Tuesday Updates on Twist of Fate (Episodes 259 – 260)


Abhi and Pragya were seen avoiding coming face to face with one another. The tension was to such a degree that they were worried about sleeping in the same room and so Pragya decides to sleep on the floor hoping Abhi would not see her.

In the current episode, Abhi is seen turning his side on the bed and rolls and falls on top of Pragya. Pragya and Abhi are shocked and Abhi trying to avoid the awkward moment leaves. Pragya heaves a sigh of relief after Abhi leaves.

Later, Abhi comes to his music room and tells Robin to wait out and not let anyone into the room. Pragya comes there and Robin informs her how he is confused whether he should get Abhi coffee or wait out.

Pragya offers to make coffee for Abhi which Robin can then give him. Just then Tanu comes there and Robin informs her how Abhi has asked not to let anyone come inside.Abhi inside is confused about his feelings for Pragya and when he hears Tanu calling out his name from outside the room and immediately goes out and holding Tanu’s hand brings Tanu into the room. Pragya sees this and looks hurt.

Once inside the room, Abhi tells Tanu that he is scared of facing Pragya. Tanu tries to brainwash him telling him that they love each other and he should simply reject Pragya’s proposal and end the discussion there but Abhi refuses to do so and tells Tanu that he needs time to think alone as Pragya saved his life and her kiss was mouth to mouth breathing to save his life, so he should apologize to her instead.

Tanu seeing Abhi wondering about Pragya’s proposal gets worried, she should stop it and leaves. Abhi unable to figure out a solution over Pragya’s problem vents out his frustration on his drums.

Meanwhile, in Abhi’s room, Bulbul confronts Purabh and tells him how can Abhi ignore Pragya for Tanu. He says Abhi knows Tanu since childhood and is comfortable with her but he gets nervous seeing Pragya. Bulbul and Purabh are tensed as Abhi is not making a move and are sure that Tanu will convince Abhi to reject Pragya’s proposal.

Purabh comes up with the idea that since Abhi is nervous about facing Pragya, they will make sure he doesn’t come face to face with Pragya at all so Abhi would miss Pragya and then search for her.

Bulbul and Purabh are sure to make Abhi realize his feelings for Pragya. Pragya is apprehensive of Bulbul and Purabh’s plan and they force her to listen to them and act as per their plan.

In the main hall, Pragya is seen waiting for Abhi with Aaliya, Daadi, Daasi, Mitali, Sarla and Tanu. Daadi reminds Abhi that he had taken the responsibility for Purabh and Bulbul’s marriage and that they should organize Bulbul’s mehendi tomorrow itself.

Aaliya is shocked and tries to postpone it but Daadi is adamant and everyone decides to hold the mehendi function tomorrow no matter what. Sarla asks how will she arrange the for the function so soon. Abhi says it is his responsibility and asks her to just attend the function. Everyone is pleased.

Abhi is seen walking towards his room while Bulbul and Purabh secretly follow him and then make an excuse that they are searching for Pragya. Purabh and Bulbul pretend to call out to Pragya and then come to Abhi acting as if they haven’t seen Pragya in a while.

Abhi comes into his room and happily jumps on the bed now that he has got the room all to himself. Purabh and Bulbul are surprised to see Abhi dancing and jumping on his bed excitedly conducting an imaginary rock concert.

Even Pragya comes there and is surprised to see Abhi so pleased but Purabh and Bulbul scold her and refuse to let her be seen by Abhi and take her away quickly. A little while later, wherever Abhi looks around in the room he finds Pragya there, he remembers her keeping his diary in the cupboard and realizes that he is completely dependent on Pragya for everything and starts missing her.

Abhi comes out of the room and asks his butler Robin if he has seen “Madam” anywhere? Robin innocently asks which madam? Abhi instructs Robin henceforth he has only one madam – Pragya. Robin denies having seen Pragya anywhere. Purabh secretly sees this and is pleased that Abhi is missing Pragya. Abhi searching for Pragya comes to Daadi and finds out that even they have not seen Pragya. Purabh and Bulbul are very happy to see Abhi restless without Pragya.

