Reach for the Stars: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 31- 33)


Vitthal allows Kalpana to accompany her mother in the Kapoor house, for a day. Mr Singhania’s son Raghavendra arrives in the Kapoor house on completing his education. Mr Sahil Kapoor confirms Neetu about Raghavendra’s stay with their family. Pakhi decides to celebrate Kamala Tai’s birthday but, is unaware about her birth date. Pakhi hence, takes Kalpana’s help in finding about their mother’s birth date.Kalpana and her father Vitthal comes to know about Kamala tai’s birthday. They surprise Kamala Tai by wishing her & celebrating together. Pakhi comes to visit Kamla Tai & brings her a birthday present. Coincidently Pakhi & Kalpana both bring footwear as birthday present, Kamala Tai wears one from each-pair to make both the girls happy. Kamla Tai feels delighted after being flooded by birthday wishes.

Neetu becomes furious when she comes to know that Pakhi has bought very expensive footwear for Kamala Tai. Kamala pampers Pakhi by offering her food and immense affection. Raghav comes back from hostel and reminisces about Kamla Tai’s love and morals which she had taught in his childhood.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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