Wednesday Updates on Reach for The Stars (Episodes 46 – 47)


Manda Tai provokes Pakya by throwing some domestic refuse on him and they get into a fight. Singhaniya’s manager calls Kamala Tai and tells her about the promise that he made to Singhaniya. He tells her that Singhaniya wanted Raghav to be a well settled businessman and Raghav has to leave Sahil’s home to handle Singhaniya’s business in USA. Kamala overhears Neetu saying she is taking care of Raghav only because he is the sole owner of his dad’s property.

Kamala is in a dilemma whether or not she should help Raghav in getting his passport back from Neetu and Sahil. After discussing her problem with Vitthal, Kamala decides to search Raghav’s passport and help him in leaving India. While doing some household work, she succeeds in finding Raghav’s passport. Meanwhile, Neetu reaches there and takes it from Kamala. Later Neetu gives the passport to her mother-in-law who hides it near Ganpati idol placed in the living area. Raghav finds it there and is elated to discover it.

Raghav gets ready to leave the home when Sahil reaches there.


Source: Zeeworld International




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