Thursday Update on King of Hearts (Episode 323 – 324)


Simran asks Siddharth, if he is seeing what has happened? She says you are staying at your in-laws home since 1.5 years, and asks what did you get? Your mum in-law doesn’t trust you and today your father has lost everything because of you. She says if your mum in-law have supported you then this would not happened. She says I will support my husband always. Siddharth feels bad.

Durgardevi tells lawyer that she don’t want to give her property and money to her son in-law and daughter and asks him to make her will. Roshni asks Siddharth not to lose hope. Siddharth says I can’t lose and this day has come in front of me, my family has left me. He says my parents are not believing in me and they are right as they are seeing the proofs. He asks if she trusts him. Roshni says more than myself. Siddharth says I will bring proofs which will prove my innocence and I will not accept defeat. He says this fight is going to be longer, and your Siddharth might die but I will return to make you win and Shabnam will not win. Roshni says nothing will happen to you Siddharth and says will protect you and will solve your problems, you will surely win. Siddharth hugs her. He gets strength from her love and faith.

Shabnam targets Siddharth and Roshni’s picture with arrow, and asks them to run. Kritika comes to Roshni and says she is with her always. She says I am feeling bad for Siddharth and he always supports others but now nobody is believing him and that she believes in Siddharth. Roshni tells her that it is her fault and says I didn’t listen to him when he told me that Shabnam is not a good girl and that no one believes Siddharth, so they should support him. Kritika asks her to have faith and be strong. She hugs her. Shabnam thinks where is brother in-law and says she will end this story. She says Roshni and Siddharth’s failed love is the last chapter in her story.

Durgardevi thinks Siddharth has broken her trust. Simran comes there and says she wants to see her face. She asks how can you insult my son in front of the media. Durgardevi says I should have given him medal for molestation and rape charges. Simran says she knows his son and when Roshni left him. He followed her to bangkok. She says Siddharth didn’t care about them and stayed at her house as a son. She says that a mum curses another mum and says just like you made my son cry, you will cry badly one day.

Durgardevi throw stuff. Naani Maasi asks her to relax. Durgardevi says all the proofs are right in front of Roshni and why is she unable to see. Naani Maasi says there is always two sides of a coin and tells about the possibilities. She says I saw trust in Roshni’s eyes for Siddharth and we can’t ignore that. Durgardevi says her mind is not working. Naani Maasi asks her to call Roshni and we have to take care of her always. She says a daughter can fight with her mum with confidence as she knows that her mum will not feel bad and asks her not to snatch the right from her daughter. Meanwhile, Siddharth goes to the Police station to gather evidence against Shabnam. When he reach, the constable and the Inspector talk about the MMS and laughs. Siddharth asks about the other Inspector and learns that the inspector is about to leave as he is on leave. Siddharth tells himself that Shabnam is very careful in her bloody plan and is reputation is at stake. I will not get this proof. He calls Roshni and tells her that the police man was on leave. Roshni is shocked and asks that a lady constable was present with the Inspector. She says she heard a lady constable address and we shouldn’t have let Shabnam go. She says she talked to Kritika in the night and she trusts him. She goes to meet the lady constable.

Some thugs identify Roshni that she is the one whose husband did the MMS scandal. She comes to the lady constable’s house and sees her house locked. Someone informs her that the lady constable left in the night. The thugs tease Roshni. Roshni slaps him hard and asks not to feel her weak. The thugs laugh and says your husband might be busy with your sister and asks her to get busy with them. Roshni tells them that her husband is innocent and asks them not to take her husband’s name with their mouth. She asks if they don’t have mother or sister at their house. Some ladies come and beat the thugs. They ask Roshni not to lose strength and think of it as a new start.

