Twist of Fate: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 271- 273)

Pragya accidentally drops the milkshake on Abhi’s face and tries to wipe it with a tissue but Abhi instead uses Pragya’s dupatta to wipe his face. Pragya pulls away her dupatta and goes to get a glass of water and instead spills that on his face too. Pragya scared offers her dupatta to him to wipe his face afraid that he might yell at her. Just then Purabh calls Pragya and tells her that he really wants to meet her and speak to her about the shoot and everything. Pragya tells him she cannot come as Abhi is upset regarding yesterday’s shoot. He insists and she agrees. Abhi tries to overhear Pragya’s conversation over the phone. The moment Pragya turns Abhi pretends to be working out. Pragya without saying anything leaves and Abhi suspects something is wrong and drops dumbbell on his feet. Just then Purabh calls Abhi and tells him to come over his place soon. Abhi agrees and Purabh is pleased that his plan would work.

Later, at Purabh’s home, Purabh tells Pragya that he has a last plan to help Abhi express his feelings towards her but Pragya tells him to stop trying to bring them both together as it has caused a lot of tension between them. Pragya tells Purabh that they should not force Abhi for anything and if one truly loves someone, they should leave them free and requests Purabh not to try any such stunts. Just then the doorbell rings and Purabh informs Pragya that Abhi is at the door. Pragya tensed goes and hides in the room.

Abhi enters Purabh’s house and looks around suspicious. Purabh apologizes to Abhi for pushing him towards Pragya. Abhi forgives him and goes to hug him but Purabh stops Abhi. He tells Abhi that he has promised Bulbul that he would not hug anyone until Bulbul completely recovers. Purabh tells Abhi that hugs are special and each hug has an emotion behind it. Purabh adds how when you love someone and hug them you never feel like parting. Abhi tells Purabh that he has never felt like this whenever he has hugged anyone and wants to know more about these “love hugs”. Abhi tells Purabh that he has gone crazy and is about to go to the washroom. Pragya on the other hand looks around for a place to hide when Abhi comes in the room and finds someone hiding in Purabh’s room and is about to open the window. Just then the producer calls Abhi and Abhi gets busy on the call as the producer informs him his idea of modelling Pragya in his album was very good and it will be his life’s best album. He thanks him and cuts the call while Pragya is nervous that Abhi might find her. Abhi comes out after checking the balcony but is unable to see Pragya who is hiding in the balcony.

Purabh contemplates if he should lock Abhi and Pragya in the room and is about the lock the door when Abhi comes out and Purabh wonders where Pragya disappeared. Abhi leaves to go home and Pragya standing at the window sill heaves a sigh of relief when she realizes that she is standing on the top of the building without any support and gets cold feet. People see Pragya and think that she is committing suicide. Abhi too comes there and gets worried that Pragya planning to commit suicide and starts teasing her. An old man asks him what did he do to his wife that she wants to commit suicide. People scare Abhi that his image would be ruined when Pragya kills herself and Abhi scared goes to save her and realizes that Purabh had planned something between him and Pragya and get into an argument with Purabh and asks him what is he planning this time.

Pragya starts shivering with fear when Abhi comes there calling out to her who is unable to utter a word out of fear. Pragya tells Abhi that she is stuck there. Pragya tells Abhi to save her. Abhi climbs on to the parapet when it cracks and Abhi is about to fall when Purabh saves him. Purabh scared decides to call the fire brigade when Abhi stops him. Abhi tells Purabh that if the fire brigade comes there, the news would spread and the cops would arrest him. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her why is she committing suicide? Pragya tells Abhi that she is not committing suicide and is stuck here because of him. Abhi tries to have a small talk with Pragya to get her to come to him and tells her what will happen to him if she dies but Pragya refuses to even move due to fear and Abhi leaves angrily.

