King of Hearts: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 310- 311)


Kesar and Durgardevi come to the place. Durgardevi doesn’t like the place. Kesar asks her to come. Durgardevi likes the card and asks Shetty to do the work. Meanwhile Durgardevi gets in her car and spots Gaffor in the rear view mirror of her car. She asks Kesar to come and both follow him. Gaffor comes and meets Shetty. He asks him to do his work. Durgardevi and Kesar come inside Shetty’s cabin and sees another with Shetty dressed as Gaffor. She apologizes and goes with Kesar. Gaffor says I will not meet you but will attack you one after the other. I will break you Durgardevi Patel. He says you have slapped me in front of everyone and now have to bear the revenge. Siddharth asks someone to enquire about Bunty. He tells Roshni that Kritika is not happy with that alliance and might be getting engaged under some pressure or helplessness.

At school Navrathi function, Durgardevi sees Shabnam and asks Roshni what she is doing here. Roshni says it is auspicious day today and asks her to let her be. Durgardevi asks Mona about Samaira. Mona says she is busy and couldn’t come. Pundit says it is aarti time. He does the aarti while the music plays in background. Siddharth’s man follows Bunty and reaches the place where he stays. Samaira comes there and makes Bunty sits in her car. They leave. Siddharth gets a call from his man informing him that Bunty has escape.Siddharth’s detective informs him that someone informed Bunty at the last minute. Roshni comes to Siddharth and asks what happened? Siddharth says Kritika’s mind has gone mad and says first she has chosen Rajveer and now this Bunty. He says everyone choice is not like you and smiles. Aisha insists Durgardevi to come and lights the place. Durgardevi says okay and is going towards the switch box. Shabnam thinks Aisha can’t go near the box and throws water intentionally. Durgardevi holds her hairs and scolds her for throwing water. Roshni asks Aisha to switch on the light. Durgardevi says you have done everything, and should switch the lights on. She asks about Siddharth. Roshni says he will come. Siddharth sees the electrical short circuit happening and thinks these wires goes towards the switch box. He realizes Roshni to be in danger and rushes to save her. He sees Roshni who is standing near the fuse box which has short – circuited and Roshni is about to reach the switch to turn it on.

As Roshni is about to reach the switch to turn the light to inaugurate the school, Siddharth saves her from being electrified. In the process of saving Roshni, Siddharth gets electrified. Siddharth falls down and is in pain. Shabnam thinks her plan has failed and thinks of what to do? She saves Siddharth using a plastic cover to covers him to get the electricity effect go. Roshni helps Siddharth get up and asks if he is fine? She thanks Shabnam for saving Siddharth’s life. Shabnam says it is her duty to save her brother in-law and she heard that electricity effect goes when the person is covered by the plastic. Siddharth is then rushed to the hospital by Beeji and others. Shabnam thinks Gaffor was right and Siddharth interfered in her work.

Later at home, Siddharth tells Roshni that something is not right and this accident is not a coincidence and someone is trying to hurt her. Roshni says he is over thinking and asks him to stop it and that he have really scared her. Siddharth says he will not leave her easily and can also fight with death. Roshni and Siddharth get romantic.

Siddharth serves breakfast to Roshni in the morning. Roshni asks if he love her so much? Siddharth says it is a lie, and he keep her busy so that she don’t doubt on him. Roshni asks if his wife know about his GF? Siddharth says no. He says whenever he buy something for his wife, he buy for his girl friend too. He makes her wear his chain locket. Roshni says he loves her so much. He gets a call and he goes and says he is coming. He tells I love you to Roshni and leaves.

Samaira and Bua Daadi come to Bunty, and sees two women sleeping with him. Sam tells him to wake up and says Siddharth’s PA came to know about your address. He can come at any time. Just then the door bell rings. Bunty opens the door and finds Siddharth and his PA on the door. Siddharth enters inside the house. Bua Daadi and Samaira are hiding behind the sofa. Siddharth asks if he was busy partying at night? Bunty says no and says he had medicine as he was unwell. He asks how come you are here? Siddharth says there is a Puja at our school and asks him to come. Bunty laughs. Siddharth says he is unwell and can die, so stop laughing. He leaves with his PA. Bunty closes the door. Bua Daadi and Samaira comes out. Siddharth and his PA sees alcohol bottle outside his house. Siddharth asks his PA to keep an eye on Bunty.

Shabnam gives water to Roshni. Durgardevi looks at the school and says nice decorations. She asks the persons to bring boxes. Roshni says it has our school logo also and asks what is it? Durgardevi says it is milk shake for school kids. Siddharth’s PA says he needs to check the things before letting it enter the school. Durgardevi asks who gave him the orders. The person says Siddharth. Durgardevi asks him to do the checking. Shabnam do something. Durgardevi is about to fall. Shabnam signal the man to keep the box in which some stuff is there. She asks Durgardevi if she is fine. Durgardevi says yes and asks her to leave her hand.

Siddharth asks Aisha, if she have done any mischief. Aisha says no. Durgardevi says it is okay, and asks Shabnam to take care of Aisha. While everyone goes inside. Shabnam takes a sigh of relief. At home, Roshni is doing Aisha’s make up. Siddharth comes and asks Aisha to go. Aisha says princess is getting ready. Siddharth says Badi Maa ( great Granny ) is calling her. Aisha goes. He shows the designer dresses for everyone. He gets romantic but Roshni says she will see the dress first. Siddharth shows her the saree and says he will make her wear it. He tells her romantic words and romances with her. Just then they hear someone throwing stone on the window and gets distracted. Roshni says she is very busy and asks him not to disturb her. Siddharth runs after her. Shabnam enters their room and picks the saree. She says this saree looks beautiful on real begum. She looks at Durgardevi’s blouse and gets an idea.

Shabnam is ready with another plan to strike Roshni. She open the stitches of Durgardevi blouse. At the same time, Shabnam’s uncle name Gaffur calls her up and enquiries about her future plan and says the milk cartoon hasn’t reached at it’s destination. Shabnam says it is because of the security. Gaffur blames her for trying to electrified Roshni and failing his plan. Shabnam asks him to eat chicken and sleep. She says she will take care of everything, and asks him not to worry else he may get heart attack and that she has a surprise for him and he will be very happy. Her conversation is overhead by Kesar, who questions her about it and asks who will get happy. Shabnam manages the situation and lies to him that she was talking to her husband and told about Roshni’s school. She says her husband got happy and does not let Kesar realize her plan. Kesar says okay. Shabnam purposely makes water falls on his shoes. He goes to change his shoes. On the other hand, Beeji finds Kritika sad and asks her about the reason. Before Kritika could say something about Samaira and Bua Daadi’s tortures, Bua Daadi comes there and stops Kritika from revealing the story of her wedding by showing her the jewellery she brought for her. She says Bunty will keep her happy and signal her not to tell anything. A Kritika then walks away from there. Beeji senses something is fishy and decides to check with Kritika. Meanwhile, Siddharth thinks about Roshni, just then he gets a call and hears some noise.

Bua Daadi asks the mehendi designer to apply Mehendi on Kritika’s hands. Just then the door bell rings, and sees Simran and Beeji standing. She gets shocked seeing Simran and asks why you didn’t call before coming. Simran laughs and says I will go then. Kritika hugs her and says I missed you. Simran asks what happened? Kritika says nothing. Bua Daadi says Kritika wanted to have mehendi for her navrathi function, so I called the mehendi designer. She takes Simran inside. Kritika looks on.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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