Twist of Fate: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 242- 243)


Later, at night, Abhi and Pragya find a little cottage in the jungle. Abhi is scared of spending the night at the cottage but tries not to show it trying to dissuade Pragya but Pragya without caring about Abhi’s fears walks into the cottage. Abhi pretending not to look scared to enters the cottage and sleeps after squabbling with Pragya.

On the other hand, Bulbul gives medicine to her Daadi but Daadi tells Bulbul to give Sarla sleeping pills so she can sleep for sometime and get rid of her stress. Bulbul comes to Sarla’s room and tries to lighten her mood asking her to eat her food. She says she is not hungry. Bulbul scared her that if she does not eat, she will also go like Pragya but Sarla gets emotional and breaks down to tears and says she cannot tolerate it if she goes. Bulbul breaks a morsel and feeds Sarla who eats reluctantly and also feeds Bulbul. They both hug each other and start crying. Bulbul gives Sarla a sleeping pill and tucks her mother into bed.

At night, Neel sits on a stone writhing in pain due to the bullet injury in his hand. Neel’s men come to him and tell him that they are unable to find Abhi and Pragya. Neel scolds them and refuses to let them rest and decides to search for Abhi and Pragya with them. He tells his men that he will be in trouble if they are not found.On the other hand, at the cottage, Abhi is peacefully sleeping and Pragya watches over him affectionately and watching Abhi goes to sleep. Abhi turns his side and gets annoyed seeing Pragya sleeping peacefully but he is not getting sleep. He then sees a shadow on the wall and gets scared. Abhi wakes up Pragya but she says it is just his imagination. He says her specs number has increased and there are ghost all around that will kill them. She sees it too and they are both scared to see the shadows. Pragya scolds Abhi and decides to look around and ask him to follow her. He goes in opposite direction frightening and she finds out that the shadow is of the idol of a goddess. Pragya drags Abhi and shows the idol to him, she says it must be jungle goddess. He says jungle god will only help only jungle people. She says god helps everyone. He then asks why are they in jungle, kidnapped etc. She asks him to be silent. He says he will walk out, leaves, gets scared and stops and says he came back for her. Pragya prays to god to also make Abhi believe in god.

Bulbul comes to the main gate of the house and sees Aaliya speaking to someone outside the house. Bulbul follows the man who gets into the rickshaw and leaves. Bulbul loses his trail.

The next day morning, Abhi and Pragya are sleeping in the dilapidated temple right before the temple. Abhi in his sleep asks for water. Pragya looks around but unable to find any water. She comes to Abhi and whispers in his ear not to go anywhere while she gets water for him while he is still sleeping.

After Pragya leaves, Abhi wakes up and is shocked not to find Pragya around. Abhi calls out to her by her nickname but doesn’t hear a reply and worried that the kidnappers might have caught her and goes out in search of Pragya. On the other hand, Pragya comes back to the temple and gets tensed not to see Abhi anywhere. She calls out to Abhi but he is nowhere to be seen. Pragya gets tensed and worried what if the kidnappers have caught Abhi.

Meanwhile, Neel continues to search for Abhi and Pragya angrily.

On the other hand, Abhi and Pragya are searching for each other frantically and get more and more worried with every passing moment. Bulbul, hoping to find the man continues searching for the man whom Aaliya met last night when she meets Puneet. He asks why did she not come home. She says she will some other time and says she wants to tell him something but he should keep it as secret. He agrees. Bulbul confides in Puneet that she suspects Aalia is involved in Abhi and Pragya’s kidnapping and wants to expose Aaliya and the man she meet came here and escaped. Puneet comes up with a plan to trap Aaliya. Bulbul agrees to the plan and they call up Aaliya.

Aaliya and Tanu are in her room when Aaliya’s phone rings. Aaliya doesn’t feel like answering her call since it is an unknown number. She later answers her call and thinking it could be Abhi. Puneet tells Aaliya that he knows she has kidnapped Abhi and Pragya and he has the evidence to prove it. Aaliya gets tensed. Puneet tells Aaliya to wait for his call and ensure she answers it or he will give the evidence to someone else which could cause a lot of problems for her. Before Aalia can say anything, Puneet hangs up the phone. Tanu asks whose call was it. Aaliya tells Tanu that someone called her and told her that he has the evidence to prove that she and Tanu are involved in the kidnapping. Both Aaliya and Tanu are shocked. Bulbul and Puneet are pleased that their plan has worked and they will have to wait for Aaliya to come in open.

Abhi screaming out Pragya’s name calls her. Neel and his goons hear Abhi’s voice and start searching for him. On the other hand, Pragya in tears is searching for Abhi. Abhi decides to go back to the temple in case Pragya comes there. Pragya too decides to go back to the temple. They both understand that there is no other way to find each other than to go back to the temple.

Purabh comes to the Commissioner and warns him that he has just two days to find Abhi and Pragya or he will go public with the news and then Abhi’s fans will question the police force as to why have they not found Abhi and Pragya till now? The Commissioner tries to explain to him but Purabh refuses to listen and calls a news channel and inform them that Abhi and Pragya have been kidnapped and whoever gives information about them will get Rs. 1 crore as a reward. As soon as the news is telecasted, a buzz is created among people. Purabh tells the Commissioner to decide what he would prefer – To be pressurized by media and the public or to search for Abhi and Pragya. As Pragya is walking towards the temple, Neel and his goons see her and chase to nab her.

