Thursday Update on Twist of Fate (Episodes 263 – 264)



Neel request the commissioner to let him meet Bulbul once. The commissioner says he will go to jail for kidnapping Abhi and Pragya and attempt to murder them, asks the constables to keep an eye on him and leaves.

Just then Mitali comes there with sweets for everyone and then lies to everyone saying it is prasad that she prayed for Bulbul’s life. Everyone just bows to the prasad refusing to partake it in the moment of stress except Tanu and Aaliya. Tanu says they will get diabetes if they eat it.

The Commissioner comes to Abhi and informs him that Bulbul met with the accident on purpose and informs how Bulbul tried to run over Neel in order to get Neel arrested. The Commissioner tells Abhi that thanks to Bulbul who risked her life they found Neel and arrested him.

He further tells Abhi that people around says Bulbul rammed Neel’s car by mistake and once she saw that Neel is driving the car, she rammed the car again and injured him but also got injured. He add that he has kept him in the same hospital under observation. Abhi wants to see the corporator before the Police takes him away.

Just then the doctor comes out and informs everyone that they have successfully completed the operation and assures everyone that Bulbul would be fine with time but has many fractures. Abhi and Purabh happily hug each other. Everyone is relieved and get emotional at the news.

Aaliya and Tanu come to the place where Neel is waiting with the cops and threaten each other of dire consequences. Aaliya warns Neel not to take her name or she would twist the case further and get him arrested refusing to help him meet Bulbul as family members are around.

Neel adamant on his idea of meeting Bulbul runs away from the cops and comes outside Bulbul’s room begging to see her. Just then Abhi and Purabh come there and Neel scared to see him tries to run away from there but Abhi grabs hold of Neel and starts bashing him up at the hospital.

Purabh blames Neel for Bulbul’s condition and in a fit of rage is determined to kill Purabh and starts strangling him. Mitali asks Abhi to save him, else he will die. Abhi say he deserve it. Daadi requests too when Abhi comes and gets Purabh to leave Neel who is now unconscious. Just then the cops come there and take Neel away.

Tanu and Aaliya are relieved that Neel has not revealed their names yet and are sure that Neel will disclose their names sooner or later and decide to do something about it before things get out of their hand.

As the Commissioner is about to take Neel away, Pragya asks the Commissioner to find out who among her family members was involved in the kidnapping as she wants to rescue innocent Purvi and Mitali sees Pragya with the commissioner and silently listens to their conversation.

The Commissioner assures Pragya to find the truth soon and leaves. Abhi who has overheard this conversation is determined to find the truth. Mitali comes there and informs Aaliya and Tanu about Pragya and Commissioner’s conversation and now Mitali is sure that Neel will spill out their names and the three of them will be arrested any minute. Tanu, frantically tells Aaliya to think of something quickly. Aaliya gets annoyed at the pressure Mitali and Tanu are putting her through and leaves angrily.

Once outside the hospital, Abhi comes to the Commissioner and tells him not to conduct any direct investigation with Neel about people from his family being involved and in the meanwhile he will try and figure out the best way to sort out this issue. The commissioner says okay and leaves in his car.

Later, Purabh comes into Bulbul’s hospital room and breaks down to tears seeing Bulbul’s condition. The rest of the family too is shattered to see Bulbul gravely injured as her face is bandaged. Rockstar Daadi tells everyone to be brave around Bulbul or it will upset her even more.

Rockstar Daadi thanks Abhi’s Daadi for her help and tells Pragya to take Daadi, Abhi and the rest of the members to go home and get some rest while they would stay here and take care of Bulbul. Abhi’s Daadi asks her to call her when she needs her and she will be reach in 15 minutes. Pragya looks at Bulbul and consoles Purabh. Pragya and the others with a heavy heart leave.

