Wednesday Updates on Twist of Fate (Episodes 251-252)


The inspector says he will speak out after third degree torture and he is then taken to meet the commissioner.

Pragya shyly looks at Abhi and reminisces their romance in jungle. A song plays in the background.

On the other hand, Tanu cuts her finger thinking about Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya asks what happened to her. Tanu says she is worried that Pragya may do black magic on Abhi and trap him in her love. Mitali comes and says she is telling right, black magic works more in jungle and asks her to imagine what they must be doing near the lake inside hut. Tanu gets afraid and says they both fight a lot. Mitali says like in hindi films, love happens after fight and says even Aaliya used to fight with Purabh and now she loves him so much that she create this mishap. Aaliya says Mitali is right and smirks. Tanu gets worried.

Sarla cries and says she did not know Purvi would kidnap Abhi and Pragya and gets worried for Abhi and Pragya. Janaki comes and tells Pragya’s Daadi if she should get her cough syrup instead of tea. She says Abhi and Pragya will be fine. Daadi says she is worried about Purvi. She asks which Purvi and says she is dead for her and now she has to work alone and goes to the kitchen.

The police then bring the thug to takes rest at a small tea stall. The tea stall vendor figures out the criminal as one of Neel’s men and decides to take him to Abhi’s house and getthe prize of 1 crore rupees if they handover the thug to Purabh. One of them drops tea on the constable and takes him to the washroom. Another fellow takes the thug with him. He calls Purabh and tells him he got the kidnapper and needs 1 crore in reward. Purabh asks him to come to Abhi house. He then happily tells Bulbul that the kidnapper is coming to Abhi’s house and then calls the commissioner and informs the that he found a kidnapper. The commissioner says he must be the one who escape from their custody and asks where is the kidnapper coming. Purabh says a man is bringing him to Abhi’s house. The commissioner says he will send his time and asks him to be careful.

Pragya sees Abhi sound asleep. Mai tenu samjhawa song plays in the background. She shyly goes near him and checks his wound. Abhi turns, she hides under the bed. Once he falls asleep, she gets up and checks if he is asleep. She then gets hot sand bag and massages his wound.

Purabh waits for the man and the kidnapper with Abhi’s family. Tanu asks what if kidnapper identifies her. Aaliya says let us see if he is genuine or fake. The man brings the kidnapper home. Purabh asks where is Abhi. The Kinapper says he does not know. Purabh slaps him. Akash starts his turn and continues slapping and hitting him. Tanu says what if he tells everything.

Pragya is unable to sleep because of the excitement of proposing to Abhi. Just then, Abhi wakes up to drink some water but before he can get it himself, Pragya comes there and tells Abhi that he shouldn’t be moving around so much, he should have told her if he needed water. Abhi just watches her. Pragya is shocked and she realizes that Abhi has got conscious around her.

Tanu and Aaliya get tensed seeing the goon beaten up by Akash and are worried that the kidnapper might reveal the truth. They try to stop Akash but Akash refuses to listen and continues to beat up the goon. Purabh too tells Akash to continue beating up the man until he reveals the truth. The shopkeeper demands for the price money but Purabh tells the security to lock the man and hand him over to the police to help the kidnapper from escaping the clutches of the police. As Akash is about to break the kidnappers head with the rod, he agrees to confess to the crime.

The kidnapper reveals how his boss told him that he would just be required for 2 days and reveals how Abhi and Pragya escaped and they tried to nab them but failed. The kidnapper goes on to reveal how they at last caught Abhi and Pragya and shot Abhi after which both Abhi and Pragya fell off the cliff. The kidnapper reveals that they suspect Abhi and Pragya are dead. Everyone is shocked to hear that Abhi and Pragya are dead. Aaliya too is shattered to hear this, she says he is lying and pushes him on the floor. The goon reveals that they have been searching for Abhi and Pragya’s dead bodies but are unable to find that too. Sarla too is shocked to hear this. Purabh tells everyone that he is sure that Abhi and Pragya are fine and decides to go and search for Abhi and Pragya. Purabh then tells Akash to handle the police and leaves.

