Dear Lara, I Think I Masturbate Too Much. I Need Your Help

Dear Lara, 

I am a 21 years old lady. I have been masturbating since i was 15, I do it by crossing my legs and clenching my thigh muscles and leg muscles. I do it anytime I feel upset or when I feel tired, sometimes before, after, or during sleep. In fact, I do not know how it became a habit.

For some years now, I’ve noticed that my hip, thigh and leg muscles are enlarging abnormally. They have grown fatter than other parts of my body, I had a great body before, but now it looks horrible.I did my findings and came to a conclusion that this changes in my body shape is as a result of my clenching muscle masturbation habit.

I am presently trying to stop this habit but it seems really tough. I really want to give up this habit so as to maintain a perfect figure.

This habit is ruining my body shape as well as my sex life, I want to give up this habit.

Please help me, I need friendly suggestions!

Is there anyone facing the same problem?  Please suggest to me how I can get rid of this horrible habit! Should I engage in regular exercises to get  a slimmer hip, thigh and leg?  What are the useful exercises? and how can I give up this masturbating habit?


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