10 Easy Tips To Treating A Woman Right

This may be difficult to digest for some of my readers who believe I’m a man, but that’s the marvel of the internet, right? I could be. Men don’t like to admit their affection…but having a little more affection does not make you less a man, below are 10 ways to treat a woman right and win her love

1. Be honest

There is no fancy way to do this. Just. Be. Honest. If you’re into her, then tell her you’re into her. Don’t play that “I’m-trying-to-come-off-cool-and-macho-so-I’m-gonna-play-like-I’m-not-that-interested-so-she-falls-for-me” crap. That poo’s lame. (And let me tell you, any girl that falls into that passive-aggressive play is not in the right state of mind to be in a serious relationship, especially with you.) Stop it. If you’re not that into her, then just be honest! Let her know you’re not as interested as she might be and spare her the run-around of awkward texts you’re trying to avoid sending. Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy.



2. Don’t hide your habits

We’re not idiots. Porn, cars, video games, beer, sports… It’s not that we have a problem with you liking these things… we have a problem with you trying to do these things behind our backs. Don’t lie about what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with. Follow the first tip. If she has a problem with what you’re doing, ask her why instead of just finding an elaborate way to hide it from her the next time you decide to do it. And to some of our “free-lookers” out there, don’t feed that “you’re the most beautiful girl in the world” line to your girl if you’re the guy that turns his head sideways every time you see a girl walk past with tight jeans on.



3. Communicate, Express Yourself

I can’t stress this one enough. Men have this habit of speaking through a series of grunts, sighs, head nods, or eyebrow raises while their arms are folded over their chest listening to us talk. I’m almost positive there’s not a man out there who enjoys listening to the words, “Are you even listening to me?!” – But there’s a reason women ask this question. She not inside your heads, she don’t know what you’re thinking and if you are listening to her, a lot of the times, you’re not showing her any indication it got through. Silence isn’t the answer they want. They want a “yeah, I got you” or “no, I don’t agree with you.” she know YOU don’t want to do anything that’ll trigger “conversation overtime,” but if you didn’t agree with something she said and you held it in… you’re gonna have the same discussion with her again in the future. So Speak up.



4. Don’t be lazy

No one’s asking you to solve all the world’s problems and be superman, but at least handle your poo. Take care of yourself, manage your money, be responsible at work. Basic. Don’t expect a woman with a perfect body if you have flaws of your own, don’t expect a woman to be independent and make her own money when you don’t have your own, and don’t expect a woman to “put out” for you when you ain’t got the moves yourself. Be who you want to attract. No, she don’t want no scrub.

5. Show Appreciation

So you might not be the best at remembering birthdays or anniversaries, but there are other ways to show you appreciate her. Sometimes, she can be wrapped up in the things that are going on in her life and be so overwhelmed that her laundry’s backed up, or the dishes haven’t gotten to… her dog has been cooped up at the apartment… I’m not saying to become a “man-ny” for her, but doing something as small as taking one item off her to-do list will make her eternally grateful. Show her you appreciate her time by freeing it up for her. By doing that, you’ve got more time to







6. Be Respectful

We know you have two sides. You have your “bro” side and you have your “boo” side. she don’t mind either of them, but know when it’s appropriate to be one or the other. Communicate with her before you bring her around your friends. She know they might not always be the most “kosher” group. Some girls are totally okay with vulgarity, sports talk and “guys being guys” and some girls aren’t comfortable with it. Know which girl your girl is before you bring out the “bro” and respect both sides, because your friends don’t want to be pegged as assholes, either.



7. Support Her

No. Not through your bank account. (If she’s looking at you to support her financially without any interest of accumulating her own source of income, it’s probably not the best grounds to start a relationship.) Support her beliefs, her passion, her ambitions… her goals. Be supportive of the things she decides to pursue be it professionally or personally. Don’t diminish what dreams she has even if they’re not reasonable to you. Talk to her if you feel that way, but don’t discourage her. When you’re in a relationship, you protect each other’s integrity, so don’t ever do something that would harm her (or your) reputation—


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