Twist of Fate: Monday Updates (Episodes 238- 240)

Bulbul and Purabh reach Dhaba area with police and question people if they saw Abhi and Pragya. They say yes. Bulbul finds Pragya’s engagement ring on the floor and shows it to the inspector and Purabh.

Aaliya tells Tanu who is in car that she gave a heavy dose this time to the corporator. Tanu asks what did she do. She tells her what she did. Someone gives her file and she gives money. Tanu asks what is it. She says the corporator’s biodata and corporator will have to budge to her demands now. Bulbul calls her, apologizes for doubting her and asks to help her. Aaliya asks what does she need. Bulbul says she has doubt on someone and needs her help. Aaliya says she will. Bulbul says she will send her time and place to meet. Aaliya says she will meet her tomorrow and thinks Bulbul doubts someone. Tanu says it is good she does not doubt us.

Abhi jokes with Neel and his men and irks them. One of Neel’s goon tells Neel if he allows, he will push them many times from building and kill him. Neel calms him down. Abhi deliberately provokes the goon that he is a street dog and even his boss is a street dog. Neel then points his gun at him and asks him to stop. Abhi says he is telling it to his boss. Neel says he is the boss. Abhi says he knows he has a boss and asks him to tell who is it and he will be spared.Abhi tries to coax Neel into revealing the name of the person behind the kidnapping but Neel tells him to be worried about his own life. He asks his goon to keep Abhi and Pragya confined and leaves angrily.

Pragya’s Daadi consoles Abhi’s Daadi to have faith that the Dhaba owner had told Purabh that Abhi and Pragya could have escaped and they should try and stay positive and asks her to be courageous. Abhi’s Daadi prays to god to keep Abhi and Pragya safe, teary eyed. Pragya’s Daadi comes to Sarla and takes a lost and shattered looking Sarla home with them.

Later, Neel gets tensed and out of frustration Neel then drinks alcohol remembering Aaliya’s warning to him and the way Abhi keeps humiliating him and gets angry. He thinks how to kill both Abhi and Pragya and suddenly comes up with an idea to kill Abhi and get rid of Pragya. He leaves with an evil smile.

Meanwhile, Sarla is walking home with Purvi and Pragya’s Daadi and sees an injured girl lying unconscious on the road. Mistaking the girl as Pragya, holds the girl, runs and hugs her, tells that her mother has come and begs people to help her save her daughter. Pragya’s Daadi and Purvi shooks her and convince Sarla that the girl is not Pragya and Sarla starts crying inconsolably.

Abhi with Pragya, tied at the construction site tells Pragya not to lose hope. Pragya cries tells Abhi that she is worried and thinking about his Daadi and family and how happy they were when they found out that they are coming home soon but they will get sad after knowing they are kidnapped again. They would be so devastated if anything happened to Abhi. Pragya further tells Abhi to promise her if he ever got a chance to escape without bothering about her and that there are a lot of people who need him and that he is more important than her. Her mother may cry for some days but will calm down as she has Bulbul with her. Abhi tells Pragya not to speak nonsense and that he went through so much trouble to save her and now she tells him to save himself. Abhi tells Pragya that everyone at home is worried sick and loves her so much, how she can think she is not important. If he goes home without her, they will be happy to see him but will always regret losing her. He is a big rock star and has many fans except her Daadi and Daadi is his fan. Abhi annoyed, tells Pragya not to think nonsense that she is not important and irritate him, he will burst her balloon like face.

Later Purabh and Bulbul are still searching for Abhi and Pragya and later are sitting at a tea stall talking to each other and that she had to be with her mother but she is away and irresponsible for Pragya’s kidnap and Bulbul once again tells Purabh that she suspects Aaliya for being involved in the kidnapping. Purabh tells Bulbul that Aaliya has changed now and can never hurt Abhi and everybody will blame her if she says that and that Bulbul should not suspect Aaliya and asks her to stop thinking bad about her.

Neel comes back to where Abhi and Pragya are tied. He laughs at Abhi and tells him a story. Abhi asks Neel’s men to hold him else he may fall limping. Neel tells Abhi that he like his sense of humor and that he has come up with a fantastic idea for getting rid of both Abhi and Pragya. Neel comes to Pragya, he takes his gun from his pocket, wipes his fingerprints and keeps a gun in Pragya’s hand to shoot Abhi. Pragya is shocked and shaking with fear.

At Sarla’s home, Pragya’s Daadi is shattered but tries to act strong. She says her life will end soon but Pragya and Abhi’s life is just started and she is worried about them. Arora (Purvi’s mother) says just like Abhi and Pragya escaped from the kidnappers before, they must have again escape and asks her to calm down when Purvi comes there. Pragya’s Daadi asks Purvi how is Sarla now? Purvi while speaking about Sarla breaks down to tears hugging Pragya’s Daadi. Pragya’s Daadi consoles her.

Neel threatens Pragya to shoot Abhi so she can get arrested and he can get rid of her. Pragya refuses to kill her husband and Neel taunts Pragya that her husband doesn’t even love her. Pragya is adamant. Neel unties Abhi and brings Abhi to Pragya pointing a gun at Abhi and tells Pragya to shoot her husband. Abhi provokes him that he has stoop so low to take woman’s help. Neel says his words does not deter him and forces Pragya to shoot. Pragya begs Neel asking him not to shoot Abhi and struggles to drop the gun but the kidnappers with his finer above Pragya’s fires the gun. Pragya and Abhi are shocked but realize that Neel is shot in his hand and falls down unconscious. As the goons heed to Neel, Abhi and Pragya run away.

Mitali Bhabhi gets a handover after her bhaang effect evades and she writtes in pain. Mitali calling out to Tanu and Aaliya is hysterical with the thought that the cops will come and arrest them. Abhi and Pragya have come home and they have told the cops the truth. Aaliya and Tanu tell Mitali that she is still drunk on bhaang and asks her to drink coffee. Mitali asks her to accept her mistake and not mention her name. They tell Mitali that the kidnappers have caught Abhi and Pragya again and Aaliya herself has seen Abhi and Pragya at the kidnappers den. Aaliya tells Mitali to go back to sleep and not create a scene or someone will find out. Mitali gestures Aaliya and Tanu to turn around that someone is already listening and they are shocked to see that Bulbul has over heard their conversation.

Aaliya, Tanu and Mitali gets tensed seeing Bulbul and thinking she heard their conversation. Bulbul tells Aaliya that she needs her help and takes her. Mitali tells Tanu that Bulbul knows their plan and send them both to jail but will spare only Aaliya. Tanu asks her to stop panicking.

Neel who was shot accidentaly by Pragya is been boarded in the ambulance. While on the other hand, Neel’s thugs run to Abhi and Pragya who try to run from there. They are nabbed by the kidnappers, they take their pistols out to shoot Abhi and Pragya. Just then, one of the thug stops them that Pragya shoot their boss and tells them that Neel himself should kill Abhi and Pragya once he wake up, so they should wait until their boss wakes up. They tie both Abhi and Pragya up again in a room and starts guarding the place. Once they leave, Abhi jokes with Pragya that she will not get AC here as it is under construction building. Pragya is in tears worrying at the thought what if she would have accidentaly shot Abhi. Abhi teases Pragya and tells her that there was no way she could have shot him unless she had her aim at Neel. She says what would she have told Daadi if something had happened. He says until she is there, nothing will happen to her. He continues his blah…blah.. and asks her to hug him. She crawls, hugs him and cries. Abhi then sees the tears in Pragya’s eyes, his emotions change and realizes how worried she was for him. Me tenu samjhawa ki song plays in the background.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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