A Girl’s Guide To Getting Over Heartbreak

Experiencing heartbreak is something we all don’t want to experience, after all the promises, the unending love and the emotions. It kinda sucks real bad when things don'[t work out the way we want them to but that’s just life. We meet shitty people who treat us in shitty ways and get away with it. And then we’re left to pick up the pieces and to rebuild all that’s been trampled upon, smashed and broken into pieces. Heartbreak is a very strong feeling of sadness, disappointment, emotional pain or suffering. It’s an intense feeling of betrayal.

Heartbreak leaves you in a state of confusion, depression and total isolation. When you are heartbroken, you desire time to be alone, or you seek revenge. Your heart and soul keep wondering how you are going to heal. Yeah…I’ve been there. I know how it is. But guess what? Heartbreak can be gotten over. It may take a while but you will get over it. 

So, as a single girl, I’ve compiled a tiny guide to getting over heartbreak. These tips are highly vital and you need em especially if you’re still not over him.
Let go of the reasons

 I know you don’t want to hear this but as much as we keep bothering our heads and minds on the reasons for the breakup, we have to do ourselves a great help of ‘’letting go’’. We have to stop fighting over who was wrong or right, clear your mind off anything that has to do with reasons. I know it’s not an easy process but it’s actually worth it. If you refuse to let go, you wouldn’t forge ahead, so shake it off and go on with life.

Step out

You wouldn’t heal first if you isolate yourself or shut the world out totally, oh yes you need time alone, but it’s actually not so needed, you need to create time to step out, visit new places, dress looking adorable, step out to see new movies, go window shopping, go on memorable journeys, visit new places, go to a spa around, treat yourself to the best level and stay happy.


Wow I can’t over emphasize how prayer worked for me.  I took great comfort in the word of God. I devoted major time studying and praying for new directions. For real this is the best part of healing. Listen to quality gospel song, let them sink in your soul and gradually you discover you are loving yourself more, you are smiling all over again and becoming whole again.

Network. Get new hobbies

You just have to do this, while healing you need to meet new people in your environment, place of work, seminars and all that. Ensure you are positive while relating with these new people, be open-minded, give room for friendship, communication and talk to people who motivates you. Involve in interactive sections, chat people up and ensure you are never bored. Pick up new hobbies, don’t get so busy in routine activities, it becomes boring. Acquire new skills to keep your heart and mind busy. Involve in activities that makes you worry less.

Be guided

As much as you are trying to heal quickly, be guided. You don’t have to get involved in all communications. Not all friendship should be accepted, not all events or meetings should be attended. Guide your heart with all seriousness and carefulness. You don’t want to be vulnerable, so you should try as much as possible to take charge of everything that happens to your heart and all that is allowed in.

Finally, healing after a major heart break does not come easily, especially based on the reason(s) for the breakup. but you have a role to play, you have to be ready to get healed. All you need to do right now is to follow this Girl’s Guide to Getting Over Heartbreak. Come on, don’t sit on the couch and eat a gallon of ice- cream. You don’t need it!

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