Monday Update on Twist of Fate (Episodes 257 – 258)


Mitali bhabhi true to her nature is seen spreading rumors about Abhi and Pragya’s kiss to some lady guests that Pragya gave mouth to mouth respiration to save Abhi and says according to her it’s a kiss. The ladies says Pragya is very intelligent and romantic. Tanu gets jealous and tells Mitali to stop it but Mitali refuses to entertain Tanu as she enjoys the opportunity of slow revenge and continues to praise Pragya.

Abhi is still furious and believing what Tanu told him about Pragya spreading rumors about their first kiss in the jungle comes into the party. The moment Abhi enters the party, the girls start teasing Abhi about his kiss with Pragya. Abhi fuming in anger walks up to Pragya and holding her hand takes her upstairs. Purabh sees this and is surprised as Abhi could not muster up the courage to speak to Pragya until a few minutes ago and now holding her hand is taking her upstairs.

Purabh is about to follow Abhi and Pragya when Bulbul meets him and tells him he has forgotten her since his friend has come and informs him that Pragya and Abhi shared their first kiss. Purabh eagerly wants to know the story behind the kiss and Bulbul excitedly narrates the same to him.

Abhi brings Pragya to their room and starts angrily accusing her of tarnishing his image with her fake story of their kiss. Pragya tries to convince him that she has done no such thing but he refuses to believe her. Abhi denies remembering anything about the kiss and demands to know why she is yearning for this cheap publicity. Pragya is shocked and hurt to see Abhi speak to her like this and is unable to say anything further. Pragya simply holding back her tears leaves.

Purabh silently listens to their conversation. After Pragya leaves, Purabh comes into Abhi’s room and scolds him for speaking to Pragya in such a manner. Purabh informs him the story behind the kiss and tells Abhi that after he got shot, there was a point when he was not breathing and Pragya gave him mouth to mouth that brought him back to life which everyone interpreted as a kiss.

Purabh tells Abhi that he owes Pragya his life and instead of thanking her, he accused Pragya of trying to gain cheap publicity and that this party is because of Pragya. Purabh leaves angrily telling Abhi to decide what he should do next. Abhi repents realizing his mistake.

On the other hand, Pragya holding back her tears comes back into the party and Tanu taunts Pragya and tells her that by merely spending some time in the jungle Abhi will not fall in love with her. Tanu pleased tells Pragya that Abhi has and will always be in love with her and not Pragya. She then walks up to Abhi and hugs him to make Pragya jealous, she looks at Pragya and smirks. Pragya hurt turns to leave from the party.

As Pragya is heading back upstairs, Bulbul stops her and pesters Pragya to ask Abhi to reply to her proposal. When Pragya refuses, Bulbul in front of the entire party tells Abhi that she has a question to ask him. She then calls Pragya too to join them. Purabh tries to stop Bulbul but she insists on asking the question and building the suspense at the last minute asks Abhi if he would dance with Pragya.

Abhi reluctantly agrees and Bulbul pushes Pragya into Abhi’s arms and they start to dance awkwardly on Ishq bulawa jaane kab awe songs. While dancing, Bulbul tells Purabh they are both behaving as if they are strangers. Purabh tells her he already told her not to do this but she did not listen to him. The moment the song gets over, Pragya leaves from the party. Abhi realizes that Pragya is hurt. Daadi’s sees Pragya and Abhi silent and thinks something is wrong between them.

Purabh brings Bulbul into the room and explains to Bulbul how confused and stressed out Abhi is about Pragya’s proposal. Bulbul is unable to understand why Abhi is confused and tells Purabh that either Abhi loves Pragya or he doesn’t and in any case, he just has to answer Pragya.

Later, Abhi is seen cursing himself and decides to apologize to Pragya but then chickens out with the thought of facing Pragya. Tannu sees Abhi lost in his thought outside the room and wonders what Abhi is upto. Abhi gets annoyed at his own meekness and enters the room. He sees Pragya standing in the room and once again develops cold feet. At last, Abhi decides to switch off the light so he would not see Pragya’s face and it would make apologizing easier.

Abhi comes into the room to apologize to Pragya for speaking harshly with her but is unable to face her and so he switches off the lights hoping it would make apologizing to her easier.

Pragya gets a bit shocked as the lights go off suddenly and gets nervous to see Abhi walking towards her. After mustering a lot of courage, Abhi comes closer to Pragya and placing his hand on Pragya’s shoulder gets her to face him and mutters “Sorry”. Tanu is shocked to see Abhi with Prayga.

Purabh explains to Bulbul the confusion Abhi is going through and reveals how Tanu has been manipulating Abhi to secure her own future and somehow brainwashed Abhi to believe that he only loves Tanu. Purabh tells Bulbul that Abhi is a very loyal man as he worked hard since childhood to become rich and would go to any lenghts for the people he loves. Bulbul asks Purabh in that case what has Abhi done for Pragya? Purabh tells Bulbul that Abhi risked his life to save Pragya and is confused but is sure to confess his love for Pragya one day.