Roshni comes to the media. The reporter feels pity on Shabnam and takes her side. He says wife should not be blinded. Roshni tells him that her husband is innocent and she will prove it. Other reporters ask her, how do you feel? Roshni asks who do their training to ask stupid questions and asks who are they to pass judgements. She says two people were looking in the MMS. She says my husband Siddharth who is saying that he is innocent and other is Shabnam who is hidden since the MMS is leaked. Roshni tells them that a woman can be wrong too and asks why they think from one perspective. She says hats off to you and says her husband is innocent and victimised by Shabnam and a man can’t be wrong every time and says Shabnam can do anything for her advantage. She gives a good lecture to them and requests them to keep their judgement to themselves until her husband is proved innocent. All the media persons claps for Roshni. Roshni leaves from there.

Durgardevi comes to Simran and asks her to leave worrying for her son. She says I did a mistake by not believing on Siddharth. Simran asks how to believe you. Durgardevi says I am standing with Siddharth and will prove his innocent. Simran says it is late. Durgardevi says we will manage. Simran hugs Durgardevi. Durgardevi laughs and tells her that saree and mascara will be spoiled. They laugh.

Simran’s servant hears them and informs Shabnam. Shabnam asks her to delete her number. She says today’s sun will be the last day in your daughter and Siddharth’s life. She says 4th November will be written in golden words as Siddharth and Roshni will be separated today.

Roshni thinks Siddharth has been in trouble because of the MMS scandal and thinks Siddharth will get out of this mess. Roshni who is worried about Siddharth as he is trapped by Shabnam while Kunj calls Roshni up and he says he want to inform Siddharth something. Roshni asks him to tell her. Kunj tells her that he saw Shabnam before and asks her not to trust her. Roshni says I know. Kunj asks her not to worry and says Shabnam will be out from their life. Roshni thanks him for motivation and says nobody can defeat Siddharth. Roshni tries calling Siddharth’s number and gets worried. Some goon pick the call and asks her to come alone as her husband is in her custody. Roshni gets shocked and leaves the house. Durgardevi is seen driving the car and worries about Roshni. She is about to hit Sarla, but then stops the car. Sarla scolds her for driving the car rashly. Durgardevi gets down the car and apologizes.

Durgardevi tells her that her daughter is in danger and she is restless. Sarla tells her that she can understand being a mother. She asks her not to worry and talks about Pragya. She asks her to visit the nearby temple and says they will pray together. Sarla prays for Roshni and Siddharth and also prays for Abhi and Pragya’s togetherness. Durgardevi prays to God and tells that she is asking for her daughter today. She asks God to bring happiness in her daughter’s life. Sarla asks God to fulfill their wishes. Durgardevi asks God to help them. Sarla tells Durgardevi that God will do everything fine.

Roshni comes near the cliff and shouts for Siddharth asking where is he? Shabnam hits her on her head from back. Roshni gets unconscious. Siddharth is brought to the same place by the goons. The goons makes Roshni sit in the car while she is still unconscious. Siddharth gains consciousness. Shabnam tells him that Gaffur explained to her and asks her to stay away from him. Siddharth recalls Gaffur telling him about Shabnam’s truth. Shabnam says good people’s fault is that they are good and believes others and you did a mistake and I have taken it’s advantage being Shabnam. She says coming to the point, I have fulfilled all the promises and have snatched everything from Roshni and everything will be finished in some time. She says she has paralyzed Naani before. Siddharth gets up. Shabnam says your mother in-law doesn’t trust you and you have no respect. Siddharth gets angry and is about to hold her. Shabnam fires bullet on his chest and says I told you to agree to me. Siddharth writhes in pain. Shabnam says one should not love wife the way you does and says she has two options, one is to kill Roshni. Siddharth says you are doing mistake. Shabnam says can I touch you? And says she is showing her love and is about to fire bullet again, just then Siddharth gets up and holds her on gun point. He says how are you feeling in my embrace, and says I am not Siddharth, but your death. He asks how did you think that you will win at the end. He says truth always win and you can’t harm Roshni or mom in-law until I am alive.



Source: Zeeworld International.



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