King of Hearts: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 308- 309)


Meanwhile, Samaira tells Bunty that Kritika should fall in his trap and thinks he is from Canada. Bua Daadi brings kritika to the restaurant to make her meet Bunty. Bunty introduces himself as Bunty Sharam from Canada. Bua Daadi says that he has a big business. Kritika asks him where do he live in Canada? Bunty says Toronto. Kritika asks for his exact address. Bunty asks the waiter to serve fast. He gets nervous. Kritika says it is enough and leaves. Samaira and Bua Daadi scold Bunty. Bua Daadi then says we have only one way now. On the other hand, Shabnam looks at her mum’s picture and says she would not have done this if she was alive, we were happy but Abbu (father) decided to get back to Durgardevi Patel’s house. She says I have searched for Abbu for six years and when I found him, he is already got married to Durgardevi. She says she will snatched everything from Roshni and Durgardevi and promises her Ammi (mother).

Kritika opens the door and finds the newspaper. She opens the newspaper and sees her photo with Yash in the room. She sits down shockingly. She gets Sam’s message asking her to get engaged within a week and not to talk to Siddharth about it. She warns her to get engaged else she will get the photos printed in newspaper for sure. Shabnam talks to someone and says this Navrathi 9 days should be tough for Roshni and Durgardevi. Naani Maasi comes and asks Shabnam to wash the clothes. Roshni comes and says Shabnam will not wash the clothes but will come with me to school. Siddharth gets elated and thinks that the two sisters are bonding now. Shabnam holds Siddharth’s hand and kisses on his hand shocking him. Shabnam says this is happening because of you. Siddharth says Roshni has a heart of gold and praises her. He asks her to come downstairs. Shabnam thinks she will sell her heart of gold.In the school, Siddharth asks Roshni to talk to Shabnam about Shiv. Shabnam and Aisha are together. Roshni tells Aisha about the switches which will be on tomorrow. Shabnam plans something. Durgardevi calls Roshni and asks about Navrathi Preparations. Just then she shouts Kesar.

The doctor check Durgardevi and says her wound is not big. Roshni comes there and asks what happened? Kesar says some people have thrown stones on Durgardevi. Mona says as you sow, so shall you reap. She suggests Durgardevi to think about her doings. Durgardevi asks her to think what she is saying and says you can’t stay in this house when you are against me. Durgardevi gets up and pushes Shabnam and she falls on Siddharth intentionally. Roshni says to Mona that this is not right to say anything. Kritika tells Samaira that she can’t get engaged in a hurry. Samaira tells Kritika to remarry Bunty otherwise, she would publicize the photographs of her and Yash and also ruin Siddharth. Bua Daadi asks what is these photos? She acts and cries asking Kritika not to ruin Khurana’s respect, and pleads to Sam not to do this. Kritika agrees to marry Bunty and goes.

Bua Daadi laugh and shakes hand with Samaira.

Shabnam talks to Aisha and asks what she is doing? Aisha asks why are you sweating? Shabnam says I am unwell since few days. Aisha says I will take you to my Mummy and Daddy, and you will feel better. Siddharth asks Roshni about Aisha. Roshni says she is in her room. Siddharth comes near Roshni and tries to cheer her up. Roshni says why can’t our life be happy? Siddharth says our life will be happy until I am with you. They try to get closer and hear Shabnam’s voice asking Aisha not to be stubborn. Aisha asks Roshni, can Shabnam stay in our room. Siddharth says she can stay in our room. Aisha thanks him. Shabnam says Aisha made me uncomfortable today. Roshni gives her pillow and asks her to sleep. Shabnam thinks tomorrow your bed will be mine and how will you save your husband from me.

Bua Daadi and Kritika are leaving house. Beeji asks them where they are going and asks to have breakfast? Bua Daadi says they will get late and asks Kritika to come. Beeji thinks what is going on in her mind. Bua Daadi and Kritika come to the hotel. Bunty asks how are you? Bua Daadi says you both are looking good together. Bunty looks at the laddos and asks Kritika why is she scared? He says I will make you Rani after marriage. Samaira comes there and says she came to see if the engagement started or not. She asks them to hurry up.

On the other hand, Roshni and Siddharth come to their Global International School and meet the designer. Siddharth sees Bua Daadi and Kritika in one of the picture, and calls Beeji. Beeji says Bua Daadi will do something. Siddharth get suspicious about Kritika as he spots her in one of the hotel that he knows very well and asks Beeji to meet him in the hotel. He goes to the hotel and shows Kritika’s photo, asking to give him information about her room. The receptionist refuses. Roshni tries calling Bua Daadi but she switches off the phone. Siddharth calls the manager and asks him to tell him the room number, else he will ask it’s owner, who is his friend. He discovers the room in which Kritika is staying through the manager that it’s room number 246. Siddharth says okay and goes.

Shabnam is compromising with electric wires to hurt Roshni. The goon tells her that Roshni might get hurt much and asks her to talk to Mamu (uncle) first. Shabnam scolds him and asks him to do the work. She says Roshni should get electric current when she switches on the switch and says today it will be a blast. Sam records the engagement in her phone while Bua Daadi does the aarti. Kritika is sad though. Siddharth, Beeji and Roshni wait for the lift to come. Bua Daadi gives rings to Kritika. She asks Bunty to take out the ring. Bunty takes the ring from his pocket.

Bunty talks to Kritika about his name. Sam asks him to stop the crap and do the work and while Samaira and Bua Daadi are to get Kritika married, Siddharth rings the bell just as Bunty was about to place ring in Kritika’s finger. Bua Daadi signal Samaira to open the door. Sam opens the door and finds Siddharth standing. Siddharth gets shocked seeing Kritika and Bunty about to get engaged. He asks what is going on and asks why did she agreed to marry a donkey. Kritika is speechless. Bua Daadi tries to interfere. Siddharth asks her to stay out of his family matter. He says I will find a good groom for my sister if she wants to marry and I will enquire about this man and also about your motive. He beats up Bunty and takes Kritika along with him. Samaira and Bua Daadi are shocked.

Kesar and Durgardevi come to the place. Durgardevi doesn’t like the place. Kesar asks her to come. Durgardevi likes the card and asks Shetty to do the work. Meanwhile Durgardevi gets in her car and spots Gaffor in the rear view mirror of her car. She asks Kesar to come and both follow him.

SOURCE: Zee World International



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