Wednesday Update on King of Hearts (Episodes 321 – 322)



Siddharth tells Roshni that he would have told her the truth and that Naani is in hospital because of him. He shows her the video footage in which Shabnam is trying to get close to him while he is unconscious. Roshni is shocked.

Aisha tells Durgardevi that her father gave her locket which will give her strength. She says my great Naani and Naani are good. Durgardevi says your father did a mistake. Siddharth tells Roshni that his mistake is that he didn’t tell her the truth at the right moment. He says I didn’t do this. It was Shabnam’s conspiracy. Roshni says it is your mistake that you are giving me explanation. She asks him not to give her explanation and raise doubt on her love. Shabnam plans against them. Siddharth thanks Roshni and says I swear that I want to tell you everything and he was afraid to lose her. He tells her that Shabnam is behind Nanni’s condition, and says Naani called him as she was having some proof against Shabnam. He says we have to find the proof against Shabnam and we will make her lose. Roshni hugs him.

Doctor informs Durgardevi that Naani is saved but she didn’t get consciousness yet. He says we have to keep her in observation till then. Durgardevi takes a sigh of relief and hugs Roshni. Roshni asks her mother and everyone to go and rest. Durgardevi says I have a condition, this man Siddharth should not be near my mother. Roshni promises. Shabnam says she will be there and says I will drop you all till outside. Roshni tells Siddharth that she is with him. A nurse gives Nanni’s purse to Siddharth. Siddharth gets Shabnam’s phone and sees the video. Roshni tells him that it was not her phone, as Naani asked Shabnam, but she refused. Siddharth looks on. Roshni asks why did she lied?

Siddharth finds Shabnam in the hospital and asks how dare she to harm Naani? Siddharth says he will search for the servant who helped her in the crime. Shabnam says from where you will find him and says he went to his village forever. She says I knew that you can’t do anything. She accepts to have spiked his drink and took him to her room with Shambu’s help. She admits to have done Naani’s accident, and says she will inform Roshni now. Siddharth stops her and tells that she don’t have that MMS in her phone. Shabnam asks do you think me as a fool and says she has saved the MMS safely. Roshni comes and slaps her hard.

Roshni says this slap is for trying to coming in between me and Siddharth. She says Siddharth can’t even think in his dream. She slaps her again for trying to break her family. She slaps her for hurting her Naani. She asks how dare you to make this fake MMS. She asks did you think that our love is so weak. She says you have to face us. Siddharth says jail is the right thing to teach her a lesson. Roshni says you are right and says jail is the right place for Shabnam. She says Siddharth fought with everyone to bring her home, I thought you as my sister and my mum accepted you as her daughter. You had the chance to be part of our family, but you lost it, now go to jail and get rotten. Shabnam asks how you will proof that I did everything. Siddharth plays the recording in his mobile. Shabnam is shocked.

The police confront Shabnam to arrest her, when she apologizes to Roshni and falls at her feet, she requests her not to punish her. Siddharth tells Roshni not to forgive her. Meanwhile, Raj and Simran are leaving to see Naani. Just then they held up by thugs who threaten Raj to give them his purse, money and car keys and Simran asking them to give the car keys, purse, money etc. Kritika’s husband shows up and tries to fight the thugs saying no one can harm his parents. Raj stops him from fighting, takes the thugs to a side and beats them up by himself. Simran is happy and makes him wear specs again. Bunty thinks his plan is backfired. Meanwhile, Roshni and Siddharth decide to send Shabnam’s to Dubai. Shabnam tells Aisha not to cry that she is going to Dubai. She asks her not to trouble anyone. Aisha asks her to stay with her and hugs her. Siddharth and Roshni looks on. Siddharth gives her the ticket to Dubai. Shabnam says you are really good and gave me chance to rectify my mistake. She says I am bad and forgot the way. She says I will leave you. Aisha cries asking Shabnam not to go. Roshni hugs her. Bunty gives money to the thugs he hired. The thugs says it is half money and they beat Bunty for paying them half money.

