Wednesday updates on Young Dreams (Episodes 230-231)


EPISODE 230 – 231

Vihaan and Rachna dance on Jee Le Zara from tallash the statue dance. Vihaan is really good and he puts a dupatta on her head and kisses her, Rachna comes to life after the kiss and they dance on Marjaniya from Vicky Donor then she turns into a statue and jee le music. Chaya and Ankit dance on naino mein sapna from Himmatwala. Everyone cheers for them. Gunjan and Rajeev dance separated by a wall on Bezubaan from ABCD. They touch each other’s photo and they touch the wall and dance. Chaya gets eliminated from the competition while Gunajan and Rachana are make an equal score in the competition and get prepared for their final round. The scores are announced that Rachna gets an 8,10 and 9 from the judges (27) points. Chaya gets a 6,6 and 8 from the judges, Gunjan gets 9,8,6 while Chaya is disqualified. Rachna says that both of them have one round each and wishes Gunjan luck for the next round. Gunjan says she does not need luck and Rachna says last round will decide if luck/hard work will help. Gunjan agrees!

The final round of the competition takes place as the dance starts with two couples Rachna and Vihan vs Gunjan and Rajeev, in between their face off dance, Rachna realizes her mistakes and pretentiously falls during her last performance to let Gunjan win the competition while Gunjan continues to dance. Gunjan wins the competition and Rachna tells her sorry for all the abuses and mistakes. Gunjan scolds her that sorry should not come between them and shares the honour of her trophy with her Rachna. Later, Vihaan scolds Rachna for losing the contest saying that he had seen Rachna fell down intentionally. Rachna replies that he will not understand as that is their personal matter.

At Garg residence, Charu lights her Sari with fire and burns her hand. Mayank and her family admit her to the hospital. Suddenly Charu’s mother arrives at Garg house. Meanwhile, both sisters are happy and take photo with the trophy while Vihan is still upset for Rachna losing the trophy but Rajeev explains him to move on and Vihan wishes Gunjan for winning the competition. Both brothers insist both sisters for celebration. Rachna and Gunjan ask Chaya to join for their celebration, Chaya agrees. Charu is in hospital while Charu’s mother gets furious on the Gargs and announces to take action against the Gargs if Charu’s condition deteriorates.

Rachna, Gunjan, Chaya, Rajeev and Vihaan makes a visit to a restaurant to celebrate their victory. Vihaan pulls the chair for Rachna but she tells him not to behave like a gentleman. Chaya looks at the menu list and laughs at what MOMO is. Vihaan says it’s a chinese dish and where are you living. Rachna says the same place as you India, as if the chinese will know what Gujiya is. Vihaan is upset with her behaviour and Rachna stands up and insults him but he tells her that the entire cafe is looking at them. He asks her to move on and she says you are a lesson for me and she came here just because Rajeev said so. Vihaan decides to leave and Rajeev makes both of them sit down. Gunjan says it’s Rachna’s opinion and he should respect it! Gunjan calls Bua up and is shocked she says they will come. Gunjan tells Rachna to come as they have to go home as Charu met with an accident while cooking and got burnt. They leave saying treat for another day and both rushes to the hospital after learning about Charu’s condition at the hospital. The police come to the hospital for enquiry, Seema says nothing like that but Charu’s mother cries and says to enquire with Charu and the police go in. Charu gives a fake statement to the police, of her getting burnt by Mayank and his family in order to gain dowry. Mayank thinks that suddenly everything is wrong and he needs Gunjan as a friend and needs her and wishes she comes back. Just then, Gunjan and Rachna arrive there and Gunjan asks Mayank about Charu’s health. The police come out, decide to arrest Mayank and ask who Mayank is and says he is under arrest for dowry harassment. The family is shocked. Seema says he is innocent and the police asks her if she did it and says Charu has taken Mayank’s name in her statement and that the family tortured her for dowry and when she did not pay more they tried to burn her. Mayank says the family never touched her. Seema says Charu was never made to work then how is it possible. Dayal says they are middle class family and against dowry.

Charu’s mother is worried that her father will come to know but she emotionally blackmails her mother to support her and that she is doing all this to save her marriage as he can’t see his family suffer and will take the case back. Mayank gets furious on Charu for lying to the police and tells Charu to tell the truth. Charu screams and calls everyone, she says that she was being tortured from day one and Mayank is in love with Gunjan. Gunjan stand by with Mayank and screams that till when will you take advantage of everyone’s and there is a limit to lying. Seema says that she will make sure everything is fine and to tell the truth, Mayank asks her to tell the truth harshly and he holds her. Charu hugs her mother like a baby and is crying. Charu’s mother says that they are doing so much in front of everyone and asks what will they do behind and tells the police to arrest Mayank. Gunjan says they can’t arrest Mayank based on Charu’s statements without proof. Dayal and Prabhu agree and ask where is the dowry, they agree to let the house be searched. Charu smirking secretly but crying like a baby. The Police suggests an investigation of the Garg’s residence and their bank accounts to acquire the money from the dowry.

Charu kept Shail’s bag under the table and Dholu finds the bag under a table and later places it in her cupboard unknowing it to be full of money. Just then, the door bell rings and Bua opens the door and finds police at the door gate. On asking, Bua was told by Shail that they are here to inform about the dowry and to check out the whole house according to Charu. The Police start their investigation and receives a good bunch of cash and jewelleries from their house. Prabhu tries to call Charu’s father but the call was unreachable. Suddenly one of the cop comes and tells that one of the bag has been found and some jewellery boxes.


source: Zeeworld International


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