Reach for the Stars: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 33- 35)


Kamala pampers Pakhi by offering her food and immense affection. Raghav comes back from hostel and reminisces about Kamla Tai’s love and morals which she had taught in his childhood.

Prem hates Raghav after being forced to share room with him. Kamala Tai’s love and affection for Raghav when he injures himself leaves him angry and he asks her not to play the mother. Raghav seems to be unhappy with his new family members and he avoids talking to everyone. Vitthal and Kamala Tai bless Pallavi for her good show in the exams. Kamala Tai prays for Pakhi’s good show in the exams.Neetu learns that Raghav was unhappy being at home. Kalpana returns home and tells Kamala that she has topped in school. On the other hand, Pakhi fails in her exams. Out of jealousy Neetu insults Kamala and blames her for Pakhi’s failure. Kamala urges Pakhi to learn maths from Kalpana. Neetu bursts into fury on spotting Kalpana teaching Pakhi.

Kamala Tai tells Vitthal that Neetu blamed Kalpana for Pakhi’s failure in exam and scolded her. Vitthal asks Kamala Tai not to interfere in matters pertaining to Pakhi’s family and also to keep Kalpana away from Pakhi’s family.

 SOURCE: Zee World International


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