Simran asks Roshni not to lose hope and says Naani will be fine. Roshni cries. Raj says I am happy that you are standing like a wall in tough times and says I am proud of you. Simran asks Siddharth to feed something to Roshni. They leave. Roshni asks Siddharth what he is thinking? Siddharth says I am thinking if we have done right. Roshni says she is her father’s last memory and needed chance to rectify her mistake. She says everything was perfect till karwa chauth. Naani screams in pain. Doctor tells Roshni and Siddharth that Naani is paralysed due to the accident. Roshni cries. They bring Naani home. Durgardevi feels sorry and says I can’t see you in this condition on wheel chair and tells her mother that I will get you treated by the best doctors. Durgardevi cries again and says she can’t be weak. She tells Kesar that they have to take care of her mother. Kesar says everything will be fine. Aisha comes and says great Naani will be alright soon. Durgardevi asks where Shabnam is? Roshni says she went to Dubai as she got her husband’s call. Durgardevi says it is strange, she didn’t tell us before leaving. Mona says what is strange in that, your son in-law not left her to show face to anyone.

She switches on the TV and the reporter asks the viewers to see Siddharth Khurana’s real face. Everyone is shocked to see the video. When Durgardevi watches the MMS, she is infuriated with Siddharth. Roshni asks her mother not to react and says it was all Shabnam’s doing. Even Simran, Raj and Kritika are shocked, while Bunty says he feels shy to call him his brother in-law and taunts them. Kritika asks him to keep his mouth shut and says you can’t be like my brother. Bunty says your brother has done cheap thing.

Some Media people enter Durgardevi’s house and starts accusing Siddharth. Roshni says he is my husband and I know about him. Naani thinks Siddharth is innocent and is trapped. Siddharth says I didn’t do anything and it was all Shabnam’s conspiracy. He says he has proofs and tells them about the audio clip. He checks his phone and says the audio clip is not in his phone. He wonders where did it go? He tells Roshni that Shabnam took the phone from him to call Dubai and have deleted the audio. The media persons say that your truth is out now and asks why is he lying now. Siddharth says he sent the audio to the Inspector and says I can give you that. Mona tells Durgardevi that Shabnam left home because of Siddharth. She asks didn’t Siddharth feel ashamed to do this and asks her to question Roshni why she made Siddharth as their son in-law. Siddharth asks Mona to keep quiet and says you don’t know the truth. Durgardevi asks him to keep quiet.

Durgardevi scolds Siddharth and insults him in front of the media and says further that whatever Roshni does is for him with his perspective. She says my husband had done same thing from me and there is no difference between you both. She asks don’t you feel bad. She says Mona also taunted me before but I showed faith on you and said that Siddharth will keep my daughter happy. She asks him to leave the daughter’s of the house, first Samaira, Roshni and Shabnam. Roshni supports Siddharth and tells her mother to keep quiet and says you are mistaken. Durgardevi tells Roshni that Siddharth is fed up of her and wants a new relation. She says Siddharth wanted to exploit innocent Shabnam and says she can’t bear this cheap doings. She asks Siddharth to leave and asks him not to show his face again. Roshni tells her mother that everyone is not like your husband and says Siddharth has not betrayed me. Durgardevi is shocked.

Roshni says if you want Siddharth to leave, then he will leave but I will also go with him. She says today a wife is talking to you, who trusts and supports her husband always. Aisha says that her Papa is the best and she will go with him. Durgardevi says I can’t expect anything else with you and says I will believe that I have no daughter from today. Everyone is shocked. Durgardevi says I will not ask or beg you to stop and asks her to go. She says I disown you from everything and asks them to get out. Siddharth asks what are you doing Roshni. Roshni asks him to stop it and says she knows what she is doing being his wife. She asks him to come. Siddharth and Roshni leave the house. Durgardevi closes the door.

At Khurana house, his family is not ready to believe him. Siddharth asks Raj why he is not looking at him and asks him not to say that he thinks him wrong. Raj says I always told you that respect, money, fame can be earned back, but if character is ruined then it can’t be back. At the same time, Raj gets a phone call from his manager who says they have gone bankrupt as their stocks are falling down and nobody want to be with me. Raj falls down and tells Simran that their company’s shares have lowered down and their associates have left them. Siddharth is shocked. Simran asks Siddharth, if he is seeing what has happened? She says you are staying at your in-laws home since 1.5 years, and asks what did you get? Your mum in-law doesn’t trust you and today your father has lost everything because of you. She says if your mum in-law have supported you then this would not happened. She says I will support my husband always. Siddharth feels bad.



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