King of Hearts: Friday Updates (Episodes 314- 316)

Bua Daadi thinks to do something and kick Bunty out of the house. Bunty is seen having food. Bua Daadi goes to his room and sprinkle something on his bed. Gaffur tells Siddharth that Shabnam is very clever and took advantage of his enmity with Durgardevi and she came to him and said that she has to take revenge from Durgardevi for her mother and father. Gaffur says I agreed and shook hands with her but she back stabbed on me and whatever has happened is because of them. He says I tried to get Durgardevi’s bad publicity, but she is the one who want to ruin all. He says I never wanted to kill Durgardevi and asks him to believe him. Siddharth asks how to i believe you. Gaffur is taken by the inspector. Siddharth decides he has to make his mom in-law and Roshni see Shabnam’s truth.

Bua Daadi calls her guests and makes them sit for having food. She feels itching on her back. Her friends leave. Bunty takes her video and says I will show it to everyone.

Siddharth comes home and asks about Roshni. Naani says they might have come now. Siddharth asks Shabnam to sit and apologizes for doubting her. Shabnam says others would have suspected me also, and I was helpless. Roshni asks her not to cry and says you and Asha are together now and I will bring something for you. Siddharth tells Roshni that they shall go out and have food. Roshni refuses and says Shabnam has just come home. Siddharth tells Shabnam that they want to go out. Shabnam and Durgardevi ask them to go. Shabnam thinks I have trapped you brother in-law.

Siddharth tells Roshni that he is very excited. Simran comes and holds his ear telling him that he is eloping with her daughter in-law before Karwa chauth fast. Shabnam says Simran called her to enquire about her health and she told her that you people are going somewhere. She says Simran insisted her to keep karwa chauth fast. Roshni gets elated. Durgardevi says both my daughters will keep the fast. Shabnam thinks my doubt is true and says Shabnam is bad news for them. He says I will stand behind Roshni and want to know what is in her heart.

Roshni asks Siddharth not to get angry and have sweets. Siddharth smiles. Roshni says we will go somewhere after karwa chauth is done. Roshni hugs him. Shabnam looks at them. Siddharth promises Roshni that he will make all the moments special and they will live a beautiful life together. Shabnam gets angry.

Durgardevi tells Naani that mehendi girl is on the way and asks Shabnam to get the design done on her hand. Just then someone brings mehendi from Simran’s house. Shabnam gets excited and says she will keep it. Siddharth takes it from her hand and asks her to take rest. Naani also asks her to rest. Siddharth looks on.

Shabnam has a next plan up the sleeve against Roshni. She uses the night as a cover comes to the store room. On the other hand, Siddharth is already thinking about Shabnam and speculates what her next moves could be and will do something to ruin the happiness. He leaves his room to have water. Shabnam picks the mehendi cone and holds bottle in her hand. She says Roshni’s hands will burn like her heart is burning now. She is about to mix acid, but gets alert seeing light in the kitchen. Siddharth stumbles upon the open door of the store room. He gets suspicious and checks as to who could be in the store room and closes the door. Shabnam is stuck in the store room while Siddharth leaves. Shabnam thinks Siddharth will get the punishment for this and says I will make your wife mehendi very strong. She stealthily mixes acid into the mehendi cones that would be applied on Roshni’s hand and seals it back. She says I am waiting for morning now.In the morning, Siddharth comes and opens the store room door and hides inside. Shabnam comes out secretly and goes. Siddharth looks at her and thinks he saw her hiding behind the chair. He thinks what is the matter, but this time you have to deal with Siddharth. He says I will not let anything happen to my wife, mom in-law and family. He comes to the storeroom and finds the mehendi cones. He checks the cones and sees the seal compromised. He finds acid bottle near by and gets the proofs.

Bunty is about to eat food, but Bua Daadi asks him to keep fast and says Siddharth and Raj fast for their respective wife. Bunty says I am not Khurana to follow the customs. Bua Daadi asks him to go to his house or else follow their customs. She takes the food plate from him. Bunty says at least give me tea and drinks water.

Samaira calls Yash and asks him to come for karwa chauth. She says her family doesn’t know anything and that Kritika is married now. Shabnam hears her. Siddharth asks her what she was hearing and says good girls should not peep in someone’s room. He tells her about a kid story and asks do you want same thing to happen to you. Shabnam says she didn’t hear such stories and came to give juice to Samaira. Siddharth says you are a daughter of this house and should not do cheap/small work. He takes the glass from her hand and comes to Samaira. He asks if something is troubling her. Samaira says nothing at all. Siddharth says I am there for you as a brother and asks her to keep it in mind. Samaira thinks Siddharth will kill her if he comes to know about her involvement in Kritika’s marriage.

Siddharth and Roshni dance on the song Ho Balle Balle. Durgardevi thinks happiness has returned to her house. Everyone is happy and look at them. Durgardevi takes the video in her mobile. Siddharth continues dancing with Roshni and family. They sit for the mehendi ritual and as the mehendi ceremony begins and Siddharth, who has learnt about the trap created by Shabnam, tries to protect his wife. Shabnam announces that she would be the one to apply mehendi on Roshni’s hand. Roshni says sure. Hearing this, Siddharth looks at the mehendi cone. Shabnam is about to apply mehendi. Siddharth calls someone and asks Roshni to attend to the call first. Roshni goes to attend the call. Shabnam gets angry. Aisha asks her to apply mehendi on her hand. Shabnam says no. Aisha insists. Shabnam asks her not to insists. Shabnam picks another mehendi cone. Roshni comes back and asks her to apply the mehendi. Shabnam is about to apply mehendi again but Siddharth stops Roshni. Nani asks what happened? Roshni asks what happened now?

