Reach for the Stars: Monday Updates (Episodes 28- 30)

Kamala Tai saves Paaki from falling from Neetu’s grip when she is half asleep. Mr Sahil Kapoor gets annoyed on Neetu after watching her unnecessarily insulting Kamala Tai. Vitthal surprises Kamala Tai by decorating the house on their anniversary.

The show takes a seven-month leap. Vitthal starts his business of selling bangles on a small scale. His happiness is however, short lived after his shop gets ramped into a moving car. Kamala Tai feels delighted after Paaki addresses her as Maa. Vitthal on the other hand, also misses the presence of Kamala Tai after his daughter Kalpana says her first word.Pakhi starts considering Kamala Tai as her mother. She, hence, gets furious on Kalpana after Kalpana addresses Kamala as her mother. Neetu is furious watching Kamala Tai caressing Pakhi. Kalpana mentions her interest for dancing to Manda Tai. Manda Tai, hence, dresses up Kalpana and places her between her dancers. Kamala Tai, Vitthal and their neighbourhood feels disgusted watching Kalpana dancing along with the prostitutes.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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