Twist of Fate: Friday Updates (Episodes 246- 247)

Pragya comes back with the water but finds Abhi unconscious again. Pragya goes hysterical and checks Abhi’s heartbeat and breathing. She is tensed that Abhi has lost a lot of blood and sprinkles water on his face. She tries to make him drink water but he doesn’t drink. Pragya tensed thinks of what to do and suddenly realizes that she had seen a handcart near the lake and leaves quickly.

On the other hand, Mitali is sleeping in her room and wakes up with Aaliya knocking at the door. Mitali gets irritated that if she sees Aaliya’s face, her whole day will go wrong. She first sees herself in the mirror and opens the door. She asks Aaliya what is the matter? Aaliya informs Mitali that she wants to speak to Neel and wants his spare number but Mitali refuses to help Aaliya that she wants her to suffer now and tells Aaliya to never wake her up again and slams the door shut on Aaliya’s face. Aaliya, tensed and irritated leaves.

Meanwhile, Pragya completely exhausted comes to the handcart and starts pulling it.pragya2.jpg

Later, Aaliya gets a message from her blackmailer to come to the same place at 3 p.m. today. Just then Bulbul too comes there and tells Aaliya that the informer called her again and wants to meet her again. Aaliya tries to dissuade Bulbul from meeting the informer again but Bulbul is adamant on meeting the informer and asks Aaliya to come along. Aaliya tells Bulbul to go ahead and she will finish a few things and join her there later. Bulbul agrees and leaves. Once alone, Aaliya is sure that the person is playing games with her and is sure that the man is trying to take advantage of both her and Bulbul and decides not to go with Bulbul. She decides to let Bulbul go first and find out the proofs and then tamper with it.

On the other hand, Puneet and Bulbul are sure that Aaliya will not come with them if she is involved in the kidnapping and would be busy trying to figure out a way to save her neck.

In the jungle, Pragya struggles to get Abhi on to the handcart and remembers the times she spent with Abhi while fixing a photo frame. She also remembers the trick and advice Abhi had given her to get things done. Pragya thinks for a moment and then moves the handcart away and then pulls Abhi on to it with a lot of struggle. She then ties Abhi on the handcart and starts to pull it with all her might.pragya3

Later Aaliya meets Tanu outside her house and plans to check with Bulbul what proves has the blackmailer given her. Tanu comes inside the car, gives Aaliya the money and refuses to reveal to Tanu why she needs the money when Tanu asks her why she needs so much money but only tell her she will inform her after her work is done.

Mitali walks on the street with her children. Her children asks their mother where they are going. She shouts at them and ask them to walk silently. Just then, a man comes to them and promotes Lil Champs singing competition, gives them the tickets and asks them to attend for sure. Mitali’s kids asks Mitali if they will go and she angrily replies them that they will.

Pragya at last brings Abhi to the lake pulling the cart as hard as she can and hopes to find help at the cottage by the lake. She calls out for help and enters the cottage which is completely empty. Pragya starts to pull the cart closer to the cottage and brings Abhi inside. She lays him on the bed and watches him in tears. Abhi asks for water. Pragya looks around and finds an earthen pot. She quickly carries it to the lake and brings water for Abhi.

Meanwhile Neel and his goons tell him that they are unable to find Abhi and Pragya’s dead bodies that some wild animal must have eaten their dead bodies. Neel asks if they find any wild animal till now. One of them say no. He order them to search for their bodies and they continue to search for the duo.

Later, at Bulbul’s house, Aaliya and Tanu come to her. Bulbul is shocked to see them but turns away pretending to be angry. Aaliya apologizes for coming late as she had gone to help her friend. Bulbul scolds Aaliya for ditching her and not coming with her to meet the informer. Aaliya tries to defend herself saying her brother Abhi too is kidnapped with Pragya and asks Bulbul what proofs does the informer have against the kidnappers. Bulbul tells her that the informer has photograps of the girl who had helped the kidnappers get into the house and will give her the proofs only if she gives him Rs. 5 Lacs. Bulbul decides to take the money from Purabh. Aaliya asks Bulbul where is everyone. Bulbul informs her that her family has gone to the gurudwara to pray for Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya and Tanu exchange a look and Aaliya asks Bulbul to get a glass of water for her. Bulbul leaves.Pragya comes back to the cottage with water and tears a piece of cloth with which she wipes Abhi’s forehead holding back his tears and begs Abhi to wake up. She tells him that he is her hero and cannot give up no matter what! He coughs and she rubs his chest, Mai tenu samjhavaki song plays in the background. Abhi continuously mumbles for water. Pragya immediately looks around and finds a tiny earthen bowl and helps Abhi drink some water. Pragya smiles the moment she sees Abhi drink water. Abhi opens his eyes and tries to get up. Pragya keeps his head in her lap and asks Pragya how did they come here. Pragya tells Abhi that she got him here. Abhi asks Pragya why did she work so hard to get him here and tells her what has she done to herself and goes to wipe her tears but she tells him not to move. Abhi tells Pragya that it is all over. He has bled a lot and the poison of the bullet has reached his entire body and there is no way to remove the bullet out of his body. Pragya starts to cry.

