Young Dreams: Thursday Updates (Episodes 208- 210)


Charu gets furious on Gunjan due to jealousy that Gunjan enjoys being great. Gunjan says she doesn;t know what Charu is talking about and tells to let her go. Charu tells her to go and that she has always wanted Gunjan to go away from her life so that she could win her husband. Gunjan says she didn’t tie anyone down. Charu says she doesn’t want her alms and that she snatched Mayank away from her and she’s acting great. Gunjan tells her it’s enough and that she isn’t snatching Mayank away from her whereas, Gunjan insists her to change her approach towards the family and that if she wants to gain Mayank she should rectify the flaws in herself and in her relationship before she talks. Bua comes and ask what’s wrong. Gunjan says nothing and she tells Gunjan to go and sleep as its late. Charu angrily says Gunjan is giving her alms.

Rachna is working out in the terrace. Shail asks what is she doing and tells her to get ready. Rachna says no she has a bit more. Shail tells her to do as much as her body can cope. Rachna says it’s better shedding sweat in a challenge than shedding blood in war. Shail is confused as to why is Rachna talking like that. Gunjan is eating breakfast. Rachna comes and takes a banana. Shail asks her to have breakfast but Rachna says she’s done. Shail says she didn’t touch a morsel and that she made her favourite parathas. Rachna says parathas are heavy. Shail says to wait for Chaya and Rachna says Chaya left early. Shail tells Gunjan she doesn’t look fine and Gunjan says its nothing. Seema comes and tells everyone to fast as Mayank has come home safely and that she’s making Mayank’s favourite dishes. Sangeeta informs about a feast that is prepared for the family to celebrate Mayank’s wellbeing. Rachna says she’ll return from college with a hearty appetite. Gunjan and Rachna leave. Mayank and Gunjan look at each other sadly while Heer from Jab Tak Hai Jaan plays.

Gunjan and Rachna goes to college but Gunjan is watching on Mayank while Mayank reminds the conversation he has with Gunjan and calls somebody for job in Banaras. Rachna and Gunjan arrive at college. Their friend informs them that Rajeev is waiting for them in ground and they go there. Rajeev takes presence of all competitors and explains the rule for competition again. All return for practice. Chaya joins Gunjan and Rachna for the fresher’s competition. Gunjan is lost for in Mayank thought but starts practice and Rajeev is watching her. All the girls inform Rachna that Gunjan is practicing more than necessary, Rajeev stops Gunjan and Gunjan gets unconscious while practicing as she tries to hurt herself while recollecting her time she spent with Mayank. Rajeev carries her to the changing room and sends all the girls for class and takes care of Gunjan. Rachna is going but strikes with Vihaan, he asks for her mentor but Rachna says his stupid and goes to class ignoring him. Vihaan says to himself that he would change her character at least.

On the other hand, Rajeev sees craps in Gunjan feet and tries to treat her but Gunjan awake and Rajeev explains to her that time will help her to forget Mayank and advices her to focus on the competition. Gunjan gives her hand in Rajeev’s hand and promises that she will win the competition. Rachna overhears this and carries Gunjan to home.
Mayank says sorry to Charu, she asks him for their honeymoon but Mayank denies as he got job. The girls arrive home. Mayank apologizes the family for the misbehaviour towards them. He informs them about his new job in Banaras hence delighting them.

Mayank says he got a job in Banaras and Charu hugs him everyone feels weird and Charu feeds him sweets in front of everyone and makes him feed her as well. Mayank celebrates the happiness of getting a job with his family. Gunjan leaves while Sangeeta gives Rachna kachori and she refuses. Shail asks her why did she refused? Rachna says the race is tomorrow so only milk and fruits for her. Rachna is happy and congratulates Mayank. Seema tells Shail to give Gunjan kachori and dahiwada. Shail comes to the room where gunjan is in tears and gives her. Gunjan eats it and Shail compliments her for being mature as she handled this Mayank situation so gracefully. She says she wants a daughter like her in every birth and says she knows she must have asked Mayank to stay away. Gunjan wishes she is not so strong as god gives her troubles as she can handle it. Shail tells her she will be victorious one day and she will get a guy who will love her a lot and they both hug. Mayank removes Gunjan’s picture from his purse and decides to follow Gunjan’s viewpoint and give a second chance to his marriage. He relishes the happiness of his job by watching Gunjan’s picture. talks to it and promises the day he gets courage, he will let go of her and the picture but not now. Rachna is busy exercising on terrace, Shail comes and tells her to stop but Rachna says she wont as she needs to win and wants to improve her stamina and even refuses to have dinner as she decides to remain well prepared for her race the next day.

Shail says Gunjan is fine, Rachna says we are two different people and I need to win . Shail asks her why she is doing it to compete with Gunjan. Rachna says she is doing it for herself to test herself and she does not want to live like a bechari. Shail goes while Charu comes to give her kesar badam milk. Rachna says she will drink it later. Charu is happy that she will widen the differences between the two sisters. The next morning, Charu talks about FOTY to Sangeeta in the kitchen and is praising that Rachna is good in sports and will win. They both talk about Gunjan and that Rachna should stay away from Gunjan. Rachna overhears. Sangeeta asks her if she wants something. Rachna says she wants water and leaves. Sangeeta is scared that Rachna was around and she might have heard but Charu says it’s a good thing as she will be alert. Rachna knocks on the bathroom and Gunjan is inside while Charu convinces her to watch an exercise training cd on Mayank’s laptop. Gunjan comes out searches for Rachna while Charu enters and drops shampoo in Rachna’s room and puts water on it to injure her. Charu smirks.

On the breakfast table, Charu asks Mayank what she wants. Rachna comes and Gunjan tells her to get dressed and they can leave together. Rachna screams everyone goes to the bathroom where she is on the floor holding her leg . All the ladies go in and Charu however gets successful in her attempt and is smiling. Rachna says there is shampoo on the floor and she fell. Charu blames Gunjan of pouring the shampoo in the bathroom that Gunjan was in before. Gunjan says she didn’t and Charu says it might have happened by accident. Rachna looks at Gunjan hurtfully. Everyone tries to help Rachna, she jerks off Gunjan’s hand. Everyone wants Rachna to go to the doctor and get an X ray done and take rest. Even Gunjan says how can she take part in the competition. Rachna walks and shows her and later asks should she dance now to prove she is fine. Everyone leaves while Charu says Gunjan should have been careful and she is glad that rachna can take part in the race. Rachna dismisses her. Gunjan tells Rachna that she hopes rachna believes her as Charu tried to put the blame on her that she did it on purpose. She asks why she will want to hurt her sweet sister.

Gunjan gives Rachna a spray but she refuses that she is fine. Gunjan tells her not to participate in the race and rest but Rachna says she will run and win. Gunjan praises her. Gunjan is thinking that she had closed the shampoo bottle and even if it fell it should have gone when water was poured on the floor. Dholu comes and kisses Gunjan and wishes her luck , she kisses him back and Dholu leaves. Mayank sees this, comes near her and says he is getting the offer letter for his job. Charu comes and interrupts their conversation and holds Mayank hand and that is sweet talking about sharing a blanket. Gunjan goes and even Mayank leaves in some time. The entire Garg family is in the hall, Prabhu wishes Gunjan luck and she says it’s a preliminaries round. Rachna comes down and tells everyone to wish her too. The entire family is taking sides in a sporting way and wishes both the girls luck. Gunjan asks Rachna if she wants to participate, Rachna says yes. She goes and admires the beautiful trophy.

SOURCE: Zee World International




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