhaang and in a world of their own. They fill water in the mud utensil. The moment Aaliya and Tanu come to them, Mitali freaks out as Aaliya breaks the utensil and tells her mother-in-law that Aaliya is the master-mind in Pragya’s kidnapping and actually wanted Bulbul to be kidnapped. The moment Aaliya hears this; she is shocked and worried that everyone might find out the truth and shuts her mouth. Tauji asks who is Pragya and Bulbul. Aaliya in order to distract Mitali, feeds her sweets. Just then Pragya’s cousin Purvi comes there and tells Aaliya that she should not let Mitali eat sweets as it increases the effect of bhaang. Irritated, Aaliya and Tanu leave from there.

At the dhaba, Abhi and Pragya are busy dancing on Soni soni ankhiyon wali and enjoying themselves when they see the kidnappers searching for them. The kidnappers too find out that Abhi and Pragya are at the dhaba camouflaged with colour on their faces. The kidnappers try to reach Abhi and Pragya but are instead caught by the mob and thrown into the tub of coloured water. When the kidnappers cannot take it anymore, they pull out the pistol and tell them to stand in a corner. At Abhi’s house, Alia is seen wearing salwar kameez similar to Bulbul and has a glass of bhaang in her hand which she sneakily plans to feed it to Purabh. After drinking the bhaang Purabh would no longer be in his senses and then she would seduce him and once she and Purabh have ‘established’ their relationship, Purabh and Bulbul are bound to break-up. Aaliya calls the waiter and instructs him to do something.

The waiter takes the glass of bhaang and comes to Purabh and Bulbul and offers it to them as thandai. Bulbul insists to feed Purabh the bhaang herself and Purabh heeding to Bulbul’s wish, thinking of the bhaang as thandai, gulps it down in a single sip. Aaliya sees this and is pleased. Later, Aaliya comes to Purabh applying color to her face pretending to be Bulbul reminds Purabh of the challenge he had given Bulbul and the fact that he will not be able to win it. Purabh, drunk calling Aaliya Bulbul says that he has not only won the challenge and will now take his kiss too. Aaliya urges him to come with him and brings an extremely drunk Purabh to her room. Aaliya then shuts the bedroom door, preparing to seduce Purabh. She thinks nobody can stop her from getting Purabh now. She will get him all the proof and decides to get so close to him that he will never think of going away, today he will be hers forever. She thinks she wanted him to accept her happily but he did not, he will not object when he wakes up but will console him somehow and sleeps next to him.

On the other hand, Bulbul starts searching for Purab everywhere and comes into the house. The butler informs Bulbul that he saw Purabh entering the house with her a moment ago. Bulbul is confused. Just then Neel to seizing the opportunity to play holi with Bulbul enters the house and starts following Bulbul. Bulbul think Purabh must be playing hiding game like she played on her engagement day and ask him to come out. Neel’s the corporator come behind her and hides behind the pillar. She thinks it is Purabh and asks him to come out. While, at the dhaba, the kidnappers asks the people to back off as they don’t have any problem with them and they just need Abhi and Pragya, else their boss will be in trouble. The kidnappers then start splashing water on everyone’s faces and at last find Abhi and Pragya and as they are about to catch them, the mob intervenes and Abhi and Pragya run away.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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