Pragya is stuck on the parapet and realizes that Abhi has left already. She calls out to him when Abhi comes there with a rope and keeps throwing it at Pragya who is unable to grab on to the rope too out of fear. Pragya in tears tells Abhi that she will not survive this and that she has very little time left and apologizes to him to bother him with her proposal. Abhi assures Pragya that he will not let anything happen to her but Pragya tells him to leave. Abhi comes in the room where Purabh is sitting tensed. Abhi tells Purabh that even he doesn’t know what to do. Purabh tells Abhi to give Pragya some courage and reminds him how Pragya saved him and he owes it to her.Abhi comes out to the balcony and remembers how much Pragya loves him. He tells her to look at him and come to him. Abhi tells Pragya to try and come to him. Abhi tells Pragya that a lot of people love her and tells her to try and come towards him. Pragya tells Abhi that she is really scared. Abhi asks Pragya that she can imagine his life without music but cannot imagine his life without her. He tells her that he cannot lose her. He apologizes to her for not replying to his proposal. He tells her that he is not confused anymore and has realized his feelings for her. Pragya emotionally looks at Abhi. Abhi tells Pragya that he really loves her. She has fulfilled her responsibility by his life and it is his time, so she should move ahead and hold his hand. The moment Pragya hears this; a smile breaks across her face. Abhi tells Pragya that he will not let her give up so easily and stretches his hand for Pragya to hold promising to love her all her life. Pragya inch by inch walks towards him as Abhi holds his breath. He tells her to keep looking at him. Pragya slowly moves closer to Abhi and Abhi catches Pragya as she is about to fall and pulls her back. Abhi and Pragya fall into the balcony and rolling in the drapes fall on Purabh’s bed into each other’s arms, Aasman tera mera hua song plays in the background.

Pragya remembers Abhi saying he loves her and Abhi remembers Purabh telling him when love happens, one does not like opening his eyes and realizes what hugging your true love means. They both looks at each other. Purabh praises Abhi for saving Pragya and is excited that Abhi confessed his love for Pragya. The moment Abhi hears this; he refuses everything that he said and blames Purabh and Pragya for planning all this and tells them that he only did all this to save Pragya’s life. Abhi tells Purabh that he doesn’t love Pragya. Pragya hears this and gets hurt. He tells Purabh that he cares for Pragya because she is a good girl and blames Pragya for playing games with her. Purabh asks Abhi if he hates Pragya then why he didn’t slap Pragya instead of hugging her and tells Abhi to prove that he hates Pragya and slap her. Abhi shouts at Pragya not to trouble him again and leaves telling Purabh that he doesn’t need to prove anything to them and begs them to get out of his life and leave him alone leaving Pragya in tears.

Pragya shattered is walking on the street, hurt and lost in her thoughts with all the things Abhi just told her. Abhi too is driving in his car upset with the recent events. Abhi is about to run over someone while on the other hand, Pragya too barely survives the accident as the driver applies breaks on time and she falls down.

Purabh comes to Bulbul’s house who excitedly asks Purabh how things went between Abhi and Pragya. Purabh, distraught tells Bulbul that Abhi doesn’t love Pragya. Bulbul is sure that Abhi is lying but Purabh tells Bulbul all that happened between Abhi and Pragya. Bulbul is furious and asks how can he do this to her sister, he may be a rock star but does not have right to behave so rudely with her sister and thinks Abhi is a coward for running away from his feelings. Bulbul tells Purabh that if Abhi doesn’t love Pragya, why doesn’t he come out in the open and reveal his true feelings to everyone. Purabh too feels that Abhi should tell everyone that he doesn’t love Pragya and get done with it and he has to make Abhi realize what he needs.

Abhi sadly walks into his Daadi’s room. Daadi asks him what happened. He hugs her. She asks why is he tensed. He says he cannot understand why he is doing wrong. She says she understood his problem and says when we let our anger control over our mind, we get tensed. He should not bother about it as in love, it is common. He thinks that means he is in love.

Tanu sends her parents to Pragya’s house to speak to Pragya’s mother about Abhi and Tannu’s marriage and Pragya who has had enough of Tanu’s nonsense confronts her.

Daadi advises Abhi that one must cherish special relationships in life and should overlook flaws in each other to live peacefully. She praises Pragya and tells Abhi how she loves him unconditionally and that he is very lucky to have Pragya as wife who tolerates all his nonsense and never to let any third party find out about the problems in their relationship and lastly one should learn to ask for forgiveness. Abhi remembers the times he has misbehaved with Pragya but is unable to speak to Daadi as he doesn’t want to hurt her. Daadi tells Abhi to relax and once he has calmed down, he should ask for forgiveness from Pragya. Daadi is sure that Abhi would feel better then. Abhi hugs Daadi emotionally.

Later, Pragya lost in her thoughts decides to go to her mother’s house so she can get her mind of Abhi when Praya meets Tanu’s parents on the way, she asks who exactly they are and finds out that her parents want to discuss Tanu and Abhi’s marriage and explain the situation to Sarla since Pragya herself have agree Tanu and Abhi can marry in june. Pragya who is under the impression that Tanu’s parents are Abhi’s client is shocked. Pragya realizes how Abhi had lied to her and makes an excuse saying her mother is not at home palls off Tanu’s parents. Pragya gets annoyed that Tanu sent her parents to her house knowing her mother’s Sarla would be shattered with the news.

