Thursday Updates on Young Dreams (Episodes 244 – 245)

Charu gets disturbed after receiving a phone call from an unknown number. She also receives an image of her lighting her own sari. She further gets the same call from a female who blackmails her about the picture which Charu got in which she herself was burning her saree.

The caller girl told her that she had put some pictures of her in her bedroom. Charu goes and tries to find out those pictures. Dholu comes in the room and sees the whole of things here and there. And finally gives her a package containing pictures and letter. The letter contains a message for her that she will get a call on landline, and asks her to pick that call.

Later in the hall, all were talking about the list of work to be done. Suddenly the landline rings and Charu picks it up after debating with Prabhu, the blackmailer calls Charu to certain places under the tree near the temple. Charu got back in her room, and prepares herself to do as the caller instructed her.

She thinks about the person who is doing all this to her. Suddenly Mayank comes and asks her about her worries. Charu handled the situation somehow and says that her friend called her for the shopping and she is going for it. She leaves in a hurry. Later, Gunjan in her room thinking about Mayank. Rachna enters and told her that all were talking of her in college.

She invited all for her marriage, Gunjan asks whether she invited Rajeev or not. Rachna denied and tells her that she will be giving it to him the next day. Rachna talks of Rajeev that she was partial with her in the competition. Meanwhile Gunjan teases her by Vihaan’s name and Vihaan calls Rachna and talks all about moon and stars. Vihaan offers her for a date else he will come at the function. Rachna by the fear agrees to go on a date with him.

Meanwhile, Charu is at a place surrounded by trees, all night, and gots a call and the caller sings a song “raat akeli hai”.. and talks about the deeds she did by her and added that she will introduce her to some more pictures suddenly a bottle falls beside her with a picture provides her the images that revealed her ploy and asks Charu to wait for the next call.

The blackmailer happens to be Rachana, who decides to take revenge from Charu for the pain Charu caused her. Chaaru almost lost her all senses. Later Chaaru in her room, out of her senses, hides that picture and someone knocks on the door.

Charu fearly opens it and see Rachna on the door. Rachna asks about her well being that why she is so fear of anything and invites her for the work and the function that is going to be held in the house, also asks about the shopping.

Mayank’s works on his laptop while the Gargs plan about the engagement ceremony of Gunjan and Aditya. Mayank is upset and Shail says she wants a small ring ceremony tomorrow and Aditya assures some of his relative will turn up as he wants to make it special for Gunjan.

Dayal asks why Pihu has not come yet and Prabhu says he had been to the house to give the card. Aditya talks on the phone to his mother, he hangs up and asks Mayank what he is doing. Mayank says surfing. Aditya says he can forward his resume to a few people but Mayank declines.

Aditya says he has no idea about Gunjan’s taste and wants his help. Mayank tells him to take her shopping. Aditya says will the family let them go alone. Mayank suggests to ask Shail and she can accompany them. Aditya is pleased and asks Mayank for another favour i.e Charu and Mayank to be from his side.

Shail hears this. Aditya says his family wll only come day after. Shail says she will stand as his family. Mayank says Aditya is it and he has no problems and Charu and he will come from Aditya’s side. Shail asks Mayank why he is doing all this but Mayank says he is not in pain as Gunjan’s happiness lies in this. He will do everything to keep Gunjan happy. Gunjan overhears this.

Rajeev on the other hand decides to give a resignation from his job after Vihaan informs him about Gunjan’s wedding. Rajeev type on his laptop and Vihaan is shocked to see his resignation letter and says resignation and asks why. Rajeev says some other day. Vihaan thinks if this is for Gunjan.

Mayank on terrace, Gunjan comes when Maynk is about to leave. Gunjan says why didn’t he say no. Why should he do the in-laws ceremony. Mayank says it’s her marriage and it should happen properly not like his, he didn’t even know who he was marrying where it was a drama. Gunjan says there is still time and you can say no. Mayank says she is his friend and anything for a friend and take this as a wedding gift.

Gunjan goes away running. Shail sees she is crying and asks her why Gunjan makes an excuse of headache and Shail says the pain is somewhere else and asks her to tell her the truth.Shail says one wrong decision can make your life hell and asks her if she is happy, Mayank and Aditya are listening to this and Gunjan is emotional and wants to tell but but she sees Mayank and says she is happy and she is nervous.

Aditya is happy while Mayank is heartbroken. Gunjan is sad that she said this and hurt Mayank and leaves. Meanwhile, Charu gets threatening note in her room someone throws it with a stone. Charu panics in fear after receiving a letter from the blackmailer that informs her about allotting the evidence of her ploy to the family with a picture of her giving Seema the jewllery.

Charu is really scared and disposes the letter. She further gets scared after watching a strange shadow of a person in the house itself. Mayank screaming Charu and asks why is she so scared. Charu says someone is behind her and wants to harm her.

Mayank assures Charu there is no one at the window. Charu is really scared and then Mayank tells her to wash her face and get a bottle of water. Charu goes to the kitchen where Rachna has kept the burnt saree and she is hiding behind some sacks. Rachna makes some noise and Charu says she knows someone is hiding behind the sacks.

Mayank comes there and Charu tells him the same. Mayank talks to her and till then Rachna pulls the saree. Mayank tells Charu there is no one. Charu talks about the saree and is shocked to see it missing. Mayank and Charu leave. Rachna comes out and is relieved. Mayank and Rachna threatens Charu on regular intervals.

Mayank and Rachna remember how rachna posed wearing Charu’s clothe and Mayank clicked the pictures and they photoshopped them. Rachna was the one who called her to the temple. Mayank says is the soldier ready for the final plan.

Rachna answers yes commander and Mayank’s announces it is Good bye Charu. While performing her next strategy Rachana is about to end up facing Charu but, Mayank handles the situation.

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