Twist of Fate: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 240- 241)

Purvi gets food for Sarla and does not find her. She searches the whole house and tensely informs Janaki and Daadi. They both go out to check and asks Purvi to inform them when Sarla comes back. They searches for her in the whole market.

While the guards are guarding the place, a tea seller shows up who offers tea to the thugs. Neel’s men drink the tea unaware of something mixed in which would cause their stomach to get upset and run to bathroom. One of them think they are running towards dhaba as they liked tea. Once everyone leaves, the tea seller then goes into the room and free Abhi and Pragya. Abhi asks who is he. He says he is his big fan and followed the thugs to free them. Abhi says he has gained people’s support. The tea seller frees their legs and helps them escape. Abhi sees an ambulance and asks Pragya to free his hand. She could free him, peeps into the ambulance and sees Neel in it. She informs Abhi and they both run before Neel comes out of the ambulance.

Abhi and Pragya run to the jungle again continuing their verbal argument. They reach the highway, see a truck and Abhi stops it. The truck driver scolds him for standing in between the road. Abhi tells that they just escaped from kidnappers and need his help. The man questions them and Abhi gives his witty answers. The man then agrees to drop them and ask to sit behind. Abhi says he will drive but the truck man scolds him and sends him back. Pragya frees Abhi’s hand and asks him to free her hand but he does not and continues his jokes.Neel comes to his den and asks his thugs about Pragya and Abhi. The thugs says they escape. He hits them, asks if they work for him or Abhi and Pragya and asks them to catch them soon.

Pragya’s Daadi gets tired and sits at a tea stall. Janaki says she told her not to stress herself and gets her tea. Daadi asks her to call Abhi’s Daadi and check if Sarla has come to her house. Janaki calls Abhi’s Daadi. Daadi speaks and says Sarla did not come to her home. Pragya’s Daadi continues searching Sarla.

The truck stops. Abhi gets out to check and asks the driver what happened. The truck driver says the engine stopped due to dirt. Abhi starts yelling at him. Pragya stops him and takes him from there. They both walk on the road again, Abhi continues yelling at Pragya. He tries to stop cars but no one stops. He then sees a car and sees the thugs and Neel in it. The thug identifies Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya see a white car and decide to ask for a lift when at the nick of time they see Neel sitting with his goons sitting in it and run away; but by then, Neel and his goons see Abhi and Pragya and immediately stop the car to start looking out for them. Abhi’s fan, who had helped Abhi and Pragya escape the last time, tries to dissuade Neel and his goons from finding Abhi and they realize his involvement and kill him. Pragya and Abhi are shocked to see this. Pragya urges Abhi to escape as quickly as they can.

Neel, with an injured shoulder with his goons continue searching for Abhi and Pragya. After a while, Neel decides to wait back as he feels severe pain in his hand while his goons continue to search for Abhi and Pragya.

Abhi and Pragya continue to run into the jungle trying to escape the goons. Pragya tired tells Abhi she cannot run anymore but Abhi insists that they finishing climbing over a slope. Pragya tired agrees. Abhi walking ahead, climbs first and as Pragya tries to climb, she slips and lands in a pit-trap set to catch wild animals in the forest. Abhi looks back and is gets tensed as Pragya is no where to be seen. Abhi comes down the slope and starts searching for Pragya calling out her nick name. Pragya gets up from the ditch and call him but he does not hear her. She takes a tree stick branch and signals him. He sees the branch and walk towards her. Pragya tells Abhi that she is in the trap and is relieved when she sees Abhi face peeping into the pit.

On the other hand, Abhi’s Daadi comes to meet Pragya’s Daadi. Pragya’s Daadi tells Abhi’s Daadi that Sarla is missing since morning. Daasi asks them not to worry and they decides to help them search for Sarla.

Abhi tease Pragya, she asks him to stop joking and to pull her up. Abhi offers his hand to Pragya so he can pull her out. Pragya tries her best to reach and grab Abhi’s hand but fails. Just then Abhi sees the kidnappers coming and jumps into the pit. She asks if he is hurt but he asks her to stop her sound while Neel’s goons come near there. Both Abhi and Pragya hide in the ditch till the kidnappers leave from the area. Abhi and Pragya trying to hide standing hugging close to each other kitne Paas Paas song plays in the background and it seems like love has sparked betweeen the two but then reality kicks in and they decide to leave. As they move away, Abhi accidenlty stamps on Pragya’s foot and she screams. The kidnappers hear Pragya’s scream and look around but are unable to find Abhi and Pragya and see a snake instead and walk back. Pragya tries to speak but Abhi is holding her mouth. She points at her feet as Abhi as kept his feet on it. Abhi realizes his mistake and apologizes to Pragya and the duo continue with their struggle to get out of the pit. Pragya asks if he needs her help. He jokes again and asks her to climb alone. At last, Pragya manages to escape out of the pit and helps Abhi come out too.

