King of Hearts Wednesday Updates: Episodes 346- 348

While Roshni and her family are having their super, police reach there and claims that they have come to arrest Siddharth. They tell that Siddharth is being arrested on the charges of molestation. Roshni asks him not to worry as she will free him. Raghu says you have to be as if I drown, then I will take you also. On the other hand, Shabnam meets her lawyer’s Tiwari and instructs him to make sure Siddharth does not come out of jail. Soon Roshni arrives there and scolds her for playing bad games. Shabnam says if you prove him Siddharth then he will be jailed for molestation, and if you couldn’t then Durgardevi will go to jail. Roshni says she will protect her husband and mother, both. She tells Shabnam that will somehow manage to get Siddharth out of the jail. Roshni also tells Shabnam that soon she will put an end to all the troubles that she is.

Simran and Raj talk about meeting Siddharth. Just then someone comes. Simran is shocked. Roshni and Durgardevi talk to the lawyer. The lawyer says molestation charge is strong. Raghu gets angry and says what is this molestation charges. They hear Sundari’s voice. She shows pictures of Raghu to the Inspector and says he is Raghu. Simran tells Durgardevi that she didn’t see woman like her, and now you are using her son. Roshni asks Simran to listen to her once. Simran refuses to talk to her and says you are dead for me when your mum shot at my son. She says my son was a good son in-law and you don’t deserve him. Now you are using Siddharth’s lookalike, just then Shabnam claps and says Durgardevi and Roshni are bad players. She shows fake sympathy towards Simran and says you can only identify your son. Simran says I am a mum and will unveil this secret. She tells the Inspector that she wants to meet that man. The inspector asks the constable to bring him. Sundari gets elated seeing him. Simran says Siddharth had some stitches behind his ears during his childhood. She says she wants to check those stitches and that even Siddharth and Roshni doesn’t know about it. She checks the marks and says he is not my son. Siddharth apologizes to his mum in his heart and thinks he got the marks removed by the doctor.Simran asks him to keep hand on Sundari’s head and tell that she is not your mum. He keeps his hand on Sundari’s head and says she is my mum. Roshni closes her eyes tensely. Siddharth tells that he is not Siddharth, but Raghu. Simran slaps him hard for lying to everyone, and says you are just a lookalike. You can’t become like my son even if you take 7 births. Shabnam smirks.

Pinto asks Siddharth why he is trying to become Raghu and says you are Siddharth. Siddharth says he wants Shabnam to be happy and celebrate over her win, and her plan will be failed and then she will fall down badly. Mona tells that he is Siddharth and that’s why he united Yash and Samaira. Roshni says he is not Siddharth, but his lookalike. Durgardevi gives her jewellery to Roshni and says that the police can come at any time to arrest her. Siddharth comes there and thanks her for getting him out of bail. He apologizes if any trouble come to them because of him and that everything would have been fine if your son in-law’s sins wouldn’t have come out. He says your son in-law had a beautiful wife, then why did he look at his sister in-law. If he was alive, I would have killed him. Roshni slaps him hard.

She says I told you many times not to say anything against my Siddharth. Siddharth holds her hand and says he has given her right to do anything as she has brought him here. He says once Raghu the mechanic holds someone’s hand, then he will not leave so easily. The police comes and arrests Durgardevi again. Durgardevi asks her not to cry, and asks Mona and Naani Maasi to take care of the house. Shabnam says you both have played a master game plan and you said so much that your son in-law is back. What will happen now Roshni. Roshni cries. Durgardevi asks her to be strong. Shabnam says you have broken now and she will kick them out of the house. She calls Shambu and asks him to clean Durgardevi’s room. She says that room will be mine for forever and no ghost can enter. She smirks.