Meanwhile, Aaliya brings Tanu to the hospital staff’s changing room and changes into the dress of a nurse and informs Tanu that she has a plan in place to kill Bulbul and asks her to guard outside. She says what she could not do as Aaliya, she will do as a nurse and now Bulbul cannot be spare at all.

Aaliya dressed as a nurse plans to kill Bulbul but Tanu tells Aaliya that her plan might backfire. Aaliya tells Tanu that she would plan the murder such that the machine faltered. Tanu refuses to support her but Aaliya is adamant on killing Bulbul and with the mask on her face goes towards Bulbul’s room.

Sarla and Rockstar Daadi are waiting outside Bulbul’s room and refuse to leave until Bulbul regains consciousness. Purabh urges them to go home. Beeji also asks Purabh to go and rest. He refuses and decides to stay back to look after Bulbul until she regains consciousness, he will not go from there.

Just then Purabh gets a call on his phone and he has to urgently leave to meet Abhi. The moment Purabh leaves, Aaliya comes there dressed as a nurse, Sarla sees her and asks why is she going in. Aaliya change her voice and replies that doctor asked her to change Bulbul’s dressing. Sarla says she will come with her.

Aaliya in her change voice says she will not tolerate seeing Bulbul’s wound and there is a risk of infection, so she should wait outside and she enters into Bulbul’s room. Aaliya then walks up to Bulbul, tells unconscious Bulbul that she will have to die and tries to think of various ways to kill Bulbul that if she strangulate her, they will know it is a murder in postmortem report and decides to stop the blood that is being given to Bulbul.

Outside, Sarla, Daadi and Janki are tensed as the nurse is taking a lot of time to change Bulbul’s dressing. Just then Purabh too comes there, asks why are they sitting outside instead of going home. Sarla says a nurse has gone in to change Bulbul dressing and once she comes out, they will go.

Purabh suspects why will nurse check up at this time and decides to check on the nurse. As Aaliya is about to stop the blood flow, Purabh comes there and Aaliya leaves. Purabh notices that the blood flow has stopped and asks the nurse which is Aaliya to start the flow again. Aaliya disappointed starts the blood flow again. Purabh finds this fishy as he thinks he heard this voice somewhere but doesn’t really stress on it.

Abhi asks Pragya to sit in the car in order to take her home. As Abhi is about to leave from the hospital, he gets a call on his phone and is tensed. Pragya thinks soon Neel’s the corporator will reveal who helped him.

The next morning, Abhi calls everyone to the main hall to speak to his family and asks them if they are disappointed in him. The family tells Abhi that he has given them everything and wonder why Abhi is asking such questions.

Abhi tells his family that today he is feeling cheated and has found out that someone from his family has broken his trust. Abhi is determined to expose the backstabber in his family. Aaliya tells Abhi that they have found the culprit but Abhi refuses to believe anything that happened in his absence and is sure to find the truth soon. Just then Sarla and Pragya’s Daadi too come there.

Purabh gets tensed to see the duo at home and leaves to be by Bulbul’s side. Abhi tells his family to confess whoever is involved in the kidnapping but no one comes forward. Abhi then asks Robin to call the rest of the family inside too.

Robin then brings Neel and the cops to the main hall and Neel apologizes to Abhi and his entire family. Abhi says just one day in jail, he realize his mistake and asks him to stop his drama and tell them who helped him. Just then Purvi too comes to Pragya’s house.

Aaliya and Tanu are worried that Neel will take their name. Neel walks towards Mitali, Aaliya, Purvi and is about to point Aaliya and Tanu when Aaliya drops her mobile and signals him. He picks the mobile, stares at her. Instead, Neel tells everyone that the person who helped in the kidnapping is Purvi.

Everyone is shocked. Neel one by one gives details of how he did the kidnapping with Purvi’s assistance. Pragya remembers the whole incident. Purvi is shocked and refuses the allegations but Pragya just holds Purvi’s hand and takes her away, Aaliya, Mitali and Tanu are relieved.

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