What Do Men Want?

Most times, women love to be at the receiving end, they always crave attention, love and all the most unimaginable things you think guys don’t need. But the truth is this; men desire love, they desire everything ladies also crave. Men often find it tasking voicing out and they pretend it’s all cool till they are caught cheating. Let’s get things straight in our relationships, put an end to pointless dramas and give all our best to the man we claim to love.

 Here are 5 key things men desire in a relationship;

1. Respect

Men seek respect, regardless of the age, status, financial capability, height or whatever. Men believe strongly in their ego, they don’t want a lady to trample on their rights as men. A man sees a rude lady as unfit to be dated or even married. While we’re all about gender equity and equality, nothing calls for rudeness to anyone.

2. Commitment

As long as your mind is made up to go into any relationship, your commitment level should be high. Men want to feel you are interested in all that concerns them, the moment a man feels his lady is not committed, he starts to have doubts in her and get distracted. Men love commitment over any factor. They want you committed to the relationship like it means so much to you.

3. Attention

This has been the bone of contention in many relationships, men don’t really care if you are busy or not, they just need attention from you. It gives them a sense of belonging. Men assume a lot, so it I best you give them your time. Your work or business should not be the reason for lack of attention, create time for your man and make him feel loved.

4. Space

Men hate to feel monitored, disturbed or suffocated. No matter how much a man likes you, he doesn’t want you sniffing around him. Yes give him attention, love and care, but space is also needed. Men feel unsecured when you try to be all over them, especially when they are with friends. Let your man live, breathe, move around, have fun peacefully. Don’t ever try to make him feel you don’t trust him enough; men get irritated when a lady becomes unnecessarily nosy. Give him space when it is needed, he is a man, not some kind of police dog.

5. Intimacy

It doesn’t kill to get intimate with your man. Make him feel like you love him and you are proud of him. Kiss, cuddle, hug, make love, have fun when you want to. Men crave deep affection to ease him off stress and worries. Give your man a name nobody calls him; place him first above other male friends or colleagues. Your man deserve all the affection in the whole world, never limit intimacy to the random casual greetings, go deep, tell him how much you love him, kiss him in public, give him reasons to always come home. Love him like he is all you’ve got.

The list goes beyond all these, but the most important thing is understanding your man, get familiar with his love languages; once you know a man’s love language, it becomes easier relating with him.

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