Siddharth says I have the right to apply mehendi on my wife’s hand and says it has many aromas as it is the world’s best mehendi. Simran says you don’t know mehendi design. Roshni says it will be best mehendi as it will have his love. Siddharth says much love. Simran gets happy. Durgardevi says not bad Roshni. Raj says it is confidence. Shabnam tells Siddharth that she will apply mehendi on her other hand. Hearing this, Siddharth intervenes Shabnam, he asks why and laughs. He says she is the daughter and my sister in-law, I feel like she wants to snatch my wife from me. Everyone looks on. Siddharth says I am attached to my wife like a gum and will never leave her. He asks Shabnam to get mehendi applied on her hands first. Durgardevi asks Shabnam to come and decides to apply the mehendi to Shabnam’s hand. Siddharth gives the same cone to Durgardevi and asks her to apply. Shabnam gets tensed and hesitating. Siddharth asks her not to be shy from her mother ( Durgardevi ) and looks on.

Siddharth asks Shabnam to get mehendi applied on her hands. Durgardevi asks Shabnam to come and says I will apply mehendi on your hands. Shabnam insists that let Roshni have mehendi first on her hand. Roshni asks her not to worry that her mother is a good mehendi designer. Shabnam looks on trapped. Siddharth says he has the first right to apply mehendi on Roshni’s hand and asks his mom in-law to apply on her hand. Shabnam is forcibly gets the mehendi applied on her hand by Durgardevi. Shabnam feels pain and shakes her hand. Durgardevi asks her to stop shaking her hand. Siddharth applies mehendi on Roshni’s hand. Shabnam then pulls her back, she gets up and says she wants to go to the washroom and leave the scene. Raj asks why is she scared about mehendImage may contain: 1 person, closeupi.

Shabnam puts her hand on water bowl. Later, Siddharth meets Shabnam, finds her comforting her hand and asks what happened? Shabnam says I got hurt. Siddharth brings ointment to be apply on her hand and says my mum says that it should be applied before things worsens. He asks her to take care and gives her an ointment. Shabnam takes the ointment and gets angry.

Roshni comes to her room and finds Siddharth sleeping. She thinks it is sargi time and my husband is sleeping. Siddharth wakes up and romantically pulls her closer. He gets up and romances with her showing her gold earrings. Mere Rubaru song plays in the background while Siddharth romantically makes her wear the earring. Siddharth makes her wear earrings on her other ear. Roshni smiles while the song continues to play………………Siddharth gets closer, just then Shabnam comes to their room without knocking on the door. She says Durgar mom is calling you both. Roshni says we are coming and goes. Siddharth suspiciously looks on.

Simran makes Roshni sit and says I was waiting for you. Durgardevi calls Shabnam and says she will make her eat sargi. Simran makes Roshni eat sargi. Durgardevi makes Shabnam eat sargi and says it is for your to be husband. ( she said she is already married though). Mona gets sad as Yash didn’t send sargi for Samaira. Simran says Yash is like my son and Samaira is like my daughter. She says I will make her eat sargi with my hands. Samaira feels guilty. Durgardevi is elated. Simran asks Samaira to eat sargi. Samaira looks at Kritika. Naani asks Durgardevi to give sargi to Kritika. Durgardevi makes her eat sargi and blesses her. Kritika thanks her. Simran looks at Roshni’s earrings and asks about it. Roshni says Siddharth has gifted her. Everyone praises Siddharth’s choice. Roshni blushes looking at Siddharth.

Bua Daadi asks Samaira to take care of Bunty. Samaira says he is your problem now and asks her to handle him. she says I am really worried. Bua Daadi reminds her that it was her plan to marry off kritika to Bunty. She says if Siddharth comes to know then he will not leave us. Samaira asks her not to talk about it and says I have your messages and video which you sent to me. Shabnam hears all their conversation.

Roshni says all watches stop working today and says it is just 12 now. Siddharth smiles and asks herself to keep her occupied. Aisha comes and asks them to play with her. Shabnam asks Aisha to come and whispers something in Aisha’s ears. Aisha comes to Samaira and asks her to give her her phone as she wants to play game. Samaira gives her without giving it a thought. Aisha gives the phone to Shabnam and she transfers the video to her phone. Shabnam returns the phone, and plays the video. Everyone hear Yash and Kritika’s voice shockingly. Samaira asks her to return her phone. Siddharth takes the phone and looks at the video. Samaira asks him to return her phone. Siddharth says 1 min and is angry.

Siddharth shockingly looks at the video. Everyone is shocked too. Siddharth asks Samaira what nonsense is this? He asks how dare you do this with my sister. He asks what is this? Durgardevi comes and asks what happened? Siddharth asks her to talk. Samaira says that Bua Daadi is the mastermind behind this. Roshni reads the messages sent by Bua Daadi. She says she is saying right. Siddharth angrily looks at Samaira when he learns that Bua Daadi and Samaira had planned against Kritika to spoil her life and goes to his house. Durgardevi and Mona get tensed.

Shabnam calls someone and sends the video. Siddharth comes to Bua Daadi and asks her to tell him the truth. He asks what did you get by ruining my sister life. Everyone is shocked. Siddharth asks what did you get by doing this? Bua Daadi asks what are you saying? Siddharth says I have lost my mind and shows her the messages on Samaira’s phone. Bua Daadi is shocked. Siddharth asks Kritika to say what she did. He says I told you that I will forget the relation between us.


SOURCE: Zee World International 


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