As Abhi is lost in his thoughts, Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and informs him that she has sent her parents to Pragya’s house and tells him to speak to her father about their marriage without wasting any time. Abhi who is completely absorbed in his thoughts of what Daadi told him asks Tanu what is love? Tanu tries to explain but Abhi remembers what Purabh had told him about the “love hugs” and hugs Tanu. Abhi tries hugging Tanu is every manner but it is nothing compared to what he felt when he had hugged Pragya. Tanu gets annoyed that how can he speak so rudely to her, she is not Pragya and tells him to finalize the date of their marriage but Abhi tells her that he is not in the mood. Tanu tells Abhi she doesn’t care about his mood and wants a reply right away. Abhi rudely tells Tanu if she does not care about him, then he also does not care and to get out and Tanu is shocked. Tannu immediately calms down and tries to explain Abhi that she is under a lot of pressure but Abhi just sends Tanu out of his room and slams the door at her face. Tanu holding back her tears runs out of the house. Daadi and Daasi who are searching for Pragya are surprised to see Tanu crying and think it is good for them.

Later, Abhi in his room is extremely clumsy and gets irritated for being unable to make fix a drink for himself. Abhi lashes out at Robin for setting small table for his drinks and asks him to leave. Abhi is unable to figure out why he is so confused and throws everything away. Abhi then sees Pragya’s picture at the dressing table smiling and speaks to the picture that he doesn’t care about her feelings but doesn’t like it when she cries. Abhi tells Pragya’s picture that he doesn’t love her and remembers how he had felt when he hugged Pragya. Abhi irritated is about throw Pragya’s picture but stops. Abhi feels bad for lashing out at Pragya earlier and is determined to find a solution for their situation. Purabh who is listening to his conversation silently standing outside the door gets irked.

Tanu, at her house is trying to think of a way to convince Abhi to speak to her parents when Pragya comes to her house and warns Tanu to stay away from her family, especially her mother. Pragya tells Tanu earlier she didn’t care about her marriage with Abhi but now she loves him and will not let Tanu break her marriage with Abhi or else she will informs her parents that she is forcing to separate husband and wife. Tanu says she is troubling her instead and that because of Pragya, Abhi kicked her out of his room. Pragya says she must have done something, so he kicked her out. Pragya is determined to go to any lengths to win Abhi’s heart and that she will fight with her fate this time to save her marriage.

Abhi turns around and is shocked to see Purabh. Abhi apologizes to Purabh for his behavior. Purabh tells Abhi that he cares for him and Pragya is the best woman he can find to spend his life with and that if he continues to behave in this manner with Pragya, he will only keep hurting her and someday soon she will leave him for good thinking she will forgive him, but she also has a limit. Purabh tells Abhi that anyone who knows him will know that he loves Pragya, he will have to express it before it is too late and turns to leave. Abhi is surprised.

Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi loves her and nothing would change between Pragya and Abhi. She tells Pragya that it is her fault for falling in love with Abhi even after knowing that Abhi is in love with her. Pragya tells Tanu that though Daadi has chosen her for Abhi, she is still his wife and knows that Abhi respects their relationship and will fight for the love she has for Abhi.

Abhi tells Purabh that he feels the love he has for Daadi, Aaliya and Purabh but why doesn’t he feel that love for Pragya. Purabh asks Abhi why did he risk his life for Pragya? Purabh incites the incidents where Abhi has shown his love for Pragya and why has he kept so many pictures of Pragya in his room? Why doesn’t he throw them away? Purabh tells Abhi that he is too egoistic to accept his feelings and that he lives his image of a rockstar and feels he cannot fall in love with someone as simple as Pragya and that is why he is so confused. He tells Abhi to close his eyes and see the face that pops up first in his mind and if it is not Pragya’s face then he can break Pragya’s picture. Abhi is sure that he loves Tanu but at the same time cannot help missing Pragya all the time and realizes how special all the moments he has spent with Pragya have been and realizes that he does love Pragya. Abhi remembers how good it feels when he hugs Pragya and he tells Pragya’s picture that he loves her. The moment he accepts his feelings towards Pragya a smile breaks across his face.

Tanu tells Pragya that she is pregnant with Abhi’s child. Pragya is shocked to hear this. Tanu shows Pragya the pregnancy test which is positive. Pragya stunned with the news leaves from Tanu’s house.

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