Abhi continues to search for Pragya all over the house but no one seems to have seen Pragya anywhere. Abhi not finding Pragya asks his Daadi why is she arranging the mehendi functions without Pragya, if she fought with her. Daadi tells him her daughter in-law does not fight at all.

He thinks Pragya must be in the kitchen and asks Mitali to tell Pragya to prepare coffee for him. Mitali says Pragya is not in the kitchen and asks if she can prepare coffee for him. He says he will drink water instead. Purabh and Bulbul see Abhi searching for Pragya and ask him if he is missing Pragya but Abhi denies. Bulbul is determined not to let him meet Pragya until he is desperate to speak to her.

Purabh and Bulbul then come to Purabh’s room and inform Pragya how Abhi has been missing her. The moment Pragya hears this she feels uneasy for bothering Abhi and decides to go and meet him but Bulbul stops Pragya and informs her that they are asking her to stay away from Abhi so he can realize his true feelings for her and replies to her proposal and strictly instruct Pragya not to try and meet Abhi. Pragya half-heartedly agrees.

Meanwhile, Abhi is about to get into his bedroom and then changes his mind as he has not yet decided over what to reply to Pragya’s proposal and decides to wait for another day and sleep in Daadi’s room tonight. On the other hand, Pragya too decides to sleep in Daadi’s room to avoid facing Abhi.

Pragya comes to Daadi’s room where Abhi is sleeping under the blanket and asks if she has leg pain or back ache. Abhi nods yes and Pragya starts affectionately massaging Abhi mistaking her for Daadi. Abhi hiding under the blanket tries to shoo Pragya away. Just then, Daadi comes there with Daasi.

Pragya is shocked to see Daadi and they find out that it is Abhi sleeping on Daadi’s bed. Abhi and Pragya make an excuse of how they have been missing Daadi and each wanted to sleep with her. Abhi leaves angrily saying Pragya spoilt his plan. Daasi laughs seeing this and concludes that Abhi and Pragya might be competing on who loves Daadi more and that it why their playing such games. Pragya to mislead the grandmothers agrees with them.

Bulbul, at night is apprehensive that Abhi might not be in love with Pragya and this might break Pragya’s heart. Purabh sees her in the balcony and tells Bulbul to have faith and give Abhi sometime for him to realize his feelings for Pragya. Purabh changes the topics and tells Bulbul how he has been feeling left out as she is trying to bring Abhi and Pragya closer and ignite love between them but has completely forgotten about him.

Purabh tells Bulbul how he feels that she has no time to shower him with affection and has not given him a single kiss inspite of claiming to love him. Bulbul smiles at Purabh’s innocence, hugs him and kisses him, Zeb naseeb songs play in the background. Aaliya sees Bulbul and Purabh kissing and gets upset.

Aaliya comes to her room and pours her heart out to Tanu acting crazy that she cannot see her Purabh going away from her. Tanu hugs her and says both their lives are going in the same track and their love is going away. Aaliya even cuts her wrist trying to carve Purabh’s name with a knife.

Tanu consoles Aaliya assuring her that everything would be fine. She sees her carve Purabh’s name on her wrist and rushes to get first- aid box while Aaliya repeatedly says Purabh is only her. Tanu says she is right but should not harm herself. Aaliya asks Tanu what should she do then to get back Purabh and kick Bulbul out of Purabh’s life.

Abhi gets annoyed as he had left his room vacant for Pragya. On the other hand Pragya too feels the same way. Pragya realizes that Abhi is trying to avoid her and feels hurt. Abhi peeps into his room and sees Pragya tensed and pacing around in the room. He decides to let Purabh speak to Pragya tomorrow and explain his situation to her and makes up his mind to sleep in the main hall.

Abhi comes and sleeps in the main hall when in the middle of the night, Daasi comes there and is surprised to see Abhi sleeping on the couch. She quickly goes and informs Daadi about it who comes to the main hall and wakes up Abhi demanding to know why he is sleeping in the main hall.






Source: Zeeworld International





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