Later, Bulbul and Purabh too join the Daadi’s and search for Sarla but are unable to find her anywhere.

Meanwhile, at Abhi’s house, Aaliya and Tanu are worried as they are unable to contact Neel and decide to go together to Neel’s den and check for themselves.

Later, at the forest, Abhi and Pragya are trying to find a way out of the jungle and back home when Pragya refuses to walk any further. Abhi and Pragya decide to rest for a while. As they sit down, Pragya scowls in pain and Abhi notices a bruise on Pragya’s foot. Abhi immediately gets up and after searching for some leaves he ties them around the area of the bruise with her veil. Mai Tenu Samjhava Ki song plays in the background. Pragya smiles seeing Abhi look after her and continues staring at him. Abhi notices Pragya watching him and informs her that they better get moving as the world’s problems is solved by keeping her mouth shut. Abhi and Pragya leave while on the other hand the kidnappers tailing them find a piece of Pragya’s dress and are pleased to get confirmation that they too are headed in the right direction continue to search for the duo.

Aaliya and Tanu come to the construction site. Tanu asks Aaliya if she is sure Abhi is kept here and tells her to go up while she will stay here as she doesn’t want Abhi to see her. While waiting out, she sees a construction worker eyeing her, she calls Aaliya and runs and sits back into the car with the door locked. A little while later, Aaliya comes there worried but refuses to tell Tanu anything and drives away.

Abhi and Pragya exhausted and hungry walking through the jungle find a tree laden wiht fruits. Abhi tells Pragya that it will be adventurous to climb on the tree and provokes her pluck some fruits for him. Pragya tries to climb the tree and pluck some fruits instead falls and Abhi at the nick of time grabs her. Abhi teases Pragya calling her incompetent of even feeding her husband a few fruits and himself climbs on the tree and plucks the fruits. Pragya making a puppy face requests Abhi to pass some fruits to her too and starts eating them greedily. Abhi and Pragya forget everything and like little kids start enjoying eating the fruits. He throws the last fruit and asks her to keep it. He slips from the tree and fall on Pragya. They both look at each other.

Pragya and Abhi keep walking through the jungle and Abhi realizes that they have been walking in circles. Abhi decides to leave behind an identification mark on the trees just in case they pass by the same route again. Pragya tries to tells Abhi something but he is in no mood to listen and so Pragya in order to change the topic asks him if he misses home. Abhi confesses missing home, his grandmother, his bed, his guitar and his favorite pillow. Pragya surprised asks Abhi if he is missing Tanu. Abhi is surprised and wonders why he doesn’t miss Tanu anymore.

Abhi lost in his thoughts walks through the jungle and finds out that they have been walking circles again. Pragya tells Abhi to follow her. Pragya start to lead and Abhi follows her. Pragya takes the stone from Abhi and marks it, Mai tenu samjhawa ki song plays in the background.

Abhi and Pragya’s grandmothers are worried as they are unable to find Sarla. Pragya’s Daadi tells Purabh and Bulbul that she searched everywhere for Sarla but did not find her anywhere. Purabh decides to call the police and calls the commissioner when Bulbul sees something and walks away. Bulbul comes to the temple and sees her mother Sarla sitting there on the temple steps with beggars, distraught and shows it to Daadi.

Meanwhile, Tanu and Aaliya get down from the car and Tanu demands to know the situation from Aaliya. Aaliya is tensed that all her plans have failed and informs Tanu that there was no one at the hideout and that Neel, the corporator has not taken her threats seriously and decides to inform the police and reveal the truth to the cops to expose Neel but Tanu is worried that even their names would be revealed. Aaliya is thoughtful.

Bulbul enters the temple and tries to get her mother’s attention by shaking her. Sarla is surprised to see Bulbul. She asks why are they here and how did she come here. They tell Sarla that they know she is worried for Abhi and Pragya but she should not have scared them like this. Sarla tells everyone that she just couldn’t sleep or take any rest as Abhi and Pragya got kidnapped because of her and she had to come here and pray to seek an answer from god. She begs them all to pray and ask God when will he bring Abhi and Pragya home and breaks down into tears. Daadi asks Sarla to come home with her. Bulbul tells Purabh to take Abhi’s grandmother’s home and decides to stay back and look after her mother.

SOURCE: Zee World International 



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