Tuesday Updates on King of Hearts (Episodes 319 -320)

The next day, Siddharth wakes up and asks for glass of water because of headache. He finds his sherwani buttons open and is about to get up when Shabnam pushes him down saying whats the rush. Siddharth is shocked as he finds himself in Shabnam’s room is confused about how he landed up there and asks what mess is this. What did you do. Shabnam says didn’t you feel such things for me. Siddharth fumes on her and says what is this. Shabnam says a boy and girl together, alone in a room, what could have happened. Siddharth screams on Shabnam and slaps her. Soon, it turns out that it is just a game Shabnam is playing to ruin Siddharth’s reputation. Shabnam says don’t shout, you will be the one to embarrassed. Well you came here 2 hours back. You gave me 24 hours and i destroyed you in 2 hours. Siddharth slaps Shabnam again and she says right now i have only defamation to gift you. Imagine, how a drunk brother in-law forced himself on his sister in-law. You shouldn’t have given me 24 hours. Siddharth angrily squeezes her chin and asks how did i get here. Shabnam says i spiked the Karwa chauth water and you reached here. Siddharth forces Shabnam on the bed and says do what you want. No one will believe you. This is Siddharth Khurana’s family. They know me, my heart and my soul. Neither Roshni, nor my family will believe you. He is about to leave the room when Shabnam throws the photographs on Siddharth which show Siddharth and Shabnam in compromising position. Shabnam asks how will you deny these pictures. Shabnam says anyways lets leave this. Lets complete what didn’t happen last night. Touch me one time, then you will forget Roshni. Siddharth pushes Shabnam to the door and says you are a blot on the name of women. He tears the pictures and says do what you want. Shabnam says tear them but i have the recordings of your deeds. Siddharth says these recordings are easily sold but characters like him are carved. Play your games, now it’s my turn. Siddharth gets out of Shabnam’s room fuming and Durgardevi watches in shocked.

Mona comes to Durgardevi and taunts her for her hypocrisy. She says, First scold Siddharth, kick him out and then welcome him back with open arms and that after all this ceremony, i realized that my daughter Sam has no value in this house. Durgardevi keeps mum. Mona asks are you listening to me. Durgardevi says the problem is Yash and Sam are adults, let them solve their own issues. Something must have happened that made Yash take this decision. Mona says i can see all this and that if this was Siddharth and Roshni, you wouldn’t have breathed so easy. Durgardevi says neither you would have accepted because Siddharth and Roshni love each other truly. Despite all that happened, Siddharth came back because he loves Roshni a lot. He can’t live without her and Roshni can oppose anyone for Siddharth because she knows he is crazy about her. Everyone can see this in the house and feel bad when there are problems between them.

Durgardevi says as for me and Siddharth, we fight all the time. But Sam. Tell me what to do. What can i do. She cant digest happiness. When she returned from USA, she came back with Rajveer. Am relieve that Rajveer went to Kritika. Then Sam took the job, i warned her but still she didn’t listen to me. Siddharth and I helped Sam. Siddharth convinced Yash and still Samaira can’t be happy with him. Please convince Sam. She can’t digest happiness. All is going on well, what was the need to mess with Kritika. What’s the enmity. You know Yash, i too. If Yash had to do this then I can’t say anything. Mona says remember one thing, time is the most powerful. Hope Roshni never has to doubt Siddharth. Else i will ask you who should explain whom. Durgardevi says me too, i too pray that the same never happens.

Roshni wakes up and wonders why she is feeling heavy. She calls for Siddharth. She is getting out of the bed when Siddharth tells Roshni he have something to talk to you about. Roshni says your scaring me, what’s the matter. Siddharth tells Roshni that the small time they have spent together, they have seen bad times more than good times. He reminds her about their troubles and their triumph on it. He says we have trust between us don’t we. Roshni asks him what the matter is. Siddharth says we need this trust. Do you trust me. Roshni says of course. She asks again what the matter is. Before Siddharth can tell her, he receives a message. It’s the video of Shabnam and Siddharth. Siddharth freezes. He gets Shabnams message warning him of consequences if he tells the truth. Roshni asks whose message and what’s the matter. Siddharth freezes mid-sentence and says i have urgent work. He gets up and Roshni holds his hand. Siddharth asks Roshni to trust him. He leaves. Roshni is worried for Siddharth.

Shabnam comes to Durgardevi and offers her tea. She tells Durgardevi that i have something to tell you. She hesitates. Durgardevi insists her to share it. Shabnam says i stay alone in this house, feel strange. Can i join the office. I can learn something. If no problem. Durgardevi says no problem. Siddharth says i have a problem and you won’t help in business. Roshni has a school. You are her sister. Help her there. Roshni is not going to school, join me. Shabnam asks right now. Siddharth asks any problem. Shabnam says no. They leave. Durgardevi feels strange.

