Pre & Post Workout Booster Foods for Rapid Weight Loss


Hey guys, today we will talk about some healthy eating habits which would help boost the efforts you are putting in to get rid of those extra kilos along with the workout. Who doesn’t want to be in shape today? When talking about shape we never consider round as a shape when it comes to the physique. A good knowledge on diet is a must while doing any workout. Else you will end up saying” Nothing works for me “. So listed below are the amazing Weight loss booster Foods you should take to maximize your weight loss with workout. For easy understanding I will be dividing the article in two sub types: Pre work out and Post workout foods.

 Pre workout Weight loss booster foods

  • Oats before 45 to 50 minutes of workout
  • Banana
  • Whole wheat Bread with peanut butter
  • Fruit with Yogurt
  • Veggie Omelet
  • ¼ cup grape slice mixed with ½ cup cottage cheese
  • Berries mixed with yogurt
  • Fruit smoothie made of soy milk
  • Raisins
  • Applesauce
  • Few crackers

Here we would see some of the most preferred pre workout weight loss booster foods in detail and get to know why they are so important and effective.

  1. Oats

Oats are rich in nutrition and oats not only serve as excellent pre-workout food but also good for blood sugar, blood pressure, digestion, maintains cholesterol and much more. Oats enhances your performance during workouts. Make sure your consumption of oats should be at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before workout.



 2. Banana

Never workout on an empty stomach as it might have reverse effect. To start with, banana is a good option to start your workout with andit is also considered as a happy fruit. Banana is rich in vitamin B6 which helps in metabolism and converts food into energy which will come in handy while working out. Banana is best known for its metabolism boosters for weight loss. Banana not only helps as a pre-workout snack but also as a stress reliever, helps to quit smoking and of course helps in weight reduction as it is rich in fiber. Banana can also be consumed in form of liquid by jazzing it up a little with nuts or fruits and one can enjoy it as a smoothie as well.

Banana entails very important details so I’m making it in points for your easy reading.

  • Whenever you see the banana with dark brown spots in its outer cover it means it is the best one, so avoid throwing it to your bin. Such a healthy natural food which is good for plenty of things should be loved.
  • Banana accelerates weight loss as it has very low level of glycemic index.

Myths on Banana 

Banana is an amazing food for health, skin, and hair and so on. But when coming to the topic of weight loss there is a buzz. Here you must pay attention for the right information to help to be in shape.

1) Is Banana a weight loss food?

Yes, Banana has the glycemic index in very low level so banana is a weight loss food.

2) Is Banana a weight gain food also?

Yes, you heard it absolutely right!! Banana is both a weight gain and weight loss food. It depends on the quantity you eat and how you eat it.

3) How to eat banana to lose weight?

Banana is a weight loss food but you should consume less. Eat one or two banana per day if you are including banana as a food to lose weight. Eating more will make you fat without any doubt.

4) Which type of banana you should eat to lose weight?

There are numerous varieties of banana but all is not going to help you with weight loss. So the right banana varieties to lose weight faster –

  • Baby bananas (US )
  • Burro bananas
  • Cavendish bananas(Chiquita)
  • Red bananas, and
  • Plantain bananas.


  1. Whole wheat Bread with peanut butter

Next to hit the list is whole wheat bread and peanut butter. The whole idea behind the combination is that one will enhance the effect of other and they also taste good. Whole wheat will give you the essence of completeness and peanut butter with its nutritional excellence would boost your regime in shedding those extra kilos by keeping you intact during workout. You can try out a lot of recipes just by adding banana, jam or berries to the combo and make it more appropriate to your taste buds.



  1. Fruit with Yogurt

The next food which falls under the list to shed those extra kilos is Fruit with Yogurt. The best thing about this food choice is it is open to experiment, one can try out varieties of fruits and mix it with yogurt as a Pre-workout food. Yogurt needs no introduction when it comes to nutritious facts. A number of companies after noticing the high consumption of Yogurt have started offering a variety of yogurt with different forms and flavors. Yogurt is a product of milk. Merely 100g of yogurt provides 97 kcal of dietary energy, it contains protein, fat and carbohydrates which makes it a good option as a health fruit plus there is a lot of good taste in that food people. Grab one

When talking about yogurt then the best suggestion is Greek yogurt when it comes to the matter of reducing weight quickly.