Abhi asks Pragya that when animals get injured in the jungle the vet treats them and tells Pragya to get him a vet and save him. Abhi further tells Pragya that he knows he will die soon. Pragya is shocked to hear this. Abhi tells Pragya that he will not be able to speak much and tells her to look after his grandmother and ensure she doesn’t miss him much. He tells her to tell his grandmother that she is the best and she has been both a mother and father to him since his parent’s death. Abhi asks Pragya if she will tell his grandmother that he loves her a lot. Pragya is sure to take Abhi home with her and tells him he will not die and he himself will take care of his Daadi.

Abhi tells Pragya hurt and hardly able to speak that he loves his Daadi a lot. He tells her to tell Aaliya not to be too stubborn and to apologize to Aaliya for not fulfilling her wish and apologize to her and his entire family. He further tell her he is not afraid of dying now as he knows she is there to looks after his family. Pragya in tears tells Abhi that nothing will happen to him and not to talk much. Abhi tells Pragya to let him speak as he will never be able to speak to them ever.

He tells her that he has tried his best to look after everyone and wants Pragya to take care of everyone after him and not to let anyone cry over his loss and send him away like a Rockstar just like his entry used to be grand. He tells her to apologize to Tanu too and ask her to get married to a nice man and settle down in life. Abhi adds to ask Purabh to look after Bulbul and not work too hard. Abhi tells Pragya to tell Bulbul not to trouble Purabh too much. Pragya in tears tells Abhi to calm down and he will be fine but Abhi is sure he will not survive. Pragya tells Abhi that she wants to fight with him; she wants him to call her Fuggy. Abhi laughs at this. He tells her that he has lakhs of fans but she is his biggest fan. Abhi breathes heavily in pain and apologizes to Pragya for hurting her and he has wronged her most in the entire world. He tells her that he is not a bad man. It was just his circumstances. He tells her that he will always be guilty of ruining her life and begs her to forgive him holding her hand. Abhi struggles to speak. Pragya tells him that he has never hurt her and as she speaks to him, Abhi takes a breath with a lot of difficulty and falls unconscious. Pragya is shocked. Pragya frantically tries to wake up Abhi begging him to speak to her. Pragya breaks down to tears.

Later Aaliya gets a call from the blackmailer and demands to know why didn’t she come? Puneet tells Aaliya that he was just playing with Bulbul to earn some extra money. Puneet threatens to leave the city tomorrow morning after giving the evidences to the Police. Aaliya, tensed, tells Puneet that she will do as he says. Puneet tells Aaliya to get Rs. 10 lacs and meet him or he will send the pictures to her house. Aaliya decides to do something about the blackmailer.

On the other hand, Pragya thinks nobody can take her husband away from her and like Savitri she will save her husband as she is sure that she will not let anything happen to Abhi. She frees her grip from Abhi and starts to look around. She finds a knife in the cottage and is determined to revive Abhi. Pragya decides to remove the bullet from Abhi’s body. She uses the oil from the lantern and lights it. She then tears open Abhi’s shirt and gasps the moment she sees the wound. Prayga gets control over herself, dips a piece of cloth in water and cleans Abhi’s wound. She then heats and cleans the knife and with shaking hands inserts the knife in his body. Abhi screams in pain. Pragya is shocked.

Later, Aaliya is waiting in the car and is wondering if the person has called Bulbul too and decides to call Bulbul and check. Bulbul answers Aaliya’s call. Aaliya finds out that Bulbul is at her house and waiting for the blackmailer’s call. She has taken the money from Purabh. Aaliya tells Bulbul to call her the moment she gets any information and she will be there. Bulbul is pleased that Aaliya is trapped and she is certain that this is her last chance to beat Aaliya in her own game.

At the deserted cottage, Pragya with a lot of difficulty gets the bullet out of Abhi’s body and informs him that she has removed the bullet. Abhi is unable to speak. Pragya immediately dresses back his wound with a cloth to stop the bleeding while Abhi lies unconscious. Pragya in tears prays to god to help Abhi recover quickly. Pragya speaks to Abhi that nobody can separate them now refusing to let him give up.

Later, Bulbul informs everyone that Aaliya is involved in Abhi and Pragya’s kidnapping. Purabh tells Bulbul to stop wasting her time on suspecting Aaliya. Bulbul informs everyone that she has proof against Aaliya and asks them to come with her to find the truth. Daadi says with are allegations Abhi and Pragya will not come back. Mitali gets tensed. Bulbul reveals the plan she had made to trap Aaliya with the help of her cousin Puneet. Bulbul informs Purabh that Alia has agreed to give 10 lac rupees to Puneet against the evidence. Daadi decides to go and check for herself.

Later Pragya like a doting wife sponges Abhi and remembers all the things that Abhi used to say to trouble her. The conversations they used to have. Pragya tensed watches Abhi as he lays unconscious and holding his hand asks him why does it happen, that they can never realize how precious a relation is until one is about to lose it. Pragya wipes Abhi’s feet and tells Abhi that she knows he is struggling with the same question as she is. Pragya then gets a blanket and covers Abhi to keep him warm, Saans me Teri saans mili to song plays in the background.


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