Later, at Abhi’s house, Mitali fires Aaliya for putting her in such a trouble. Aaliya tells Mitali that she has been over-reacting. Mitali tells Aaliya that she is selfish and has used her. Aaliya tells Mitali to speak clearly. Mitali tells Aaliya that she had promised to give her money to bail her husband out but did not give her the money and Pragya and her family won the Kumkum Bhagya case and that she is determined to get Aaliya punished and will inform everyone that Aaliya has kidnapped Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya tells Mitali to go ahead and she will inform Mitali’s husband Raj how Mitali tricked him into signing the papers and also to reveal to the family about her involvement in the kidnapping too. Aaliya further tells Mitali that she is Abhi’s kid sister and Abhi is sure to forgive her but what will happen of Mitali and what will she reply to Raj. She tells Mitali to make up her mind and decide for once as she cannot go through these arguments again and again. Meanwhile, Bulbul enters the house and overhears Aaliya’s conversation with Mitali and wonders what the two have been fighting about.

Pragya and Abhi are almost in tears searching for each other and call out to one another. Thankfully, they hear each others’ voices and meet once again. The moment they see each other and laugh, they are about to hug but Neel and his goons come there and surround the two from all directions and asks them not to run, else he will not spare them this time. Abhi looks at the mark on the trees, he signal Pragya and asks her if she knows what to do? Abhi distracts them and runs away and at the same time Pragya runs in the opposite direction. The goons in two teams search for Abhi and Pragya but Abhi and Pragya spotting the marking on the trees come back and hug each other. Abhi and Pragya fight over who had left whom and promise never to leave each other ever, emotionally, Tere haath me mera haath ho song plays in the background. They smile at each other. Abhi and Pragya run away.

Abhi and Pragya continue to run until after dark and they come to the end of a cliff. Pragya is about to fall but Abhi manages to hold her back and hugs her reminding her of his promise to never leave her and cry emotionally, Mai tenu samjhawa song plays in the background. Abhi asks Pragya where she had gone, leaving him alone. Pragya tells Abhi that she had gone to get water for him. Abhi realizes that there is a road that can lead them out of here and are about to leave when Neel and his goons come there and point a gun at Abhi and Pragya. Standing at the end of the cliff with the kidnappers pointing a gun at them.

At night, Bulbul hear Aaliya and Tanu fights and surprised to see them fighting and senses something is wrong. Bulbul tensed brings Aaliya to Abhi’s room. Aaliya is confused. Bulbul tells Aaliya that she has got a clue against the person who is involved in Abhi and Pragya’s kidnapping. Someone called her from an unknown number and informed her that he has evidence against the kidnapper. Aaliya gets tensed and asks Bulbul if she would meet the man? Bulbul tells Aaliya that she is in two minds and doesn’t know what to do and so she has called Aaliya to take her advice. She begs Aaliya to come with her and help her. Aaliya agrees and they decide to leave in an hour. Aaliya tells Bulbul that she will just get her purse and leaves. Bulbul smiles confidently.

On the other hand, Abhi and Pragya are standing at the edge of the cliff with Neel and his goons walking towards them. Abhi and Pragya walk backwards and reach the edge of the cliff. Neel laughs and tells Abhi to keep running and is pleased that he has Abhi and Pragya trapped. Abhi is unmoved by Neel’s talks. Neel tells Abhi that he gives him the option of committing suicide because if he kills Abhi, he will make sure that it would be a slow and painful death. Abhi tells Neel and his men to commit suicide or he will ensure that they have a terrible death. Neel gets agitated hearing this. Just then one of Neel’s men gets a call and finds out that both the Police and the Army are searching for Abhi and his wife Pragya and anyone who gives any information about Abhi and Pragya will get Rs. 1 crore as a reward. The Police and the Army are already searching the jungle and will find Abhi and Pragya in no time. The moment Neel hears this, he is shocked. Abhi tells Neel and his men not to be stupid and inform the police about him and Pragya’s location and earn Rs. 1 crore. Neel tells Abhi that he is not scared of the police or the army and tells his men to give him the gun. Neel aims the gun at Abhi.

Later, Bulbul brings Aaliya to a secluded location to meet the man who had said to have the evidence. Just then Aaliya gets a call and Puneet blackmails Aaliya for money if she wants the proof and that he called Bulbul and not her. Aaliya says shevis Aaliya Mehra and will not spare him. Puneet laughs and says he will speak only to Bulbul now. Aaliya gets nervous and asks him to calm down and Puneet tells Aaliya that he will call her later for details. Bulbul comes to Aaliya and asks her whom is she speaking to? Aaliya shocked brushes it off as a general call. Bulbul tells Aaliya that she doesn’t think anyone would come now and asks her if they should leave. Aaliya tensed agrees.

In the jungle, Neel scolds Pragya for shooting him and promises to cause just as much pain to Abhi and Pragya. Abhi tells Neel to shoot him. Pragya gets tensed. Just as Neel is about to shoot Abhi, Pragya comes and stands before Abhi and refuses to let anything hurt Abhi till she is alive. Abhi tells Pragya to move as he knows the corporator cannot shoot and he is a coward but Pragya tells Abhi that she had made a vow to protect him and if it is her destiny to die, she would want to die as his wife and not his widow. Abhi gets emotional hearing this. Neel is shocked and tells Abhi that he is lucky to get a wife like Pragya and he loves Tanu. Neel scolds Pragya for loving a man like Abhi. For this, he is willing to fulfill her one last wish of dying as Abhi’s wife and agrees to shoot her first. As Neel is about to shoot Abhi and Pragya, he sees them standing fearlessly before them.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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