Wednesday Updates on Twist of Fate (Episodes 261 – 262)


Daadi comes in the main hall and is shocked to see Abhi sleeping in the main hall on the couch. Abhi realizes Daadi is upset seeing him sleep in the main hall and Abhi flashes a cute smile at Daadi. Daadi calls Pragya and the whole family comes down along with Pragya.

Daadi enquires with the two about their marital problems and why the two refuse to sleep together in the same room and asks since how many months they have been married. Mitali says 7 months. Daadi says even after 7 months, they did not give any good news.

Daadi concludes that the only solution to Abhi and Pragya’s problem is not having a child and order them think of expanding their family, Abhi doesn’t understand the question properly and tells Daadi that he is always ready and bluntly tells Daadi that the entire problem is that Pragya doesn’t listen to him and should agree. Pragya, shocked looks at Abhi.

Abhi realizes he messed up makes an and excuse that he was talking about jogging and leaves. Pragya too makes an excuse that she will go and get ready for the mehendi function and leaves trying to avoid Daadi’s glare and any further questions. Daasi tells Daadi that they will have to use some other way.

While shopping for Bulbul’s mehndi preparations with Sarla and her rock star Daadi in the market, Pragya finds out about Purvi from her mother and Janki and the misunderstandings that took place within the family when she was kidnapped.

Pragya gets upset at her mother for reacting impulsively with Purvi and even believing that Purvi would ever be involved in her kidnapping and says further they cannot believe things they see and she wants to meet Purvi. Beeji says she is staying with one of her friend.

Pragya immediately reaches the house Purvi has been staying at and they clear the misunderstandings between them. Pragya invites Purvi to Bulbul’s mehendi but Purvi refuses to meet the rest of the family until the truth is revealed and it is proved that she was not involved in Pragya’s kidnapping in any way. Pragya understands Purvi’s dilemma and leaves.

Later Mitali gets jealous seeing the mehendi preparations Abhi and his family has done for Bulbul even though Bulbul is not closely related to Abhi and his family. As she is grumbling Daadi gives Mitali some work and she leaves frowning to do the work. At the gathering Daadi and Daasi once again pull up Abhi and Pragya and insist the duo to decide baby names as the first step towards planning for kids.

As Abhi and Pragya decide baby names, they get into a fight not as they cannot agree over the names. Seeing, Abhi and Pragya fight so passionately with each other, Daadi, Sarla and Daasi start laughing.

Abhi annoyed tells Daadi how he would have a hundred kids with cool names and then he wants to see what they would have to laugh about. Everyone is shocked listening to Abhi’s plan. Pragya is embarrassed.

Bulbul is getting ready for her mehendi when Purabh calls on her phone. Bulbul informs Purabh she is getting ready at her friend’s place. Purabh teases Bulbul and then informs her how Abhi and Pragya got caught with Daadi. Bulbul is pleased and tells Purabh to plan something and make Abhi get jealous regarding Pragya.

Abhi tensed paces in his room when Purabh comes there. Abhi tells Purabh he might not attend his mehendi as the moment Daadi would see him and she would ask him for grandkids. Purabh asks Abhi till when can he avoid the situations. He tells Abhi there is a way to help him get clarity about his feelings and to think about the incident with Daadi and Pragya.

Abhi remembers how he boasted about having 100 kids before Daadi and he and Pragya realizing their mistake excused themselves from the Daadi’s. Abhi smiles at the memory. Purabh shows Abhi the mirror and tells him that he if he still thinks the moment is embarrassing then why is he smiling? Abhi gets conscious.

Pragya calls Bulbul and asks when will she come but Bulbul says she wants to look special at her wedding and not like her. Pragya give the phone to her mother’s Sarla who scolds her and asks her to come soon. Bulbul thanks her friend and asks her to attend her wedding at least if not mehendi.

Bulbul driving towards Purabh’s house sees Neel standing in the middle of the road speaking to someone and remember Pragya telling her he had kidnapped her. She decides to punish him, wears her seatbelt when Bulbul bangs her car into his car. Neel bangs his head on the steer wheel and is shocked gets out of the car to confront her but before he can reach up to Bulbul’s car, a slightly bruised Bulbul pulls her car back and then speeding towards Neel’s car bangs her car into it again.

Neel at the last minute jumps away but his head hit on stone and gets injured and Bulbul too gets gravely injured. Purabh, Pragya and Abhi bring Bulbul in an unconscious state to the hospital. Everyone is devastated. Sarla is inconsolable, asks Purabh to take her to Bulbul and Purabh tries his best to calm her down and have faith. Daadi also consoles her.

Pragya cry in a corner. Abhi sees this and comes to her. He hesitate to put his hand on her shoulder, but does it in the end. Pragya turns and hugs him tightly and cries.

On the other hand, Aaliya refusing to be a part of Bulbul and Purabh’s mehendi is driving away in her car. Tanu asks where is she taking her and asks her to face the reality and to stop panicking. Aaliya gets irked and says she always makes her tense, so she should get out of her car right now.

Tanu is about to leave when Mitali calls Tanu and informs her of Bulbul’s accident. Aaliya insists her to get out and Tanu says after hearing her news, she will not ask her to get out and tells her Bulbul meet with an accident.

Aaliya is pleased at the news and is sure that even god doesn’t want Bulbul and Purabh to get married. Aaliya apologize to Tanu that she is her best friend and does not want to lose he. Aaliya then decides to go to the hospital and use this opportunity to sympathize with Purabh.

Purabh is devastated that he wanted to apply vermilion on Bulbul’s forehead but he instead is having her blood on his hands and begs Pragya to save Bulbul like she saved Abhi.

Prayga is speechless and devastated leaves while Abhi hugs and consoles Purabh and assures him that Bulbul would be fine. Just then, Aaliya with Tanu comes to the hospital and under the pretext of sympathizing with him hugs him and assures him that everything would be fine and she will even get specialist from abroad if need be.

For a moment, Aaliya forgets that the rest of the family are watching him leaves to speak to the doctors. Mitali is shocked at the way Aaliya changes her colors and thinks if she finds Bulbul alone, she will kill her and must be thinking when Bulbul will die so that she can marry Purabh instead.

Abhi comes out and finds Pragya in tears praying to god for Bulbul and asking God why he makes them all feel so helpless. Abhi comes and sits next to Pragya and advises her to think positive and have faith. Abhi tells Pragya that if one cannot do anything for anyone they should give them hope.

Abhi tells Pragya to give Purabh faith that everything would be fine. When two people love each other a lot they do not part ways so easily. Pragya watches Abhi realizing how her love didn’t let Abhi die either and for a moment the duo share an awkward silence. Abhi then gets up and leaves and Pragya watches him still lost in her thoughts.


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