King of Hearts: Monday Updates (Episodes 306- 307)


Shabnam asks Aisha to do her work and whispers something in her ears. She says we will play. Siddharth and Roshni come. Aisha tells Siddharth that she wants to sit on the back seat with Roshni. While Roshni tries to sit with Siddharth, Aisha insists her to sit on the back seat, saying she will teach her game. Aisha then asks Shabnam to sit on the front seat. She is doing this on Shabnam’s orders. Siddharth asks her to sit on the front seat and asks her to wear seat belt and helps her. Roshni is irked. Shabnam tries to get close to Siddharth and thinks she will trap Siddharth and thinks Roshni has to fasten her seat belt.

On the other hand, the connection between Aisha and Roshni seems to grow stronger and Roshni treats her like a daughter. She asks Aisha to have her food but Aisha throws the food away. Roshni asks where did you learn to misbehave? Aisha says she was making me eat daliya and that aunt Shabnam never shouted at her. Roshni gets angry and goes. Siddharth tells Aisha that good children never do that and asks her to help him make Roshni and Shabnam befriended.Siddharth asks Roshni to smile and tries to cheer her up. He says no one can come in my heart. Roshni says I didn’t peep in your heart. Siddharth says one second and puts her photo on his chest, and then sings Tere Photo Ko….fevicol se………Roshni smiles and says you got a simple wife. Siddharth says you are like milk and can boil if the gas is on. He says Aisha is a child and asks her not to be upset with her. He says I have one more surprise for you and shows her the daliya. Roshni says she don’t want to eat and asks Siddharth to eat. Siddharth says it tastes bad. Roshni asks him to eat and makes him eat it.

Later, a woman comes to Shabnam’s room and attacks her with a rod. Shabnam asks who are you. She then holds the woman’s hand, and keeps her hand on her mouth. Meanwhile, Kritika and Beeji come there hearing her scream. The woman hides. Shabnam says that she thought someone is beating her. Beeji asks her not to worry and goes. Shabnam lie down back on the bed. The woman turns out to be Bua Daadi. Shabnam decides to get Bua Daadi punished and says she wants to get back to Durgardevi’s house.

Naani tells some women organization people have come. They switch on the TV and sees Bua Daadi telling the press that Durgardevi tortured Shabnam and beaten her. Beeji says she can’t do this. Bua Daadi says Durgardevi has beaten Shabnam being her step mum. The press says Durgardevi has become Kaikayi. News of Durgardevi’s and Bua Daadi start to spread. Shabnam, on the other hand, claims that Durgardevi has done nothing with her. The women organisation group barged into Durgardevi’s house and says Durgar haiye haiy (wicked step mum). Durgardevi asks them to get out and it is enough of drama. The woman says you have to accept your doing. Durgardevi says she didn’t do anything and asks them to get out. The woman says you have to apologize to Shabnam else we will take this matter very up.

Durgardevi asks them to get out. They threaten to call the police and then brings a donkey to make Durgardevi sit on it. The women organisation ladies pushes Roshni and Naani. Then they make Durgardevi sit on it and apply black paint on her face. At the same time, Shabnam reaches the place and acts to rescue her by telling the press that Durgardevi has done nothing to her and instead she was the one that save her and give her a new life. She asks them to stop it and asks Naani to wash her face. She asks the women, don’t you get shame to do this. She says she is alive because of this. She says she got the marks as she fell down. The press also come there and asks questions. Why DD has thrown you out? Shabnam says this house is hers and only she can decide who will stay in her house. She says I left this house with my wish and asks them to stay out of the matter. Durgardevi comes and says Shabnam is saying right. We will solve the matter and it is a family matter. She asks Shabnam to stay at her house and asks them to go. The press person asks if Shabnam will stay with you. Durgardevi asks didn’t he hear now and asks them to get out. Durgardevi then eyes Shabnam.

Bua Daadi is happily eating apple. Beeji asks why are you doing this and breaking two families. Bua Daadi says she is supporting the truth and says maybe Durgardevi had beaten her. Beeji asks how can you be so sure? She says if Siddharth and Roshni have any trouble then she will not spare her. Durgardevi recalls the insult which Mahila Samithi did to her. Shabnam comes to her and asks her to trust her. She says I don’t have anything against you in my heart and my Abbu (father) will curse me. Durgardevi says she knows about her blood and holds her by her hairs. Siddharth asks what are you doing? Durgardevi says you will repent and will curse every moment thinking why I have taken this decision to let you stay in this house. She says this house is mine and you will do what I say and nobody shall challenge my decision and says the drama is over. Shabnam gets angry and says you left this marks on my heart. I am back in your house to ruin you. She says your reverse countdown begins.

Durgardevi is still recalling the insult and Shabnam asking them to stay out of their personal matter. Durgardevi thinks I will take revenge for my insult. Someone comes in the room. Aisha calls for Shabnam and asks Siddharth. Roshni asks what happened? Siddharth says Shabnam is not here. Naani Maasi says she might have ran away. Aisha says she is my Didi (sister) and can’t run. Siddharth asks the servant to find her. He asks Durgardevi if she saw her. Durgardevi says she might be here, I don’t care. The servant comes back and says she found a suitcase in the pool which is moving also. Everyone rush to her. They come near the pool side and finds the casket locked and drowned in the swimming pool. Siddharth jumps in and gets the box. He asks to get the hammer and breaks the lock of the casket. Durgardevi is busy having food at the dinning table. Roshni, Naani and Mona are shocked to see Shabnam inside the box. Siddharth pulls Shabnam out of it. Roshni asks Shabnam to wake up and presses her stomach to take water out.

After first aid, Shabnam regains her consciousness and starts crying. Durgardevi asks what proof they have against her. She says if she has done it, then it is her house. Mona says what if she would have been suffocated? Durgardevi says she feels suffocated seeing her face and asks others to leave. Mona goes angrily. Later, Shabnam has a conversation with Durgardevi where she blames her for being the one who put her in the casket and drowned her into the pool. Shabnam thinks she got locked inside the box with her consent and smirks. Ayesha hugs her. Siddharth tells Roshni that what’s mom in-law is doing is not justified. He says whatever happened with her was not right but her conduct is not justified. He says Shabnam and Aisha are your step sisters. He talks about humanity and tells that whatever he will do is right. Shabnam thinks she will do anything to ruin Durgardevi and is ready to bear the torture. She sees Siddharth coming and hugs him while thanking him. She calls him brother in-law. Naani Maasi sees Shabnam hugging Siddharth and decides to inform this to Durgardevi. Siddharth asks Shabnam if she want to stay somewhere else. Shabnam refuses and says Durgardevi mum will feel bad if she stays somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Samaira tells Bunty that Kritika should fall in his trap and thinks he is from Canada. Bua Daadi brings kritika to the restaurant to make her meet Bunty. Bunty introduces himself as Bunty Sharam from Canada. Bua Daadi says that he has a big business. Kritika asks him where do he live in Canada? Bunty says Toronto. Kritika asks for his exact address. Bunty asks the waiter to serve fast. He gets nervous. Kritika says it is enough and leaves. Samaira and Bua Daadi scold Bunty. Bua Daadi then says we have only one way now. On the other hand, Shabnam looks at her mum’s picture and says she would not have done this if she was alive, we were happy but Abbu (father) decided to get back to Durgardevi Patel’s house. She says I have searched for Abbu for six years and when I found him, he is already got married to Durgardevi. She says she will snatched everything from Roshni and Durgardevi and promises her Ammi (mother).

SOURCE: Zee World International


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