Purabh drives away in the car praying for Abhi and Pragya’s safety.

Tanu, is in tears in the room believing Abhi to be dead but Aaliya refuses to believe Abhi to be dead and says Neel is not that courageous to kill Abhi. Tanu blames Aaliya for Abhi’s death. Aaliya also blames Tanu saying she wanted Pragya to stay kidnapped and Mitali introduced Neel to her. Aaliya goes frantic and tries to convince them that Abhi is alive. Mitali tells Aaliya that Abhi and Pragya might be alive but Neel must have seen the cops in the jungle and killed Abhi and Pragya in anger. Aaliya refuses to believe that anything can happen to her brother.

Daadi on the other hand is in tears begs the rest of the family that she wants to see Abhi. Daasi tells her Abhi is not dead. Daadi says the photo frame broke from her hand and it is a sign that Abhi is no more and God would have taken her instead of her grandson. Daasi says she is sure Abhi is not dead. Everyone consoles Daadi but she breaks down thinking Abhi is dead. The whole family is shattered and curse their fates. Sarla too breaks down believing Pragya to be dead and says she had a bad dream and knew something happened to her Pragya and with great difficulty got Pragya married to a good guy and her happiness was short-lived, who will call her and ask if she is fine, who will drink her ginger tea and further says she is missing them terribly. Daadi remembers Abhi taking care of her, asks if Abhi will not come back, she will come to him. Aakash asks her to calm down and Tauji says Purabh has gone to find Abhi and he will bring him for sure. Everyone tries their best to console the two.

On the other hand, Purabh remembers their childhood moments he spent with Abhi and their friendship and is determined to get Abhi and Pragya back.

The next day morning, Abhi wakes up and finds Pragya sleeping sitting by his bed. Abhi is about to wake Pragya up but then stops. He gets up with a lot of difficulty and goes out of the hut.

The police continue to search the junglefor Abhi and Pragya. On the other hand, Neel and his goons too are searching for Abhi and Pragya. Just then, two goons come running to Neel and inform him that they saw Abhi coming out of the hut from a lake nearby.

Just then Abhi comes running to the hut and tells Pragya that he heard some men outside and thinks it is kidnapper and his men, so they should run from here. She says his wound has still not healed. They hear the door knock and hides in the hut bathroom hugging Pragya.

Meanwhile, Aaliya in her room is desperately trying to call Neel but is unable to get in touch with him. She decides to call Purabh.

On the other hand, Purabh is about 20 kms away from the village Abhi and Pragya were last seen. Purabh answers Aaliya’s call and promises to inform her the moment he gets any information about Abhi and Pragya.

Tannu continues to cry inconsolably andAalia angrily tells her to shut up as she is distracting her.

Everyone is waiting in the main hall. Bulbul asks Daadi to drink water, Daadi refuses but agrees on Daasi’s insistence. Just then Sarla sees Pragya standing at the door. Sarla cannot believe it and tells Bulbul in tears that she can see Pragya. Bulbul hiding her face in Sarla’s lap cries inconsolably but the moment Sarla speaks of Pragya Bulbul looks up and is surprised to see Pragya standing before them. Just then Abhi too is seen walking towards the house. Bulbul also sees Abhi coming from behind and asks her mother if she see brother in-law. Sarla gets up seeing them. Everyone is stunned to see the two of them. Abhi and Pragya in tears see their families and running come and hug them. Pragya hugs Bulbul and her mother. Abhi and Pragya’s grandmothers too wake up and cannot believe that Abhi and Pragya are standing before them. Abhi too comes and emotionally hugs his grandmother who is shaking with excitement seeing Abhi safe and sound.



 Source: Zeeworld International


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