When Durgardevi is about to be arrested and evicted from her house, Krtika reaches Durgardevi’s house and says that you can’t arrest Durgardevi as Siddharth is alive. She has with her some recent photographs of Siddharth. This shocks Shabnam when the police are forced to release Durgardevi and says you can’t listen to Kritika and leave Durgardevi. Kritika then says that no one can be sent to jail twice for the crime on the ground of double jeopardy. The inspector says she is right, we can’t arrest Durgardevi. Roshni is happy learning that Siddharth is alive and also her mother cannot be imprisoned again and tells Shabnam that God is helping the truth. Durgardevi looks at Shabnam. Shabnam gets annoyed and goes. Roshni hugs Kritika and thanks her. Kritika smiles seeing Siddharth. Roshni tells her mother that Siddharth is alive and nothing will happen to her. Roshni confronts Raghu aka Siddharth and asks him to leave her home as his work here is completed and everything will be fine once Siddharth is back. She tells her mother that they should celebrate. Kritika thinks Raghu is her own brother Siddharth and she is sure. Siddharth thinks he can’t even attend his own party, and thinks he has sent this picture. He says the truth will be out soon once Shabnam is exposes.

Shabnam thinks if Siddharth is alive and wonders what is happening. Siddharth asks why are you worried and asks her what is the matter? He pulls her closer and says just look into my eyes. I have so much love for you in my heart. Shabnam says so much things are going on in my mind, I will think and let you know. Siddharth says you are taking much tension and offers his help. Shabnam says she is going to Spa now. Siddharth says he can massage her. Shabnam asks what did you say? Siddharth says you are getting late and asks her to go. Shabnam goes. Roshni hears them and thinks she thought wrongly about Raghu. She thinks Siddharth can’t think of this cheap thought even in his dreams and thinks to kick Raghu out of house once Siddharth is out.

Later Siddharth in Raghu’s get up brings band baja and tells that his (Siddharth’s), mom in-law is back home from jail and says that counts for celebration. He asks will you marry me? Durgardevi asks what? Siddharth bends down on his knees and asks Roshni why she is shying now. He says you don’t shy to touch me when you are alone. He says when a girl says no then it means yes. He holds the garland and tells Roshni to marry him. Roshni throws the garland away. Siddharth says you have thrown 25 Rupees garland and adds the amount to the money which she has to pay him. He says everyone here is oldies, so lets go to the room and marry. We will take elders’ blessings and then Roshni slaps him hard on his face.

Siddharth says I think whenever you want to ring bell, you slaps me. Roshni asks how dare you to think that I will marry you. She says I thought you are doing masti, but I was wrong. You are pretending to love Shabnam and me. She says your face is like Siddharth, but you can’t be Siddharth even after you takes 100 births. I brought you here in this house, so I am asking you to get lost. She pushes him asking him to leave. Siddharth says she looks for a chance to touch me, today she has hit me on my heart and asks why did you bring me here if I am illiterate. He says if I am illiterate why did you let me touch you and brought me to this point that I came with the garland here. He says the truth is that you loves me in heart and wants to touch my cheeks and that my cheeks are so smooth

He says today you have broken my heart and plays the sad music. He sees Shabnam coming and tells that his life is ruined because of them. I left my Maayi ( mother ) for you both, and when you people don’t care for me, I don’t care for you. He says I will leave the house and I am your big enemy now. He says I am leaving now and will not return. Naani falls down. Everyone rush to her. Durgardevi asks her to give hand, but Naani doesn’t let her touch her. Siddharth comes there. Naani hugs him, stops assuming that he is Siddharth and asks him not to go calling him Siddharth. Hearing her speak, the entire family is shocked. Siddharth gets teary eyed.