Abhi explains Pragya that he didn’t know the story behind the kiss and apologizes to react so harshly. Pragya is surprised to see Abhi apologizing to her and hugs him, Tu meri jaan hai songs play in the background. Tanu is shocked to see Pragya hugging Abhi and angrily leaves. Pragya tells Abhi that he never has to apologize to her and no matter what he says he can never hurt or offend her.

Abhi is blown away by Pragya’s love for him and loses himself in her eyes. A moment later, Pragya shying away leaves. After Pragya leaves, Abhi too gets tensed and is unable to understand his feelings for Pragya.

Purabh tells Bulbul until Abhi is influenced by Tanu he will not be able to make up his mind. Bulbul decides to confront Tanu but Purabh tells Bulbul to not do anything and give Abhi and Pragya sometime. Bulbul convinces Purabh that Abhi and Pragya will never take initiative of speaking to each other on their own and so she will just create situations for them to be together and accept their love for each other.

Later, Pragya cannot stop blushing thinking of the moment she spent hugging Abhi and little while ago when Bulbul comes there and apologizes for provoking Tanu who in turn provoked Abhi and Abhi scolded her. Bulbul decides to speak to Abhi herself but Pragya informs her that Abhi has already apologized to her.

Bulbul is pleased to know the changes in Abhi’s nature, she hugs Pragya and says she is happy for her and asks Pragya if she probed Abhi to reply to her proposal. Pragya apologizes to Bulbul that she forgot to ask Abhi in all the confusion and excitement.

On the other hand, Abhi heaves a sigh of relief that Pragya accepted his apology. Just then Purabh comes there and informs Abhi that Bulbul is upset with him as he misbehaved with Pragya. Abhi informs Purabh that he has already apologized to Pragya. Purabh finds it impossible to believe and excitedly decides to inform Bulbul too. He asks Abhi if he has thought of his reply to Pragya’s proposal. Abhi once again gets nervous and asks Purabh to help him for a few days till he makes up his mind.

Sarla tells Daadi that she think Pragya and Abhi are behaving differently. Daadi says it is for good while Daasi assures them that she will confront Abhi and Pragya tomorrow.

Abhi later comes into his room and decides to sleep into the balcony so he will not have to face Pragya. Abhi removes the bulb from the lamp at the balcony and is sure that Pragya will not be able to see him. On the other hand, Pragya enters the room and decides to sleep into the balcony too so she will not have to face Abhi either. In the dark as Abhi and Pragya are avoiding each other, they bump into each other and hide out of fear.

Abhi then runs into the room calls out Pragya name and Pragya realizes Abhi is in the balcony. Pragya takes the opportunity and hides behind the bed. Abhi looks around but is unable to find Pragya gets scared thinking there is a ghost in the balcony and jumps into the bed pulling the covers seeing Pragya’s shadow. Pragya in order to hide from Abhi sleeps on the floor on the side of the bed as she thinks Abhi will see her if she sleep on the sofa. Abhi peeps out from the blanket and falls back asleep.

The next morning Abhi turns his side and rolls off the bed falling on Pragya. The moment Pragya is about to scream Abhi places his hand on her mouth and his eyes lock with Pragya’s.

Abhi and Pragya were seen avoiding coming face to face with one another. The tension was to such a degree that they were worried about sleeping in the same room and so Pragya decides to sleep on the floor hoping Abhi would not see her. Abhi is seen turning his side on the bed and rolls and falls on top of Pragya. Pragya and Abhi are shocked and Abhi trying to avoid the awkward moment leaves. Pragya heaves a sigh of relief after Abhi leaves.

Later, Abhi comes to his music room and tells Robin to wait out and not let anyone into the room. Pragya comes there and Robin informs her how he is confused whether he should get Abhi coffee or wait out. Pragya offers to make coffee for Abhi which Robin can then give him. Just then Tanu comes there and Robin informs her how Abhi has asked not to let anyone come inside.

Abhi inside is confused about his feelings for Pragya and when he hears Tanu calling out his name from outside the room and immediately goes out and holding Tanu’s hand brings Tanu into the room. Pragya sees this and looks hurt.

Once inside the room, Abhi tells Tanu that he is scared of facing Pragya. Tanu tries to brainwash him telling him that they love each other and he should simply reject Pragya’s proposal and end the discussion there but Abhi refuses to do so and tells Tanu that he needs time to think alone as Pragya saved his life and her kiss was mouth to mouth breathing to save his life, so he should apologize to her instead. Tanu seeing Abhi wondering about Pragya’s proposal gets worried, she should stop it and leaves. Abhi unable to figure out a solution over Pragya’s problem vents out his frustration on his drums.




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