Shabnam tells Siddharth that she has some damning evidence of him and black mails him with it. Siddharth warns Shabnam and tells her that Roshni trust him implicitly and will never believe on fake MMS and that Roshni will find out about the lie in 2 minutes. Shabnam asks him to make a new habit and says your love will become mine now. She says if she sees that MMS then she will leave you. She says a woman can never see her husband with a second woman. She says she will not tells anything to me as I have saved her. She asks him to agree to her sayings and asks him to leave Roshni and go far from her. She gives him 24 hours and says she will ruin Roshni and her family and will make them suffer. Siddharth says I will not go anywhere and want to see your frustation grow. He says Roshni is his love and life and says Roshni will stand with him like a mountain, and says this is our love and belief which is not in your destiny and which you can’t understand. He asks her to tell everything to Roshni and says he will tell her himself about the night. He says you are going to fail Shabnam and says it is Jamai’s promise to his sister in-law. He asks her to take care and leaves. Shabnam gets irked.

On the other hand, Simran and Raj see Kritika’s woud lead to the family’s ruin. Raj tells Simran that he always said that their son will make them proud and their name to make headlines. She shows him the newspaper. They hear Bunty watching cartoon and laughing. Simran gets worried about Kritika and says I couldn’t understand my daughter’s pain. Raj says he is feeling helpless and says I would have never took you to London.

Roshni thinks Siddharth is not picking my call. Shabnam comes and asks if everything is fine? She asks where is brother in-law. Roshni says he went early in the morning and isn’t picking my call. Shabnam says you should not worry as he loves you. She says I hope my husband loves me like brother in-law. Naani says Siddharth is one of a kind. Shabnam says Siddharth is special and I can give my life to him. Naani says Siddharth never asks for anything which he don’t deserve. She asks about her to be husband in Dubai, and asks if he is not good. Shabnam says she wants same qualities of Siddharth in her husband. She says I will leave. Naani returns her phone and asks to show it. She says it is some other phone. Shabnam says it is same phone and leaves.

Roshni calls Siddharth again and thinks why is he not picking the call. Siddharth comes and says I will tell you everything. Roshni coughs and sneezes. Siddharth checks her temperature and says you have fever. Durgardevi comes and scolds Siddharth for not been able to take care of her daughter. Siddharth asks her to lie down on the bed. Roshni sleeps. Siddharth tells that Shabnam is blackmailing him and sees her sleeping.

Raj comes to Bunty and asks what have you achieved in life? Bunty says he has achieved much and tells that he has taken part in competition once, but I lost and Titu won. Raj says it is really a sad story. He gives him 1 month’s time to prove that he can take good care of his daughter else he will get the marriage null. He asks him to go to other room and not Kritika’s room. Bunty wonders how to do job. Roshni calls Shambu Kaka. Shabnam tells her that she fired him. Roshni says you would have asked me and told mum. Mona says Shabnam is also daughter of this house and asks her not to make an issue. Roshni says I am not highlighting the issue. Siddharth thinks why did Shabnam fired him. He thinks Shabnam might have taken Shambu Kaka’s help while making the MMS. Naani comes to Shabnam’s room and finds a phone which was lying on the bed. She thinks it is the same phone. When she checks, she find’s the MMS of Shabnam and Siddharth and is shocked. Naani calls up Siddharth and tells him to meet her immediately as she wants to talk about Shabnam. Shabnam overhears that Naani is meeting Siddharth.

Naani sees the video in which Shabnam is close to Siddharth. Naani is shocked and closes her eyes. Meanwhile, Siddharth comes to Shambu’s house and the neighbors inform him that someone gave money to Shambu. She says Shambu left to his village. Siddharth thinks he was right about Shabnam. Just then, Naani calls Siddharth up and asks him to meet her near somewhere and takes Shabnam’s phone with her. Shabnam hears her and follows Naani. Naani is seen waiting for Siddharth. Siddharth comes in his car, and just before he could stop, Shabnam drops some nails on the road and punctures the tyres of his car. The car spins out of control and rams into Naani who is unconscious. He gets down from the car and sees Shabnam running.

Durgardevi asks doctor to save her mother’s life. She asks Kesar to find out the driver who was driving the car. Siddharth says it was me, and says his car tyre was punctured because of the nails on the road. Durgardevi blames Siddharth. Roshni tells her that Siddharth loves Naani very much and will not hurt even a stranger. Durgardevi says Naani is her mum and asks her not to take Siddharth’s side. Shabnam thinks Roshni is supporting Siddharth every time, so she should separate them. Siddharth tells Roshni that he would have told her the truth and that Naani is in hospital because of him. He shows her the video footage in which Shabnam is trying to get close to him while he is unconscious. Roshni is shocked.

Aisha tells Durgardevi that her father gave her locket which will give her strength. She says my great Naani and Naani are good. Durgardevi says your father did a mistake. Siddharth tells Roshni that his mistake is that he didn’t tell her the truth at the right moment. He says I didn’t do this. It was Shabnam’s conspiracy. Roshni says it is your mistake that you are giving me explanation. She asks him not to give her explanation and raise doubt on her love. Shabnam plans against them. Siddharth thanks Roshni and says I swear that I want to tell you everything and he was afraid to lose her. He tells her that Shabnam is behind Nanni’s condition, and says Naani called him as she was having some proof against Shabnam. He says we have to find the proof against Shabnam and we will make her lose. Roshni hugs him.

source: Zeeworld International


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