Naani cried and requests Siddharth not to leave the house. Durgardevi and Roshni get emotional seeing Naani speaking. Durgardevi informs Naani that the man standing before them is Raghu and not Siddharth. Naani refuses to believe and asks her to keep quiet and says I know he is Siddharth only. She says when I fell down, why did tears come in his eyes, and that’s because he is Siddharth. Just then, Raghu asks them to take care of Naani and says I think you are saying anything like that. He says I have stayed here for few days and got attached to elders’ here. He says I am happy that you can stand on your feet and got well. He says it is enough of Siddharth’s acting and says he can’t act anymore. He says his mother needs him, and tells Roshni used to slap him whenever she likes. He asks them not to contact them and makes it clear to the entire family that he is Raghu and not Siddharth. He asks the family to stop pestering him and decides to not have anything to do with them. Naani cries and says Siddharth. Roshni says he has misbehaved with you and went. Durgardevi says he is not our son in-law Siddharth, and my son in-law was not like him. Naani refuses to believe them and says he is Siddharth only. Later at night, Roshni gets emotional as she is now certain that Siddharth is alive, she kisses the pictures which Kritika gave to her and cries asking where is you Siddharth as she has no clue as to his whereabouts. Durgardevi comes. Roshni says why he is not returning to his Roshni. He knows how much I love him and gets scared thinking if he is trapped in any trouble. She asks how did these pictures reach Kritika and cries. Durgardevi asks her to calm down and says I have start searching for Siddharth. My men will find him. This mother in-law will not leave any chance to search for him. Roshni says I can’t sit idle and wait for him to come. Durgardevi says where will you go and says my heart says we will find him. She says Shabnam doesn’t know that Siddharth is alive and says she might have started searching him. She assures Roshni that they finds Siddharth before Shabnam finds out about him and we won’t let Siddharth fall in Shabnam’s trap. Roshni cries and hugs her.

Siddharth says Shabnam will be trapped now. Pinto asks what is his planning? Siddharth says if you understand everything then you will become Siddharth Khurana. Pinto says you have proposed Shabnam first and then bhabhi ji ( sister in-law ). Siddharth says he had proposed to Shabnam with the planning and tells that he proposed Roshni to see her angry look.

Kritika asks Bunty to get out of her house and reminds him that she was tricked to marry him by Samaira. Bunty gets teary eyes. Kritika asks him not to return. Simran sees him with teary eyes and thinks my daughter can’t behave this way with her husband. She says Siddharth used to say that relations can get better even if they are complicated. She says she has to save her daughter’s married.

Meanwhile, Pinto asks what is his next plan. Siddharth says Roshni slapped me in front of me and says Shabnam might be coming here to have friendship with me. He bets with him. Pinto and Siddharth see Shabnam coming. Siddharth asks him to get 1000 Rupees ready and asks him to hide. Pinto hides. Siddharth opens the door. Shabnam comes inside and says you did a good drama. Siddharth asks what do you mean and stares at her. Shabnam asks him not to stare at her else he will fall in love with her even more. She says I am accepting your proposal. Siddharth says it is good that you have accepted my proposal, now lets see what I do with you. Siddharth thinks you did a big mistake, and you will accept your crimes with your own mouth.

Siddharth says it will be a wonder when we unite. Shabnam says she wants to ruin Patel family and asks why did you want to ruin them. She says you fell in love with you at first sight and says it is strange. Siddharth holds her and says when I saw you for the first time, I fell for you and told Roshni that it is difficult to do enmity with a beautiful lady. He says he wanted to propose her then, but stopped as he had given a word to Roshni. He says he did so much for Roshni and Durgardevi, but they insulted him. He rues to take revenge from them and says even if Siddharth comes back from dead bed then he will not identify them. He says he is very eager to unite with her. He says our enemy is one and we are riding on a single boat. He says lets do romance, dance and then everything. He says until I am here, Siddharth Khurana can’t come back. Shabnam pulls him closer and hugs him. She says she yearned for Siddharth. Raghu says you have changed my life. Shabnam says we will blast this bomb in the morning. Once Shabnam goes, Raghu feels bad hugging her and says he wants to run to Roshni and hugs her and he can’t let anything happen to Roshni. He says we are fighting with a fire and I will fight alone. I have to hug this Naagin ( snake ) for my family, and I will ruin her.

Source: Zee World International


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