Monday Updates on King of Hearts (Episodes 317- 318)


Siddharth shows the messages in Samaira’s phone to his family and says it is Bua Daadi’s work. He says she was playing game to trap the daughter of this house. Bua Daadi puts the blame on Samaira and asks Bunty to talk. Bunty nods and says he doesn’t know anything. Bua Daadi says I will bring the photos now and shows him the photos that Sam has groomed this stupid fellow. She puts all blame on Samaira. Siddharth is furious when he learns from Bua Daadi that she was not alone, but Samaira too was involved in this act and says whatever she has done is done, but you are Kritika’s family. He says I told you that I will forget everything if you do anything. He asks her to wait and goes inside. He immediately throws Bua Daadi stuff outside the house and asks her to get out from their house. Bua Daadi says it is Samaira’s plan and asks her to punish Samaira. Siddharth says Samaira’s turn will also come, and claims that his not going to leave her either. He says whatever you have done will not have any forgiveness and he has not done anything to her and asks her to get out from his house else I will ruin your respect. He leaves. Bua Daadi asks everyone to explain to Siddharth, and leaves silently.On the other hand, Samaira is crying by keeping her head on Mona’s shoulder. Just then a lawyer comes and says Yash has sent divorce papers for Sam. Samaira is flabbergasted to receives the divorce papers sent by Yash and asks what is this nonsense and that it is all Siddharth’s work. At the same time, Siddharth comes there and says Samaira did deserve this as bad things happen with bad people and that it is the law of universe. Mona asks him, how dare you do this? Siddharth says Yash has sent divorce papers as he knows how his wife is and asks her not to shout at him and he knows how to make relations unlike Samaira. He says I didn’t tell anything to Yash. Shabnam smirks. Roshni asks Siddharth to punish Bua Daadi. Sid says it is his bloody business, and asks Roshni if she thinks he is the one who asked Yash to send Sam divorce papers. He asks if you really think that Bua Daadi made Samaira do all this, and asks if she is a magician. He says whatever she has done is with her consent. Mona says Sam is her daughter and her husband has sent divorce papers on karwa chauth day.

Siddharth asks what shall I do, your daughter couldn’t take care of her marriage and she brought a poor guy like Bunty and groomed him and she wanted to ruin Kritika’s life. He asks if Kritika is not daughter of anyone, and not a girl etc. He asks Sam, why she has done this with his sister and that he found Yash for her who was ready to give her everything. He says I didn’t say anything to Yash. It is amazing that he sent divorce papers himself. Mona says your sister had ruined my daughter’s life. Siddharth says how can I forget about great Rajveer and says he was a third grade bloody criminal. He says Kritika did a favor on you and she was punished too and it is a matter of us. He says I have done everything for this family, left my money, fame and business and what I got is nothing. He says my wife is questioning me today. Shabnam smirks. Siddharth says do you want me to see the drama, and says he is a good human, but not devil person. Durgardevi says I agree and really appreciate that you always solved our problems but we didn’t ask you and you helped us with your consent. She says you, your family and Bua Daadi stayed here and half of my problem in my life is because of you and your family. Shabnam smirks happily. Durgardevi says you are responsible for the problems in Samaira’s life and I need to know that.

Siddharth says you are saying right and you took much time to say this as I have done what I wanted to do. He says I took all the troubles coming on this family on me and gave my blood, life, sweat everything for this family, even sacrificed my own family, and says Roshni used to hate you but I united you both. He says further that I accepted you all as my family and reverse the customs of the society but it was my mistake. I would have stayed separately with Roshni. He thanks her for showing him his place that he was never part of her family. Durgardevi says I am not saying this, and says thank you for doing all this for us, and asks him not to be (devta ) bitter.

She says Yash sent divorce papers just now. Siddharth says I really don’t give a damn and don’t know anything and I am really tired and I want to unburden all the responsibility from my shoulder and want to live for myself. He thanks her for making him realize about his life. He says you and your family are separated from me now, you can live your life and I will live mine. He says thank you to all the Patel’s. Roshni tries to stop him, but he leaves angrily. Naani asks Durgardevi to stop him. Durgardevi says it is not required and that too today. Roshni cries and goes to her room. Shabnam thinks it is a big blast and thinks she has really enjoyed it. She says these people threw him like a mosquito, and one day I will kick these people out of the house.

