Young Dreams: Monday Updates (Episodes 214- 215)


Rachna tells Gunjan she should also take rest and she is doing this to make things easier for her. Gunjan tells her to get a life and she will withdraw. Rachna expresses her desperation to Gunjan of winning the competition and that it’s a war to be the best and the most superior so she will not back out. Gunjan says even she will do her best to win but they won’t tell anyone at home. Rachna thinks she will show her what she is made of while Gunjan tries to calm her down but decides to give Rachna a tough fight at the competition so she gains confidence as Rachna will do her best. Rachna praying that she will give prasad if her leg gets better. Shail sees Rachna’s swollen leg and is sure her leg is paining. Rachna convinces her mother she will go to the doctor in the evening. Gunjan comes down and says Rachna is obsessed with FOTY. Shail is hesitant and tells her to take the competition lightly, Mayank says what is the use being a sportsperson. He wishes both of them luck while Charu drops tea on Mayank. Shail blesses both girls but Rachna tells her only one will win so she needs to chose. Shail says the best will win.Rajeev remembers his conversation with Gunjan and checks his purse, he is looking at someone’s picture and Gunjan walk by. He looks at her. Some girls are scarcartic and tell her because of her some other deserving girl is out and if Gunjan was in her place then it was a different story. Rajeev says the final race is tomorrow and it’s about planning and strategy. Rachna is lost in the other girls thoughts, Rajeev sees her swollen leg and suggests her to take rest the next practice day as she can’t run properly tomorrow.

Rachna is crying. Vihaan comes and offers her his hankie, Rachna says she can win irrespective me what everyone, gunjan and Vihaan think. He says he saw her fighting spirit and she can actually win. Rachna says she knows what he feels about her. Vihaan says what he had done was revenge as that is his style as the sisters played a prank on him and tells her to start afresh. Vihaan urges her to let him mentor her as he was the best FOTY. He tells her she needs to decide fast and gets up and goes. Rachna lost in her thoughts and however allows him to mentor her. Vihaan tells her to trust him for one last time. Rachna tells him she has everything but not innocence which his betray took away. Vihaan gives her a tip for tomorrow to wear shoes with grip like Gunjan wears. Rachna looks at Gunjan’s shoes and agree.

Vihaan tells Rachna to wear sports shoes like Gunjan. She agrees. Rajeev lost in thought, Gunjan sees him and goes to talk and enquires if he is fine. He tells her to practice for long jump for itself race she keeps asking him if he is fine and he tells her it’s not her business as it’s personal. Gunjan says he was involved in her personal life but he says he was a teacher and that is his duty. Gunjan says even students have some duty but he says not in his life. The professor’s Mr Sharma talks and touching girls including Chaya, Chaya’s professor later calls her to meet him at the staff room and she agrees. Rachna tells Gunjan to go home as she will be late. Sangeeta makes some chat for the ladies. Charu says if Mayank goes to a different city then they will miss her chat. Seema says she is lucky Mayank got a job in Banaras.

Charu says if the girls will reach finals they will go to see them. She tells Shail that there is some tension between the sisters and may result in mahabharat. Shail says nothing like that. Rachna calls her mother to meet her at the market with money and Shail goes while Rachana purchases sports shoes for her race the next day. Mr Sharma waiting for Chaya and Chaya meets her professor who tries to bribe her by helping her gain good score, with witty intentions in his mind by making her sit next to him and gives her papers of second year students to tally. She feels uncomfortable and lowers her dupatta. He take it from her shoulder hands slyly. He keeps admiring her and when she is about to go gives her a chocolate as she helped him. He even gives her a hint about the question paper for an exam and tells her not to tell anybody. He is smirking.

Gunjan comes home and is upset when she comes to know Rachna and Shail had gone to the market without informing her. Rachna is showing off her new shoes and is lost in her own world . Shail says these shoes are really expensive and she will not wear it after the competition. Charu comes to Rachna and says her shoes are similar to Gunjan’s and she might feel Rachna copied her. Charu places a glass of water on the edge of a table all the time chatting with her while Gunjan is doing some work and later gets accidently fallen by Gunjan on Rachna’s shoes and dries them with a blow drier. Charu sees this, hides in the corridor and enjoys the scene and also decides to torture Rachna and brings her to the window. Rachna is shocked to see this. Charu tells her she had warned to take care her shoes. She says she can’t believe Gunjan would stoop so low to win a competition. Gunjan tries to explain but Rachna asks Gunjan that why is she ruining her shoes and to play the competition fairly. Gunjan is shocked and asks does she believe that. Rachna says she could spill shampoo on the bathroom floor so why not this. Gunjan says even if she wants to win, she will not do this. Rachna agrees saying undoubtedly as Gunjan is better and more mahaan than her. Shail enters.

Rachna and Gunjan silent on Shail’s questioning, Rachna says Gunjan is fiddling with her shoes and they end up arguing and Shail gets annoyed on Gunjan and Rachna after watching them quarrel and scolds them that no competition between sisters and tells them to hug each other. Rachna says it was Gunjan who started everything and even now Shail is supporting Gunjan and it’s not about competition but about being mahaan (a winner) and Gunjan ends up showing she is zero. Charu gets Rachna to her room and consoles her. Mayank enquires what happened and Charu tells him about the shoe incident blaming Gunjan. Mayank consoles her and supports Gunjan. He says what you see is not always true. Charu is angry that Mayank is not supporting his sister.

Rachna gets jealous of Gunjan on which Charu makes use of the moment by further provoking Rachna against Gunjan. She opens her heart out to Charu and Charu tells her to talk it out but Rachna says no one will understand her. Charu tries to poison Mayank and he warns her to stay away from both girls. Charu is pleased with herself. Shail is upset and Dayal comes in and asks why is she tensed. Shail says the competition is ruining the sisters relation. She tells everything to Dayal that to make a relation it takes years but only a moment to break it. Just like one misunderstanding ruined her relation with Sneha. Dayal tells her she is the only one who kept the family together and even made Gunjan a part of this family and she will make everything right between the sisters. He says even their relation has had up’s and down’s but they survived.

Later, both sisters are on bed unable to sleep, Gunjan thinks she has had enough while Rachna thinks Gunjan could not even apologize and accept her mistake even after being caught red handed.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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