  1. Veggie Omelet

Name says it all. Veggie Omelet a perfect Pre-workout food. Prepared with an amalgamation of veggies and eggs this dish is a delight for foodies and a boon to workout enthusiasts. Veggies provide the essential nutrients, dietary fiber and vitamins, vegetables naturally contains low fat and calories. Omelet helps you in muscle building and has the highest available protein considering whole foods. Again the food not only suffice the pre-workout meal but it is also rich in taste.


So we have discussed about the important Pre workout Weight loss booster Foods to consider before workout .When pre-workout foods are that good who wouldn’t do it? I want one ASAP!!

Post workout Weight loss booster Foods 

  • Mashed potato and salad
  • Tuna, Salmon
  • Dry fruits and nuts
  • Cereal and skim milk
  • Chocolate milk with protein powder
  • Chicken
  • Protein shake (½ banana with 1 spoon protein powder mixed with almond milk and hemp seed.
  • Roasted chickpea and salad
  • Steamed veggies
  • Quinoa bowl and  black berries one cup each and pecans for ¼ cup
  • 2 Slices of multi grain bread and agave nectar, you can have bread with raw peanut butter too.
  • ½ cup of Burrito and beans +1/2 cup brown rice +salts and 2 tsp. guacamole.

Here let’s see some of the most preferred  Post workout weight loss booster foods in detail and get to know why they are so important and effective.

  1. Chicken

Chicken is easy to cook and has plenty of recipes that you can try out as it is open to experiment. Since the question is who came first Chicken or Egg; well we don’t have an answer to that but chicken is the answer for your post-workout needs. It is such an excellent post workout food. It can be tried with salad, other meat, fish, and veggies or wrapped in a sandwich. Chicken says no to nothing and it all starts with your creativity and ends in your stomach.shredded_chicken_taco_salad21

  1. Mashed potato and salad

Mashed potato with salad contains all of it Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat and other nutrient which will be needed by the body post-work out to cut those extra kilos from its roots. Mashed potato with salad is an easy to make food, which will not engage much preparations as well. What you need is some potatoes and salad mix it up and you are there. Try out the recipes on the web there are plenty of them, choose according to the preference.


  1. Tuna, Salmon

Who doesn’t know about all the health benefits this fish have under those shinny skins? Tuna is a salt water fish and in every 100g of Tuna there is 200kcal worth of energy in it. Tuna is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and it is appreciated all over the world for its good taste (so a win-win situation). An advantage of tuna is that it could be mixed with salad or eggs and there are lots of options to jazz it up a little with and come up with something healthy and tasty.

Salmon is also a popular food, it is an oily fish. Technically salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which helps in metabolism. What you waiting for people?! Get those fishes on your plate!!!


  1. Dry fruits and nuts

Needs no address. Dry fruits and nuts are high on nutrition. I would recommend dry fruits and nuts for individuals who are on the go as they might not find the time to cook or make something for themselves. Dry fruits and nuts can also be mixed with milk or any other liquid and can be consumed as they will enhance the effect of the liquid as well.


  1. Cereals and skimmed milk

Sounds a lot easier right? Indeed it is! Providing all the necessary post-workout elements to shed those extra kilos. I’d recommend Skimmed milk because the Whole milk has a lot of fat which might hamper the effort on a smaller scale however it will hence as they say precaution is better than care and well said opt for skimmed milk. Cereal of your choice again you can jazz it up by adding a little honey and fruits. Again the taste is all that has to be brought up by you. It is one of the best Weight loss booster Foods. High on nutrients will suffice your need to have something post-workout.


  1. Chocolate milk with protein powder

Waiting for something yummy to appear? Here it is…. Chocolate milk with protein powder (the name is enough to get your mouth all watery). Chocolate milk rich in nutrients will help you in recovering post-workout because recovery is essential to get you going. Chocolate milk high in protein helps muscles recover after lifting those weights. Protein powder addition will satiate the demand for protein powder in any way you might take it.


So here we have covered some of the best pre and post workout foods that can help you lose weight quickly and listed out more food list as well. Hope this will help you out to be slim and fit .Weight loss booster Foods on workout can really help you with the dream body you are longing for.

So Eat to lose weight this time!!! chaooo!.



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