Roshni is in a shock when she sees her family falling apart. She recalls her mother and Siddharth’s words. She cries in her room over the fact that Siddharth has got angry with her family, and has left the house. Shabnam who is enjoying this plight of Roshni comes to her and adds insult to her injury. She asks her not to cry on the day of karwa chauth and you should not have fought with brother in-law and brother in-law might take a wrong step. She says I am also worried for Samaira, and Yash might not forgive her. She asks Roshni to call Siddharth up and inquire whether he is alright. When Roshni calls Siddharth up, she learns that the former is not picking up her call. Roshni cries and tells Shabnam that he is rejecting my call. Shabnam smirks happily. Meanwhile, Samaira says I am sure that I would have talked to Yash and resolved the matter and blames Siddharth for spoiling his marriage. Roshni comes and asks her not to say anything against Siddharth as she can’t tolerate it. Mona asks her to make Siddharth’s name aarti. Naani comes and says you should do his aarti as whatever he has done, nobody can do for your daughter. Naani says further that you couldn’t see your daughter’s mistakes and asks her to think when her brain gets calm.

Naani asks Roshni not to think her wrong. Roshni says Siddharth isn’t picking my call. Naani says that Siddharth does so much for this family and the question is raised on his doings, so he is angry. Roshni says he went in the morning hungry. Naani assures her that he will be back and will not let you go hungry for long. Shabnam looks on. On the other hand, Siddharth thinks about Roshni and his mom in-law’s words. A tea vendor comes to Siddharth and asks him to buy his tea. Siddharth offers him 1000 Rs. note but the tea venfor refuses to take the money. Siddharth is upset as he talks to the tea vendor that he can’t drink tea as he is fasting with his wife on karwa chauth. The tea vendor then asks what are you doing here? Siddharth recalls today is karwa chauth and feels sorry for Roshni as she is fasting for him and gives the money to the tea vendor asking him to give tea to the needy.

Shabnam spills a bucket of water near Roshni while she is busy talking to Mona and apologize. Roshni falls down in the swimming pool. Shabbnam says that Roshni’s fast is broken as the water entered her mouth. Siddharth comes and says nothing has happened. Shabnam gets angry. Siddharth tells Roshni that her fast is not broken, and says a person should have shraddha in her heart. Shabnam says but the water entered her mouth. Siddharth says I told you that her fast is not broken.

Siddharth comes to Shabnam. Shabnam asks if we are going out. Siddharth laughs and calls her cheap, naagin etc…He says you can make me fool, but not others. He says you likes to hurt Roshni, and said that her fast is broken. He says nothing can happen to his wife. He asks what happened to her hand when she applied the mehendi, and asks what did she add in it. He says you want to be Patel but can’t be as there is venom inside you. He asks her to remember one thing that he is standing between her and Roshni, and if anything happens to his wife then he will put her on fire. He gives her 24 hours. Durgardevi gives compliment to Roshni and asks about Siddharth.

Roshni says he came but then left somewhere. Durgardevi says she will call him. Just then Raj and Simran come there and meet Durgardevi. Simran asks about Siddharth. Durgardevi says he is not picking the call. Just then the electricity went off. Siddharth comes and says Siddharth is here and this is her husband’s magic. He forwards his hand and holds Roshni’s hand. He sings Hasi Ban gaye and dances with Roshni. Everyone looks at their dance performance happily. Roshni and Siddharth see the moon appearing and is happy.

The karwa chauth function is underway, Siddharth leads Roshni to the pool while Kritika andBunty, Raj and Simran too perform the Karwa Chauth ritual. Samaira breaks her fast looking at Yash’s picture in her mobile. Roshni and Siddharth exchange eye locks as Roshni breaks her fast. Shabnam too opens her fast. She glares at Siddharth and Roshni. Durgardevi smiles watching Roshni complete her fast. Samaira is forced to break her fast herself. Roshni also breaks Siddharth’s fast. Samaira sadly looks at Siddharth and Roshni. Aisha gives Siddharth her glass to drink from and Siddharth drinks from her glass and feeds Roshni too. Simran bends to take Raj’s blessing but he stops her saying you are my friend, don’t do this, feel strange. Simran says traditions.

Siddharth and Roshni are in their room, lying on the bed, hugging each other. Roshni says she is relieved that all ended well as she was worried ever since he left angrily that he wont return to break her fast as she was scared that he left her. Siddharth asks where would i go without you. Roshni asks Siddharth not to talk of fights anymore. Both hug and say I love you to each other.

SOURCE: Zee World International



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